Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Thoughts & My "Reality Check"

I'm sorry that I have been a bad blogger lately..... with the kids out of school for summer, things have just been busy, busy, busy and BUSY!!! :) And I have also been struggling with BAD back issues!!
I finally have a few minutes to sit down and share some thoughts......

*My first "reality check" as a mom to a teenager-- yesterday I took CJ and a few friends to lunch and a movie to celebrate his birthday...... now, normally I think I am a pretty cool mom; I dress in fashion, listen to cool music , like to party, drive a cool Durango and am fun.... but as I sat in the car with those 4 teenagers (girls & boys), I realized I.AM.NOT.COOL. to them.... they probably look at me like the nerdy mom.... wow, reality bites!!!

*Technology is going to be the death of interaction in our new generation of kids..... eventually they won't even talk in person to anybody, as they will be too busy on their ipods or computers or texting each other.... They won't learn to communicate properly and then won't be able to conduct themselves in an interview to get a job and further their careers..... enough already!!!

*My boys are going to their dads for the month of July (like they do every summer)..... I am already missing them and they haven;t even left..... I do enjoy the quiet, but after a few days I get bored!!!

*I didn't think I cared much for Michael Jackson anymore..... you know, he did get a bit "out there" in his more recent years..... but since his death, I have felt kind of down about it. Maybe it's just because since his death they have been playing his music over and over again, and that brings up alot of memories for me....

*Am I being irrational or overbearing in thinking that my 13 year old is TOO young to be on MySpace and Facebook?? Seriously....shouldn't he be outside playing still.... I know he is 13, but yet he is 13.....isn't that still a kid??

* It is 10:38am and all three of my boys are still asleep..... Forget breakfast--- by the time they get up, it will be lunch time!!

* We saw the movie UP yesterday.... very cute movie!!!

* I am so irritated at my dog, Eddie.... He absolutely will not take his pills from me... I wrap them in meat or cheese or any other appealing food for him and he will turn his head, every.time. Yet, if Joe or CJ or anybody else tries he takes it right up.... why is that?? He can't be that smart...?

* I am ready to get back to the beach.... I have to keep up my summer tan.... :)

Ok, I guess that is enough for now..... anything else you want to know about me??? Ask away...... I love to talk!!!


April said...

I always said I was going to be the cool mom but I guess I'm not either. My soon to be 11 year old doesn't even have a cell phone or Ipod!
Oh ya, you asked where I live. I live in the very north east corner close to where TX, LA, and AR touch. Actually about 40 miles south of Texarkana. 6 hours from Austin.
Have fun when you go to Austin. It's a pretty cool town.

April said...

I have an award and a tag for ya. Plenty of questions on it!