Friday, January 7, 2011

Give Me Your Best Shot - PSF... Ice Skating in Florida (in shorts)

Since we don't get too much cold and definitely no snow here in Florida, the kids don't get a chance to do those fun super cold/snow activities (sledding, ice skating, snow ball fights etc...).
Luckily, the local university sets up a really cool event for the whole family to do alot of that; and this year I took all of the kids to try ice skating and (faux) ice sledding.

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and Lolli

It was rainy and chilly that day, but it didn't stop Ethan and Joseph from wearing shorts.... ;-)
They were so excited to get their skates on and get on that ice.....


Ethan and Joseph picked it up right away....
And both got moving pretty fast....
But CJ and Angie were a little wobbly....
They had a GREAT time.... repeatedly telling me it was "the best day ever".... and that makes me feel good!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Since July.............................. YIKES!!!

WOW..... it's been since July since I've written anything here!! WOW.... I once thought this would be my daily "therapy"; somehwere to come vent and meet new people!!

And while I do still feel that way, I just can't ever find the freaking time to sit down and write something!! I do miss it.... and I believe me, I do still check in on EVERYBODY, ALL OF THE TIME (you know you can't get rid of my nosy self!!); but life just gets in the way (how dare it) and I never have time to do it anymore!!

BUT, as of today... I am going to make the time--- I need it.... I deserve it, right? These few minutes of "venting" and "chatting".... I want it!!

I'm back, my friends!!!
BTW-- Merry Christmas (as seen on our Christmas card) and Happy New Year to all of you!!