Monday, March 9, 2009

Smooshing & Smashing

After I wrote the title of this post, I giggled.... it does look and sound kind of funny, huh?? Well, what's funny (or not) is that I spent the first two hours of my Monday morning having my boobs maneuvered, smooshed, smashed & x-rayed. I've had to get mammograms since I was 23 because of my family history of cancer; and a few months ago I found a lump.... Today was my follow-up to that because after feeling around up there on Thursday (I was just doing a breast exam...nothing kinky), I noticed it felt a little I had it re-checked to make sure it was nothing serious. The radiologist says it might be a fibroid, but he has to compare the 2 films to check for growth and then determine what we need to do about keep me in your prayers....I'm sure it is just fine, but I still worry about things like this!!!
Oh, the joys of being a woman..... periods, pregnancy, pap smears & mammograms....and men wonder why we are so crazy sometimes!!! :)

On a lighter note, CJ went to Niagra Falls with his Dad. They left yesterday morning and he will be back on Wednesday evening.... I am really glad he got the chance to do this: 1) because he is my little traveler-- he loves to fly and see new places and 2) he needed this one-on-one time with his dad. He is getting to that age (teenager) where he notices alot more when his dad is not around and not spending quality time with him; and lately he has been resentful of that.... So much so, that sometimes he doesn't even want to go visit him on his weekends... I think this trip will really help their relationship....and I hope he has a great time!!!

But I do miss him.... we are very, very close...he his my little helper, my talker and "the boss" of the siblings, so he tries to keep them in line. It's funny because last night on our walk, it felt so "quiet"...because he is normally there talking my ear off!!! :)


Keyona said...

Scary! I'm sure you're fine but just in case I'll keep you in my prayers! :o)

Carrin said...

I always hate it when my ex takes the kids away. I feel so out of control. I'm sure they will have a great time.
Praying everything turns out ok with the boobies!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Yeah i bet if guys had to get their junk smashed together they might be a bit more understanding.

April said...

I pray it all turns out fine. I had a lump removed once and it was one of the scarriest things I have ever gone through.
Hope the trip goes good for your son.

Emily said...

I will be thinking about you guys and keep ya in my prayers!!