Monday, February 2, 2009

Why do I do this to myself???

Every year, our company has a Super Bowl party....Every year, we have it at the same little English Pub, we have the same type of food (BBQ of course), we invite the same people and we play the same "games" (you pay for a box(es) and depending on the score at the end of each quarter, you can win money)!!!
Every year I say to myself.... "remember you have to go to work tomorrow smart: have a drink, then water, drink, then water...." and guess what; every year, after a couple of drinks, I forget about my bright idea and end up drinking way too many "adult drinks" and then end up feeling like crap all day on Monday (today)!!
Why, why, why??? Why does all common sense go right out of the door after you've consumed a couple???

This year, instead of the traditional flag-football game that the guys usually play, we decided on some pre-party bowling action; and since our babysitter wasn't there yet, we took Angie with us!! NOTE TO SELF: Next time, re-think that idea, especially when your 3-year old didn't nap all day!!

Me helping Angie bowl (which means- me, leaning down holding a 6lb ball and trying to roll it while she is wiggling in my arms... yes, my back is sore!!):

Joe ready to throw a strike (he looks so sexy up there...all serious):

Me in "action" (do you like the way I hold my left hand-- it makes me throw better... :) he-he):

And then we were off to THE above mentioned party..... Actually, I really did have a lot of fun. It's always a good time when there are free food and drinks all night long, right!!

Me and some friends at the party:
My dad and friends:
Me and "my girls":
HAPPY MONDAY everyone..... I wonder if any of you are feeling like me now??


Just The Girl said...

I am!!!!!

Brandy said...

Looks like you had a great time!
I feel like crud too but admittedly for a different reason it seems the cold / flu thats been going around has found my house I hope all I end up with is just the cold part.

Emily said...

ohhh.... I had a last hooorahhhh on december 21st.... drank way too much red wine! Everyone deserves a fun night out!
Hope you feel better soon!

Carrin said...

Too bad about the hangover! it loks like you had a great time though!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Looks like fun.

I always forget the whole "i'm only having one" when i go out, and then pay for it the whole next day. We never learn.


Minxy Mimi said...

Looks like a great time!

Heather Marie said...

You and your daddy look alot alike gir!! :) And don't feel bad girl....the second weekend after I moved to St. Pete some girls from work took me out...let's say that wine, liquor and beer DO NOT combine was a bad

Drama Mama said...

Oh YEAH! Went to an awesome Party...drank to much...woke up thinking MONDAYS SUUUUUCK!!!!!!

Mama Kat said...

It's TOTALLY her mouth. Your comment cracked me up...that's EXACTLY my problem with her. ;)


And guys look like you had fun...but I'd prefer eating weiners at home.