Saturday, February 28, 2009

Random Picture Challenge

Wow, 2 posts on a Saturday.... I'm on a roll!! Check out my earlier post from today and please help me with this problem!!! :)

I have been reading this blog, 4 Little Men and Girly Twins, for a while now....she has 4 boys and just a few months ago had twin girls. I love reading her stories and seeing her should go check her out sometime!!

I decided to join in her weekly "Random Photo Challenge" because you know how I love to share pictures!!! This week we had to pick from September 2007 folder, 11th picture:

This is Cj and Grama at my grandparents house......where we were there having a cookout!! Cj always loves to wear that shirt because he says it "fits" him so well.... "I didn't do it"....yeah, right!!
They (my grandparents) live about 40 minutes from us and I used to go there every weekend, but have been so busy lately that I haven't gone over there in a while!! I have to get back soon though, as they are getting old and I really want me and the kids to spend as much time with them as possible. Hmmmmm...maybe we will go over there tomorrow!!

Acid Reflux, Leave Me Alone!!!

About a week ago, I really started to notice pain in my chest...pain that wouldn't go away; and in retrospect I can go back a month or two ago and remember feeling it back then too. It worried me enough that I went to the doctor.....I went, pretty sure that it was my stomach, but still afraid that it might be my heart!!!

After a few tests, including EKG, my doctor diagnosed it as acid reflux, gave me some medicine and told me I shouldn't drink alcohol for a while and see how it works out (becasue it seemed like every time we would go out, I would end up very nauseas, with stomach ache and have to go home)!!

Well, I broke his rule last night and drank a few beers....I mean, come on....I was at the Bike Week festivities, how could I not....right??? Oh don't worry Dr. B, I paid for it!!! And by paid for it, I mean I got so nauseated that I had to leave the "party" and I almost puked in the taxi on the way back to the hotel (and no...I wasn't sick from drinking too much).

And it also seems like certain foods I eat really bother me too.... At first, i just brushed it off as the food just not settling right, but now I think it must be the acid reflux.

What is up?? Does anyone have acid reflux?? What helps it...hurts it??? Help me....I don't want to be plagued with this forever and not be able to eat what I want and go out and "whoop it up" sometimes!!!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Motorcycles & My Hot Guy

That is what I will be hanging with these evening..... Every year we have Bike Week in Daytona Beach; Joe and his buddies always ride out there for some good old fashion fun....or at least the kind of fun that you will find with a bunch of drunk bikers, their biker babes and a bunch of scantily-clad, bikini wearing beer tub girls/bartenders!!!
Tonight I am heading over there to hang with my hot motorcycle guy (he looks super sexy on his big motorcycle!!!!) and his buddy....and we fully intend on having lots of fun!!
Happy Friday, ya'll (no, I don't really talk that southern)!!!

To prove my point....look at this hot motorcycle guy that I get to call ALL MINE...... Settle down girls!! :)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Writer's Workshop - My Attempt at a Poem

MamaKat had some hard prompts this week for Writer's Workshop; but I decided to try out a poem....(ok, you can stop laughing now....I know I am not known for my great poem writing abilities); a poem using the letters of the alphabet to begin each line!!

WARNING: this will make you laugh...even though it's not meant too!!! :)

A little bit of affection goes a long way
Because a big hug/kiss can make my day
Come over here and tell me you love me
Don’t worry; it’s not hard, you will see
Every time we are together we have a lot of fun
From hanging out at home to basking in the sun
Give me a thank you and it makes me feel happy
Honey, you know I’m at times a little sappy
If I snap at you sometimes, please just let it go
Just get a little overwhelmed and feel like I am going to blow
Kissing and hugging usually leads to other stuff
Loving on you has never been tough
Me and You; we make a great pair
Nobody can break us; they better not dare
Only you can give me the butterflies
Peeking at you while you’re still sleeping, during the bright sunrise
Quietly I lay there and watch you as you sleep
Realizing that you are all mine to keep
Some days are crazy and we don’t get a minute together
Then I remember that we have forever
Up in heaven rests my mom and your dad
Very peaceful, although missing them makes us sad
When I am in your arms, nothing feels so good
Xspecially when you make me smile, like I knew you would
You never knew we would find such a great thing
Zoom on over here and give me a wedding ring!!!

BTW - How do you like my use of the letter X?? (you don't really think I talk that way... he-he)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Angie's New Haircut

It is such a beautiful day today.....the sun is shining, sky is blue and it will be a perfect 73 degrees....oh and the best part about it is I can enjoy it, without looking out my window in my office!!!
I definitely needed a day off....the kids (specifically Angie) have been driving me up the wall these past few days. I was sitting at dinner last night thinking about what has gotten into her...what have I done wrong that has made her act this way...I mean, I am not a "spoiler"; I do things for and with the kids, but I don't over do it...I do not give them everything they want and we do have rules and limitations. But, my little Angie has been such a handful lately!!!

And then it hit me--- duh, she is 3.....going on 4!!! And when I think back on it, Joseph was the excat same way and I thought the exact same things!!! So, I guess that means I have another year or so of this and then hopefully I'm home free...out of the "toddlerdome"!!!

Anyway, speaking of Angie..... I took the kids to get haircuts last night and the boys always get the same cut-- buzz with a 1 on the side, faded and scissor cut on the top...same thing, everytime; so it doesn't matter who cuts it!! But, with Angie, I really have to watch who cuts her hair because with longer hair, it can get really messed up if the right person doesn't do it!!

Case in is Angie's new haircut; I asked the girl to trim the length and trim up her layers a bit.... she must have not heard me right or wasn't even listening because she c-h-o-p-p-e-d it off--went crazy with the scissors!!!
After she got done, I was pissed....I mean "trim" does not mean chop it off to her ears!!! And now I can't do anything with it or put it up until it grows out some...arrrggghh!!!
The only saving grace is that Angie has such a cute little face that she can get away with it!!
Be sure to go check out more Wordful Wednesday's at Angie's Seven Clown Circus....who BTW has some really cute pictures up today of her twins at birth!!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Will Be Left for The Kids To Do??

It's Tuesday, which means it's time for me to give my "Two Cents"....and like always, I want to thank TuTu for giving me the chance to blow off some steam!!
As I mentioned yesterday, I'd like to talk about the budget situation going on in our schools right now. I'm not sure what is happening in your states, but here in Florida, the state legislatures are making big (no, HUGE) budget cuts in our schools next year. Many teachers will lose their jobs and they are going to cut out many extra activities for the kids-- including music, art & sports.

I am so disgusted and upset by this. I mean seriously, how can they take that stuff away from the kids?? As it is now, they are only given P.E and/or recess 3 days a week. Geez, when I was a kid, we had both P.E and recess EVERY day. If they take those activities away, what will be left for the kids to do?? I guarantee we will see a rise in crime being committed by younger kids, we will see more teenage pregnancies and we will see alot of overweight children... Seriously, this is a huge injustice to our children.

These activities also help children make new friends, learn to be social in big groups and learn new skills that could potentially help them receive college scholarships when they would otherwise not be able to go.

We are personally affected by this because CJ is in band, Ethan is into his art and Joseph is an athlete... so what will happen next year or the next?? Cj has been so excited to get to high school so he could play in the marching band.....but guess what, that might not happen. It sucks!!

I'm really not sure how we fix the budget crisis going on in the schools.... I guess we might have to sacrifice smaller classroom sizes or extra field trips. But I certainly think that taking these type of activities away will only cause more problems in the short & long term!!

I guess I am going to jump on the bandwagon and start writing letters to our State Legislatures....and if you are in the state of Florida, please do the same!! We have to stop this from happening to our children!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Round-up: Game On!!

Wow, what a weekend we had.... busy, busy, busy...and fun, fun, fun!!! We got alot of things done around the house, had good, quality family time and even got to have some alone time with my main squeeze!!

It's baseball season again and my little man, Joseph, is SOOOO excited about it!! Friday evening was his first practice of the season and we are fortunate enough to have his same coach from last season....
We originally wanted him to move up to Rookies this season and start hitting with "machine-pitch" balls; we figured it was the best way to advance his baseball skills and learn more. But, after talking with the coach, we've decided to let him play t-ball one more season. I don't know how I feel about it...I sort of feel like he would do much better in rookies, but I'm not going fight about it.... I don't want to disagree and make a big stink and then Joseph not be treated fairly in the future (for those of you in little league, you know how "political" they can be)!!

Waiting for the ball
Practicing his slide.......
On Saturday morning I took CJ to his band "Solo & Ensemble" judging/performance. Solo & Ensemble is a judged performance by each member of the is part of his grade to participate and a great way to get some good constructive crticism from the experts!!
**UPDATE (we just got his score)** Cj scored an "excellent" on his solo; and while that is a great score, the highest is Superior and he is a little disappointed that he didn't get that!! I keep reassuring him that he did his best and did a great job; and that's all he can ask of himself...and now he will have something to look forward to next year (unless the state has it's way...see tomorrow's "two cents post on this topic)
CJ loves playing in the band...he loves music; and I am sickened by the fact that they (the legislatures) want to take that away from the kids..... But I will discuss this tomorrow!!!
Practicing before his turn
After we got home from that, it was chore time.... The boys did laundry, cleaned the garage floor and raked the leaves in the yard. Not bad, right?? I mean, geez, i remember my Saturday mornings always consisted of a list of chores, including cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the litter boxes, etc...
We actually all worked together... we all spent all day outside "taking care of business".... and had a great afternoon!! Followed by a great evening for Joe and I. We went out to dinner and then out to a cigar bar with a few friends!!
At Corona Cigar Bar (yes, my clothes, purse, hair....everything still smells like cigar smoke...yuck!!)
How about this for a new career for me?? Hot bike model (except I think I'm supposed to be in a teeny weeny bikini) :)
Sunday, the kids went with my dad to Gatorland and had a blast!! I love that they get to spend time with Gamps & Grama on a regular basis!! I think it's very important for them (for all of us) to stay close with them since they will never be able to with my mom!!
Anyway, while they were out, Joe and I got to have some alone time again.... wow, twice in one weekend!! We had a nice lunch, did a little shopping and then took a little nap...very relaxing afternoon!!
Last night, Joe went to a the kids and I hung out playing Guitar Hero (ok, it was mostly just me playing...what can I say... I'm addicted!!)
And watched the Oscars together!! Yes, I did let the big boys stay up with me and watch the whole's a mom and I used to do it every year and I fully intend on continuing that tradition with my kids!!
Of course, Joseph was the first to sleep; he didn't even make it to the first award!!
Did anybody else watch the Oscars...what did you think?? I thought they put on a good show this year and I didn't even get incredibly bored during the middle of it....and I thought Hugh Jackman did a g-r-e-a-t job hosting!!
**Oh and one more thing... remember when my dog Ediie got real sick?? (if not, read here) Ever since then he has been a different dog...different temperment, irritated easier, not as friendly, snapping at people, barking incesstantly and short tempered--even with the kids.. So, I took him back to the vet and we are now watching him for a more serous anger issue called "Springer Rage Syndrome"....we have to be careful with him around the kids and our other we never know when he is going to flip his switch!!
So, in the meantime.... the vet put him on Xanax...that's right, my pup is doped up on Xanax...and wow, is he a different, mellow, easy-going dog now!! hmmmm...maybe I should try it!!
Happy Monday peeps!!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I am blowing off steam........... I have had one of those nights where I feel like I only have 2 or 3 hairs left on my head because I've pulled it all out!! I don't know why....(is it a full moon?) but the kids were climbing the walls. At one point it seemed like each one of them was asking me something or telling me something or tattling on someone or needing something...ALL AT ONCE....geez, I only have 2 hands, 2 ears and 1 mouth (there's your anatomy lesson for the night)!!!
Thank goodness for a day off tomorrow..........Calgon, take me away!!!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Writer's Workshop: Did You Ever Know That Your My HERO???

It's homework time again...... MamaKat had some good prompts again this week...of course, like always, as she is so creative and smart :)!!! And yes, I am really sucking up so I can get extra credit points!! I chose the prompt: "If you were starring on American Idol TONIGHT and HAD to sing, what song would you choose and why".

For this prompt I am going to pretend that I can actually sing, as I am pretty sure I would break some glass with my screeching. Ok, so I have a beautiful voice and I am going to sing "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler......and let me tell you why:

The very first concert I ever went to was with my mom to see Bette Midler (and please don't take away my cool card)...and ever since then, that was our song...well actually, it was MY song to her.

In the first verse it talks about her being in my shadow...always letting me shine...always walking a step behind. And how true that was.... She always made sure that I "shined". She did all she could to motivate me and make me succeed.....even if it meant moving aside to let me through!!

And of course, the chorus... "Did you ever know that you're my hero? You're everything I wish I could be. I could fly higher than an eagle,for you are the wind beneath my wings." There is no statement that is more true than that. My mom was MY HERO...she was everything I want to be (i long to be the woman..the mother...the wife that she was)..and I could fly higher than eagle as long as she was the wind that pushed me along!!!

As a matter of fact, on Mother's Day a few years ago, we got her a picture frane with a collage of pictures; and around each single person picture (kids and me) we each wrote something around it.... The kids wrote "i love you nanny" grama"..etc. And I wrote the words of the chrous around a picture of her and I.

Back to American Idol.... I would sing that song as good and as loud as I could. And as long as I could get through it without crying, I'm sure I would get a standing O as everyone would be blown away at my talent (ok, ok...I'm getting a little carried away, I know!!); and the reason it would be so good is because she would be there, in angel.... the "wind beneath my wings".

Oh and that song would be the first of many, because I'm sure I would make it to the finals...and then ultimately I would be the "next american idol". cool would that be for all of you, huh?? You could say that you "know" an american idol..woohoo!! I know--full of myself again!!)

Our Favorite Craft

It's time for the Wordful Wednesday carnival, hosted by Angie at Seven Clown Circus... You really should go check her out; she has the prettiest bright red hair and adorable kids....oh and of course, so you can check out the other WW's!!

Anybody remember doing these as a child....?? You know, the beads that you put on different shape templates and then you iron them so they melt together
We just love doing them....and I say "we" because I actually enjoy doing it too, with them; actually every night that they do them, I always join in and do a couple myself....of course I use the excuse that I am making one for them, but really I just like to make them for myself.... shhhh, don't tell them that I actually really like it!!
Every night, after dinner, bath and dessert, our nightly routine includes grabbing all the supplies from the craft closet...and by ALL, I mean we have 4 or 5 buckets of beads, 2 trays of beads and about 15 or 20 different templates.....but no, we aren't addicted to them!!! Anyway, we grab all the supplies, go to the kitchen counter and spend about 2 hours making bead designs. Lately, we have been getting so caught up in doing the beads, that the next thing I know it is 10pm......and yikes, school is the next day....bad mommy!!!
Joseph starting his design
Angie is just now starting to make patterns, instead of putting whatever beads she grabs
Ethan is my little artist...he gets very into placing the beads in the perfect spot, to make the perfect craft
I'm so glad we can do things like this together...our family, quality, fun time!! And actually, when everybody is "working", this is the only time when everybody is QUIET!!!!
BTW- these pictures were taken last night...and you don't see CJ there because he went to bed by 8pm.....sick!!! :(

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Two Cents: Having Favorites

Thank you to Tutu's Bliss for Two Cents Tuesday (wow, lots of T's) because I definitely have something on my mind today!! It just so happens that her topic is on parenting and that is exactly what I want to talk about it. Her parenting discussion is about being a paranoid parent--always worrying about your child getting sick or hurt or whatever; and I am definitely a worrier and I definitely have alot to say on that topic....... BUT, what I want to give my two cents on is having favorites!!!
It is an unwritten rule that we, as parents, do not have a favorite child. I mean we love all of our children differently, for different reasons.....and we show are love differently to each one too, based on what they are comfortable with... like Ethan and Joseph are cuddlers and like to be hugged on and snuggled with; CJ and Angie like verbal affection!!

But, what is the "rule" for kids having a favorite parent.... is it true: "Boys are closer with their moms and Girls are closer with their dads"?? I would like to think (well, I know it is true) that I am very close with my kids. We do everything together, we share everything and we spend most of our free time with each other.....and I would NEVER want them to pick me over their dad or their dad over me (but if they have to pick-- they better pick me!!...he-he, I joke, I joke).

However, lately, I have been feeling kind of bummed or hurt or sad because I feel like Angie loves her daddy much more than me.... I know, I know, I am being silly, but I can't help the way I feel!! She is always saying how she loves daddy and wants to be with him.... and I will say, "I love you too" and she just looks at me and says "well, I love my daddy!!"

Now, I know, she is only 3 and she really doesn't mean that she loves him more than me....... or does it?? I know kids can be closer with one parent, but do you really think they can have a favorite....can they love one more than the other??

I am not trying to be a spoiled, whiny parent, AT ALL..... seriously, I feel like I do so much for all of my children and I try to keep everything in order and yet still have fun; but at the same time, I am the disciplinarian and I do most of the yelling.... so, do I lose "points" for that??

Anybody else ever feel this way?? Do you get me...or am I just being irrational??? Give me your "two cents"!!!

Cute story: Joseph is definitely a mama's the extreme... He would do anything for me and he is very, very protective of me (all 37 lbs of him--- yes, at 7 yrs old he is only 37 lbs!!). Anyway, last night after Angie just got done telling me that she only loved daddy and wanted to only be with him, I walked into the kitchen and Joseph said:
"Well, good thing you have me mommy...because you know I love you!!!"...... That's my boy!!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Islands of Adventure

A few months ago, I won 2 tickets to Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure and have been anxiously waiting for the right time to go. I love theme parks... I love roller coasters and water rides and games and I love to see the kids taking it all in!!! Well, I finally got my day.... I finally convinced Joe that now was the perfect time to.......
We had a great time; we got there early enough to ride a few of the rides without long lines.... the first of those rides was:
The Incredible Hulk coaster..... wow, talk about an adreneline rush.

This is the start of the ride.... instead of the normal "take you up slow", this one shoots you right out...without warning:
We only got to ride that one and the other coaster (Dueling Dragons) once because the lines got too long to even be worth it. We rode the water rides and got 100% drenched, but that was ok because it was h-o-t!!! And Angie got to ride all of the kiddie rides in "Suess Landing", the Dr. Suess themed area.
And only in Florida can the kids play in the water zoo area in the middle of February without being cold!!

That was the outfit that she went there in...but because she got soaked, we had to buy her new, dry stuff (which is what she is wearing in the carosuel picture)

Of course, while in Seuss land, I had to get Joe to take a picture with "Joe" (a seuss character).....yea, he was real thrilled about

We went to the Marvel Comic land where I took a picture with "Wolverine" because I thought Joseph would think it was pretty cool...... well, Mr. Wolverine "liked" me and behind that mask he said "Wow....Looking are one hot mama"....uh, yea, ok....!!
We reall had a good time....and even with all the crowds, we were able to do all we wanted to!! And we ended out the day with Angie getting her face painted....
And would you believe that she kept it on all night long...she never once tried to wipe it off!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

And the WINNER is.................

Here she is..... digging into the bowl (my new them!!!):

And she grabbed:

I know it's hard to read, but the winner is...............
Comment # 7, who just happens to be "Just The Girl". Be sure to go over and congratulate her; and keep checking back to see her new look!!!

Checking In

Just wanted to let you all know that I have been out all day (still am) and have not picked the giveaway winner yet.... But I p-r-o-m-i-s-e that as soon as I get home tonight, I will have Angie (the boys are with their dad this weekend, so I can let her do it without any fighting!!) pick the winning number!! Can't wait to see who the lucky winner will be....and I can't wait to see what that person does with their blog..... oh and I can't wait to see if they mention which one of their favorite bloggers they won it from... (he-he- just kidding on that last one.....)

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Happy Valentine's Day me!!! I just got a BIG bouqet of tulips from main man. He had them delivered to me today at the office because he knew I wouldn't be here tomorrow.....and he didn't want to have them delivered to the house not knowing if I would be out.... (i am assuming that was the thought process). And that thought process, where he thought enough about it to make sure they would get delivered somewhere that I would actually be at, that is what make sit so special!!! It's the little things, I tell you!!
Thank you, baby....Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Mi Lord!!!

I will post a better picture in a day or two after they've opened up and straightened out!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

It's what's for dinner.........mmmm, mmmm good!!

Not much time left.... make sure to GO HERE and check out my blog-makeover giveaway..... it's SUPER easy to enter; so--go,go,go...what are you waiting for..... GO!!! :)

It's that time again for MamaKat's writing assignment..... And I decided to pick her prompt to share a recipe because....well, because MamaKat is hungry... oh and of course because I hope others will pick this one and I will be able to get some new recipes for myself too!! And not only will I share the recipe, but I will give you pictures to tempt your tummy.....that gave me a good reason to make it for dinner.

This recipe is one that my mom gave me....she used to make it for us all of the time; and once I started cooking for my own family, I snatched that recipe right up..... #1)because it is so good and #2)because it is so e-a-s-y!!

Please note: I am a "not straight from the recipe" type of cook... but I will do my best to give you accurate amounts (and's a really easy recipe)

Hamburger Noodle Casserole


1Lb. Ground Beef

Onion (for cooking with the ground beef)

16 oz. package Fine (or medium) Egg Noodles

1/4 cup milk

1 can Cream of Chicken

1 can Cream of Mushroom

2 (6 or 8 oz) bars Colby, Colby Jack cheese (you can use cheddar too)

Brown the ground beef, with some onion (use your own discretion with that amount) for flavor.

While the beef is cooking, cut up (cubed) about 1/2 - 3/4 of each bar of cheese... (again, you can use more or less depending on how cheesey you like things)

Cook egg noodles as directed

Put drained egg noodles back in pot (or another big bowl) and then add all ingredients and stir... I usually add a little at a time, so it is easier to stir.

Put in a medium-large casserole dish and bake at 350 for about 15 minutes

Enjoy, my friends....and let me know what you think after you try it!!! :)

A list of things to do....but waiting for the plumber!!!

Go check out my giveaway HERE..... it ends Friday, so be sure to get your entry(ies) in now!!

So, I have a whole list of things to do and places to go today..... but I am sitting here waiting for the plumber!!! We are having a plumbing issue and will probably have to have the whole thing (or at least on one half of the house) re-piped....great. Anyway, I love how you are given a "window of time" for these service calls....anywhere between 8:30 - you know what that means- they will get here at 10:29!! Oh weel, I guess that gives me a good excuse to sit around and do nothing...good excuse to stay in pajamas and lay on the couch.... :)
And of course, it gives me time to do my Wordful Wednesday post.... Go check out Angie's Circus for more!!

It's not perfect........but I did it...... This was the first time I french braided Angie's hair:
You know, I have no problem french braiding my own hair... I can reach my hands over my head and without looking, can braid my hair...straight...without lumps!!! But for some reason, I have a hard time doing it to anybody else's hair.
Angie really doesn't like me to fix her hair.... she doesn't like me to brush it, she gives me trouble when I want to put it up and I have to fight her to let me straighten it.... BUT, she loves for me to braid it. I did have a HARD time getting her to sit still for me to do it and I wasn't able to go all the way down her hair....but we did do it and she loved it!!!
Thanks mom for making me smile:

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

It's really not that complicated!!

First and foremost, remember to go HERE and check out my giveaway..... comment, comment, comment....and link, link link....and then comment, comment, comment!! I know, you get it!! Have fun... I can't wait to see who wins and see what they decide to do with it!!
Oh and look, I got my own button (on the right side bar)... I'm so excited!! You know, it's just the little things that excite me.... it really doesn't take much..... why doesn't Joe get that?? Why don't men get that???
That actually takes me into my post today.... My two cents on why women really aren't as difficult as men think we are!! After you read my "deep" insight into the minds of women, head on over to TuTu's Bliss and check out the other cents!!

Women really aren't that bad.... we may have hormones that make us a little crazy sometimes; and we may "lose it" because we get a bit overwhelmed.... but I think if you just give a woman a little recognition and appreciation...a thank you.... then that will calm even the biggest dragon!! Well, at least this dragon (Me)!! I mean really, I enjoy my motherly/woman duties... I enjoy the hustle & bussle of taking care of 4 kids; even when I feel like pulling every strand of hair out of my head... I still look back on the day with a smile!!
But I think I speak for most women here, when I say that there are times (all of the time) when we just want to feel appreciated for what we do. It's not's a full-time job....on top of full-time "day jobs" that alot of us have!! And geez, would it be too hard for a man to simply say "wow, you really do a good job with the kids"... or "Thanks for doing all that you do".... or "the house looks great today...or "wow, you look great today". And I mean, to say these things even when they are not on the hunt for "action" (if you know what I mean)!!
Men think that women are so complicated...but really we are not... We just want to to hear that we are doing a good job... even if WE already "know" that, it's still good to "hear" it. We want to hear that men recognize that it is a tough job, but we are doing great at it!! I feel like women make the extra effort to tell our men things so that they will feel good....but it is so hard for men to say those few extra words!! Men, listen to me now.... two simple words will take you a LOOONNNGGG way..... "thank-you" it, learn it, live it!! :)
Is it really that difficult??

Monday, February 9, 2009

My Giveaway!!! :)

So, in honor of my new look, I decide to have a giveaway and award one of my lucky friends a chance for a mini blog makeover too. You will win a $50 gift certificate to LeeLou Blogs, which will get you:

A mini makeover (custom header & background)
Pick from a couple "a-la-carte" items that total $50
Use the $50 towards a full makeover of your own (and you would just pay the difference-- price depends on what package you want)
"Re-Gift" the Gift Certificate and give it somebody else (let me know if you are doing this, so I can have LeeLou Blogs send out an actual certificate)

Nicole & Coley do such a great job over there and I'm sure you will have as much fun as I did picking out a new look...or new items for your blog!!

Here's how to enter:
Leave a comment and tell me what you think of the new look, leave another comment and tell me how great I am ( :) just kidding....), link this giveaway on your blog and then come back and leave a comment telling me you did it... AND, you can grab my button (on the right sidebar) and add it to your blog; come back and tell me that you did, and that's another entry!!
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Have Fun..... I can't wait to see what you all have to say!!!

Notice Anything Different???

Surprise..... welcome to my new blog (well, it's a new "look")!! In honor of this new look I will be having a giveaway---oh, how exciting.... but, I will explain more about that later!! For now, I have to go work on the construction and finishing touches!!!
Thanks so much to LeeLou Blogs, who customized this all for me!!
Come back later to get the scoop on my fun give-away!!! :)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Are they too red???

I've never had one full set of dishes.....with all the pieces!!! When I married my ex, my mom started us on a set of Lenox Midnight Blossoms china; but because of everything that happened I never got to complete it. And then Joe's mom gave us a full set of "china", but along the way some broke, some got "lost" and some were given to others; and once again I don't have a full set; I have a bunch of mismatched plates and bowls of all sizes!!
Yesterday, while out shopping, I decided that was it..... I decided to treat myself to a new set, all matching, all 8!!! I decided to be a little "different"; I got square plates.....and I got RED. Of course, Joe....not so much....he doesn't understnad why I would buy red.....he doesn't like them???? Oh well, I bought treat and I like them; so I guess they are staying!!!
Tell me...... what do you think?? Too red?? Too square??
And the best part..... they were on sale-- buy one set, get one free.... so I only had to "buy" 4 of the sets and I saved 50%!!! Woo-hoo!!
****UPDATE: Come to find out.... my dad doesn't like them either----- whatever!!!! (Men....?)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Something Exciting......

Is coming to my blog...... I am so excited and I can't wait to share it with you!!!! But.................... not yet; be patient my friends and you will soon see!! he-he :)

I had a great day yesterday.... I spent the afternoon with a friend of mine who has cancer. I took her to her doctor's appointment, lunch and Target.... She is a really sweet person with alot of issues/family problems....and I try to be there as much as I can!! It was a bit difficult though, because her appointment was at the same hospital that I spent the last two weeks of my mom's life at!! But once I got through the initial "feeling", then I was ok!!

We had such a nice evening last night. I did end up letting CJ go to the party; he got a break from his restriction and I am actually glad that I did!! He sometimes has trouble feeling "fit in" and I hate for him to miss out on the group get together!! So, while he was at his party, I took Ethan, Joseph & Angie to Tijuana Flats for some good mexican/tex-mex food. The kids behaved so well and ate everything without complaints!!
Joe and I actually turned in pretty early last night and I got an awesome night's sleep and now ready for the weekend!!!

Anyway, I'm off for some family fun today.... I think I might take the kids bowling later!! HAPPY SATURDAY!!!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What I'm Thinking About............

You know how every Thursday I always tell you that it's my favorite day of the week, right.... well, now even more!! Because like Tuesday, Thursdays are now like my Friday!! In the past I liked Thursday because it meant one more day to the weekend; and now it means my last day before the weekend, since my weekend now begins on Thursday evening.....because I have Friday off!!! Yipppeee!! Ok, Ok.... I promise I won't talk about my part time work anymore...I won't talk about having two days off during the week to refresh and get things done!! I know some of you are probably tired of hearing me say I will stop; it's just that this was the first week of my new schedule and it is exciting..... but I'm done now!! Thanks for hanging around and being supportive!!

Of course, my other favorite thing about Thursday is MamaKat's homework.... I actually really enjoy it; I get excited to see her prompts and then have fun writing for all of you!!! I think I am in a really good mood today and it feels good!!
I am pretty busy today, so I am going to take the easy way out and tell you 10 things I am thinking about this week:

1. Waiting anxiously for Joseph's bloodwork to come back...... which it did and it was normal, Thank God!!
2. Planning our upcoming trips (a winter ski trip, mother's day trip to IN to visit my Nana and my mother's grave, and a summer trip for the boys
3. Amazed, disgusted, in awe at the fact that AirTran now charges $6.00 a seat in order to pick your seat ahead of time.... can you even believe that??? They call it "purchasing your advance seat assignment"
4. Getting the kids enrolled in the Pre-Paid college plan (anybody ever do this...any suggestions?)
5. Planning a little Valentine's get-away; and trying to decide what to get Joe for Valentine's Day
6. Trying to figure out why are washing machine leaks sometimes.... I can't tell when in the cycle it happens or if it leaks only when it is a bigger load or only if I use hot water...arrrggghh!!!
7. Who is the Bachelor going to pick for his wife???? (yea, I'm a dork!!)
8. Cj being punished for having a couple bad grades because he was missing some assignments.... These are assignments that he told me (assured me) were done while he was out sick!! I am able to check his daily/weekly progress online and turns out he was not telling me the complete truth!!
9. And because of the above mentioned punishment, I now have to decide to allow him to go to his good friends birthday party tomorrow night....?? WHAT would you all do?? He is bringing the grades up now (although not quite there yet) and ALL of his friends will be there and I hate for him to miss out on that; but Advice????
10. Trying to eat better/healthier and get into better shape!!! ("trying" is the key word here)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Brrrrrr, It's Cold Out Here!!!

Today is my first day-off.... the first of many!! Already, I have gotten the house picked up, some laundry in, dishwasher on and am working on the rest of my "list of things I want to get done before the kids get home". Oh and of course I will have more time to blog and "visit" your blogs...... that's very important, right.... he-he!!! :)
Of course a Wednesday day-off works out perfectly for my Wordful Wednesday post....lots of time to write lots of words!!
These pictures were taken last night.... Joseph and Angie would stay outside all day/night long if I let them. And luckily, are driveway goes around to the back of the house, so the garage is in the back; meaning that they can play outside and get stuff from the garage and I am still able to keep an eye on them and not worry about them running off down the street or somebody snatching them up!!
Anyway, we are having another "cold snap" here in sunny our high temperature is about 55 degrees and the lows are in the 30's!! Now, I know that there are some of you out there who think that is warm compared to your frigid temps; but for me, I.AM.FREEZING. I bundle myself up when it's 70.... I'm always cold!!!
I had to go out last week and buy the kids hats and gloves because we knew it was going to be this cold.....and of course it is fun for them to get bundled up and play, play, play!!! However, for me-- a bit of a pain to get 4 kids (well, just the 2 little ones, as the big kids take care of themselves) in hats and gloves and then jackets and then buckled in the car..... and then, have to do it again before they get out of the car.... I think I'll stick with the warmer temps.... geez, we are in Florida!!
How do you cold-weather families do it all the time?? Do your kids keep the hats, gloves and coats on while in the car....? Or have to repeat the process every time you go in or out of anywhere???
Make sure to go see Angie at Seven Clown Circus and read everybody's Wordful Wednesdays!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I am REALLY Looking Forward to Tomorrow!!!!

Tuesdays aren't usually my favorite day of the week, but from now on they (and Thursdays) will be!!! Not only do I get to join Ms. Diva Ma in her Tell it Like it Tiz, but from now on Tuesday's will be like my Friday!!
That's right, peeps.....I made the decision; I am going to do it..... I am going to work part-time!!! Awwww, I can't even tell you all the emotions that are still running through my head.... I know that in my heart, it feels right.... I think I will feel a big sense of relief with those couple of days off each week!! I will have off on Wednesday and Friday of each week; so it will be a nice break in the middle of the week and then............. get this............. a 3-day weekend, every weekend!!!

I guess I am a little nervous about it because it is something new. It is nice to know that I will have those days to get things done--- appointments, school stuff with the kids, house stuff (any cleaning or repairs or any of that) or whatever.I. Yet at the same time I worry (because I do try to worry about as much as I can...... seriously, I am crazy like that) that I am not making the right decision....

I mean, look at the state of our country and all the people desperate for a job right now.... there are people losing their homes, cars, jobs...geez, even their lives because the economy is so bad. And here I am, wanting to give-up some of my work time...which means also giving up some of my money....arrrggghh, what am I thinking!!

I guess I need to stop second guessing myself.... I know that if things don't work out or if I ever got into a bind with money, then I can always go back to my full-time status..... so I just need to r-e-l-a-x and enjoy the moment, right??

Monday, February 2, 2009

Why do I do this to myself???

Every year, our company has a Super Bowl party....Every year, we have it at the same little English Pub, we have the same type of food (BBQ of course), we invite the same people and we play the same "games" (you pay for a box(es) and depending on the score at the end of each quarter, you can win money)!!!
Every year I say to myself.... "remember you have to go to work tomorrow smart: have a drink, then water, drink, then water...." and guess what; every year, after a couple of drinks, I forget about my bright idea and end up drinking way too many "adult drinks" and then end up feeling like crap all day on Monday (today)!!
Why, why, why??? Why does all common sense go right out of the door after you've consumed a couple???

This year, instead of the traditional flag-football game that the guys usually play, we decided on some pre-party bowling action; and since our babysitter wasn't there yet, we took Angie with us!! NOTE TO SELF: Next time, re-think that idea, especially when your 3-year old didn't nap all day!!

Me helping Angie bowl (which means- me, leaning down holding a 6lb ball and trying to roll it while she is wiggling in my arms... yes, my back is sore!!):

Joe ready to throw a strike (he looks so sexy up there...all serious):

Me in "action" (do you like the way I hold my left hand-- it makes me throw better... :) he-he):

And then we were off to THE above mentioned party..... Actually, I really did have a lot of fun. It's always a good time when there are free food and drinks all night long, right!!

Me and some friends at the party:
My dad and friends:
Me and "my girls":
HAPPY MONDAY everyone..... I wonder if any of you are feeling like me now??