Monday, February 23, 2009

Weekend Round-up: Game On!!

Wow, what a weekend we had.... busy, busy, busy...and fun, fun, fun!!! We got alot of things done around the house, had good, quality family time and even got to have some alone time with my main squeeze!!

It's baseball season again and my little man, Joseph, is SOOOO excited about it!! Friday evening was his first practice of the season and we are fortunate enough to have his same coach from last season....
We originally wanted him to move up to Rookies this season and start hitting with "machine-pitch" balls; we figured it was the best way to advance his baseball skills and learn more. But, after talking with the coach, we've decided to let him play t-ball one more season. I don't know how I feel about it...I sort of feel like he would do much better in rookies, but I'm not going fight about it.... I don't want to disagree and make a big stink and then Joseph not be treated fairly in the future (for those of you in little league, you know how "political" they can be)!!

Waiting for the ball
Practicing his slide.......
On Saturday morning I took CJ to his band "Solo & Ensemble" judging/performance. Solo & Ensemble is a judged performance by each member of the is part of his grade to participate and a great way to get some good constructive crticism from the experts!!
**UPDATE (we just got his score)** Cj scored an "excellent" on his solo; and while that is a great score, the highest is Superior and he is a little disappointed that he didn't get that!! I keep reassuring him that he did his best and did a great job; and that's all he can ask of himself...and now he will have something to look forward to next year (unless the state has it's way...see tomorrow's "two cents post on this topic)
CJ loves playing in the band...he loves music; and I am sickened by the fact that they (the legislatures) want to take that away from the kids..... But I will discuss this tomorrow!!!
Practicing before his turn
After we got home from that, it was chore time.... The boys did laundry, cleaned the garage floor and raked the leaves in the yard. Not bad, right?? I mean, geez, i remember my Saturday mornings always consisted of a list of chores, including cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, vacuuming, cleaning the litter boxes, etc...
We actually all worked together... we all spent all day outside "taking care of business".... and had a great afternoon!! Followed by a great evening for Joe and I. We went out to dinner and then out to a cigar bar with a few friends!!
At Corona Cigar Bar (yes, my clothes, purse, hair....everything still smells like cigar smoke...yuck!!)
How about this for a new career for me?? Hot bike model (except I think I'm supposed to be in a teeny weeny bikini) :)
Sunday, the kids went with my dad to Gatorland and had a blast!! I love that they get to spend time with Gamps & Grama on a regular basis!! I think it's very important for them (for all of us) to stay close with them since they will never be able to with my mom!!
Anyway, while they were out, Joe and I got to have some alone time again.... wow, twice in one weekend!! We had a nice lunch, did a little shopping and then took a little nap...very relaxing afternoon!!
Last night, Joe went to a the kids and I hung out playing Guitar Hero (ok, it was mostly just me playing...what can I say... I'm addicted!!)
And watched the Oscars together!! Yes, I did let the big boys stay up with me and watch the whole's a mom and I used to do it every year and I fully intend on continuing that tradition with my kids!!
Of course, Joseph was the first to sleep; he didn't even make it to the first award!!
Did anybody else watch the Oscars...what did you think?? I thought they put on a good show this year and I didn't even get incredibly bored during the middle of it....and I thought Hugh Jackman did a g-r-e-a-t job hosting!!
**Oh and one more thing... remember when my dog Ediie got real sick?? (if not, read here) Ever since then he has been a different dog...different temperment, irritated easier, not as friendly, snapping at people, barking incesstantly and short tempered--even with the kids.. So, I took him back to the vet and we are now watching him for a more serous anger issue called "Springer Rage Syndrome"....we have to be careful with him around the kids and our other we never know when he is going to flip his switch!!
So, in the meantime.... the vet put him on Xanax...that's right, my pup is doped up on Xanax...and wow, is he a different, mellow, easy-going dog now!! hmmmm...maybe I should try it!!
Happy Monday peeps!!


Saundra@ItalianMamaGoneCrazy said...

I love watching the Oscars! Hugh did a great job!
Your weekend sounded wonderful!

I am on our baseball board, and I so agree how "political" it can get... and I HATE IT!

So great that your kids play instruments.

And yes... YOU could totally do a itty bitty bikini on that bike... and look fabulous!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

wow you need a break after a weekend like that!

Carrin said...

What? Your dog? I can't even get Xanax!

greedygrace said...

Your blog is such fun! It sounds like you had a great weekend!