Saturday, March 28, 2009

You say It's Your Birthday.........

Today is my dear, sweet Dad's birthday.... he is the ripe ole age of.................. oops, can't tell that (did I scare you for a minute Dad??).
I am very lucky to have a close relationship with my Dad. And especially after my mom died he has been my rock!! He is always there for me to listen, talk, motivate and encourage me, and he is G-R-E-A-T with the kids..... they LOVE their "Gamps" (it's a cute story how the name "Gamps" was started....another time) and he loves them to. He loves to come be a big kid with them and he loves to teach them new things too....especially science related, as he is WAY into that suff.

Angie and I took him to brunch this morning at Cracker Barrel and we had a really nice time!! And of course they had to get in a game of checkers...... he was "trying" to teach her to play.... but she's 3 and well, you can imagine how well she "learned"!!

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! Love, Halfpint (that's my nickname from my dad)

AND, yesterday was my best friend's birthday and we all went out for dinner and gambling at a casino about an hour from here (it's on Seminole Indian land, so I guess that's how it is legal).
I am not a gambler, but I do like to throw my money away in the slot machines.. he-he!!



Heather Marie said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad and your Best Friend! :)

I haven't been to that casino yet, but David's parents go alot so maybe eventually we'll get there!

Glad you had a blast! :)

p.s. You and your Dad look alot alike!

Rachael said...

what a sweet + heartwarming post. happy birthday to your dad!

Weeksie50 said...

Aw, sweet post!

canoedad said...

Thanks, Halfpint. Wait until you what fun, exploding science things I'm teaching the kids.

Stu Pidasso said...

Looks like fun was had by all. Happy Bday for Gamps and the same for your friend (she does have a name, right??). Hope the kids all get better too!