Friday, February 27, 2009

Motorcycles & My Hot Guy

That is what I will be hanging with these evening..... Every year we have Bike Week in Daytona Beach; Joe and his buddies always ride out there for some good old fashion fun....or at least the kind of fun that you will find with a bunch of drunk bikers, their biker babes and a bunch of scantily-clad, bikini wearing beer tub girls/bartenders!!!
Tonight I am heading over there to hang with my hot motorcycle guy (he looks super sexy on his big motorcycle!!!!) and his buddy....and we fully intend on having lots of fun!!
Happy Friday, ya'll (no, I don't really talk that southern)!!!

To prove my point....look at this hot motorcycle guy that I get to call ALL MINE...... Settle down girls!! :)


Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

have fun!! Hopefully you wont have to throw down with any bikini clad girls trying to hit on joe :)

missy said...

we have a bike too....and love it.....hope to be able to get it out soon!!!!! it is still waaayyyy to cold here!!!
cute the header!!!