Friday, October 31, 2008

PSF - Halloween Style!!!

PhotoStory Friday
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Here we go again…. Another Photo Story Friday…. If you haven’t already done so, you should head on over and check out some great photo stories!!

In the spirit of Halloween….....Let me introduce Alien Ethan, Clone Trooper Joseph, Super Girl Angie and Count CJ (and yes, CJ's vampire costume was inspired by Edward from the Twilight series):

I let them all put on their costumes last night so that I could get good pictures.... you see, the boys will be with their dad tonight so I will not get to be with them tonight and see them all dressed up. Yes, I am very sad about this; one of the worst things about divorce is having to share holidays and not get to experience every.single. one.with them!! :(

Anyway, don't want to be a downer on such a fun here are some more pictures from our pumpkin patch & carving:
At the pumpkin patch (Angie was with daddy…. and while that stunk for picture reasons, it was definitely easier to pick out a pumpkin without having to chase a 3 year old around)

Pumpkin carving (look at my lovies….)

This was the extent of Angie’s help with the pumpkin carving (she DID NOT like the “slimy stuff”)

Cj and Ethan carving away (see Angie in the background--- that’s what she did the rest of the time)

Joseph doing his part... he actually did really well all by himself
These are our "halloween costumes".... we got dressed at different times this morning (I'm always done earlier than him) and once we realized that we were dressed the same, we decided "what the heck, let's do it"
And here are a few of Angie at her Halloween Party/Parade at school.... I've never seen a cuter Super Girl....
I hope you all have a safe, but FUN Happy Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Writer's Workshop........ Why do I Write??

Thursday, Thursday....oh how I love you Thursday!! You know why??? First of all, because you are one day away from the weekend, one day away from sleeping in and relaxing; but the most important reason why I love you, because it's Writer's Workshop at MamaKat's!!!

Why do I write???? Hmmm, where do I start??
1) Writing is very therapeutic to me. When I was younger I would write notes to myself; I would tell myself all the things “I” was feeling and what I should or should not do in school. (kind of funny to go back and read those notes---yes, I still have some of them). After my mom died, I would write in my journal about my emotions….when I was angry, sad, happy, crying (as a matter of fact, there are a couple of pages that have dried tear stains on them) about her death, I would “write it out”. I would write my mom letters and tell her everything I wanted to say; tell her about the kids. It was (still is) my way of communicating with her. Now, with blogging, my writing is therapeutic….a way to get it out, express my feelings, so they aren’t bottled up inside!!
2) Writing is a way to keep memories. I have scrapbooks from growing up, where I’d put pictures, movie tickets, pamphlets, cards etc…and I would write about everything associated with that memory. Each of my children has a very detailed baby book, where I write everything and anything that happened to them growing up… I’m more detailed about their younger years…but I will actually still write stuff in my 10 and 12 year old’s books. Even though I have tons and tons of pictures, I still write about each one (you know in the photo albums, next to the picture, there are a few lines--- I fill them up).
3) Writing is a way to communicate. Back in the “old” days, I used to love to write letters. I would write to my long distance friends and family at least once a week. My ex-husband was in the Marine Corps, stationed in Camp Pendleton, CA and I would write him letters a couple times a week; and I longed to receive love letters back from him!! I actually still try to encourage my children to “write” letters to their friends and family. Now, I do still love to write letters, but now they are e-mailed instead of stamped, taken to the mailbox and delivered by the postman.

I’m a very vocal, talkative, out-going, people-person (just ask Joe--- I think he wishes I’d “shut-up” sometimes…ha-ha) and I love to communicate; I love to keep memories that I can share with my friends and family….and I need to express my feelings so I don’t blow up!!!

Does anybody else love these quite as much as I do (besides Joe...who would've eaten the whole batch last night if I let him)? Does anyone else like to do the whole "pumpkin thing" just so you can get a salty, crunchy, tasty snack??
ALSO, does anyone have any ideas/remedies/suggestions on how to keep the carved pumpkin from going bad and getting mushy?? Is there something I can sprinkle inside of it or spray on it??

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Organization is the Key!!!!!

Why, oh Why can't I get my Ethan to understand that?? Ethan, my second born little sweetheart, people-pleaser, rarely gets into trouble (besides the sibling fighting), gifted, way above his grade level student. I had the parent/teacher conference for report cards this morning with Ethan's teacher and like always, she had nothing but nice, king, complimentary things about him-- about how smart and "gifted" he is, how he is reading and learning 2 or 3 grade levels above (and I'm not just saying that because he's my boy--believe me, I have a slow-learner at home too); but he still received a "C" in one of his classes.... what??? "C"??? Ethan has NEVER received a "C" in any grade in any class!! And do you want to know why he received that "C" (and the very low A's, instaed of high A's)??? Because he is not organized and does not turn in his homework!! He does it...every night!!! But he gets to school and 1) can't find it inhis backpack or 2) has left it sitting at home. The other thing is his planner that has to be signed every night. I have tried to make him be responsible for bringing it to me without me asking (I have to stop holding his hand before he gets to middle school) and if he doesn't ask or he forgets to bring it to me, then I don't sign it and he gets a mark. Is that wrong?? Is it wrong to let him fall a little so he can understand the importance of responsibility and organization?? PLEASE, give me some advice on ways to help him without too much hand-holding???? What are good ways to help him be organized?

Tomorrow is my meeting with Joseph's teacher....wish me luck!! This is the meeting that will help me understand his problems with learning to read and try to figure out what we can do to help him!! I still struggle with the fact that he isn't getting it. I struggle with thinking too far ahead in his life and thinking that if he can't learn to read and excel, then he won't be able to go to college and get a good job to support himself and his family.... arrrggghhh, I know I'm thinking too far ahead, but I. can't. help. it.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Not Me, I did NOT do it!!!

It's NOT ME Monday, where you get to listen to all the things I did not do this past week (because we all know that I do not do anything wrong-- uh...yea!!) :) Head over to MckMama's and read all about what everone else DID NOT do.... he he!!

I did not let CJ dip the raw chicken in the egg and then the breading just because I didn't want to get my hands all slimy..... plus, if I did do that, he would've been so excited to help me cook anyway.
I did not have to push around Angie's doggy in the cart all through Target because he was "crying"
I did not buy the kids a "special prize" in Target just because I knew that once we got home it would give me quiet time while they played.
I (we) did not come in second to last place at Pub Quiz on Saturday night... I mean come on-- who knows "what was the only x-rated film to win an Oscar?" and "What is the only country whose flag has only one color and what is that color?"
I did not bathe both the dogs yesterday evening in the chilly evening air, with the cold water (as they shivered) just because I saw a tick and I want to GET RID of them!!
I did not let the kids go next door and play on their hammock!! If I did do that, I would've already known that our neighbors said it was ok.
I did not bring my camera to Target just so I could take a picture (again) of the cool cart escalator to share with all of you!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

They Love my Kreativ Blog!!! I got my first "bloggy award" a couple of days ago, on the day I was having such a BAD day; Thanks so much Jo-Jo! I'll get to that award in a minute, but I also have to tell you the very next day I got my second "bloggy award" from another of my favorite bloggers,, I'm so excited that you guys actually like to come here and read about my adventures and craziness!!! It's nice to know that even when I have to vent, you still come arround and support my rants!! So here goes, the first award is KREATIV BLOGGER:

Jo-Jo thinks I'm a Kreativ Blogger...With this award I have to name 6 things I value and 6 things I do not value; and then give this award to 6 other people!!

I value:
1. My children's unconditional love

2. The way Joe loves and takes care of me

3. The memories/legacy that my mom left behind (especially the two very special pieces of antique furniture that I now have in my makes me feel like a part of her is here)

4. My relationship with my dad; since my mom died, he and I have become much closer!!

5. My Job

6. A nice relaxing vacation!!!

I do not value:
1. Arrogant, cocky people

2. Child abusers/pedophiles--- SICK, SICK people!!!!

3. The state of our country right now.... I hope it gets better before my kids get older and have their own jobs & families

4. Fighting with Joe

5. My children tattling/whining (no, I'm not saying I don't love everything about my lovies--- but come on, who really values/enjoys 4 kids all tattling and whining at you at once...aaaarrrggghhh)

6. All this new technology and new ways to communicate--- it feels like "human interaction" is becoming obsolete!!

And I'd love to give this award to these KREATIV BLOGGERS:

The next one is:

It's so nice to know that the sweet, funny, pre-school loving Becky actually loves my blog like I love her blog!! This award says for me to post the award, thank the person who gave it to me (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, BECKY) and then nominate 7 other blogs that I "love" too.
Drama Mama
Tatooed Mini Van Mom
Stu Pidasso
Quilao Triplets
Reluctant Housewife
Diva Ma
Mama Amber
Tonight is Pub Quiz.....we go up to our local English Pub and play trivia against 5 or 6 other teams; most of whom are much better than we are!! Oh well, it's still good times!!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Photo Story Friday - Best Friends

Another one of my favorite posts of the week.... one where I get to share some more about me through photos!!!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

These girls are my two closest friends....we'll call them Blondie & Brunette (for obvious reasons). I also work with both of their signifcant others (Blondie's husband & Brunettes boyfriend along with Joe are partners in the company). They are both close to me for different reasons.

Blondie & I both have children and actually her daughter and Angie are best friends too. Blondie and I have both lost a parent so we've bonded through that loss/experience. Most of the time we get to spend together is with our children; although we do have those free times (girls night out or company party etc...) where we get to go out and let loose....and that we do!!!

Brunette is not married nor does she have any children, but we've bonded because we are so much alike... we share the same likes, dislikes and personalities. And she loves my children--she is so good to them; and that is very important to me. She comes over at least once a week for dinner and to help me out a little and again, we do get the occasional night out--- which is usually spent with the 3 of us together.

They are both very special to me and I'm so thankful to have them in my lives!!! We always get a picture of the three of us together---anytime, anywhere we go........enjoy this walk down memory lane!!


At our Super Bowl Party (Brunette is a BIG Giants fan)

Christmas Party


And just for the fun of it.....this is one of those crazy nights (yes, that's me smooshed in the middle) where I'm sure we consumed way too many adult beverages!!!

Writer's Workshop....And Yes, I am Feeling Better....

First of all, I want to say thanks to all of my blogging friends and your words of encouragement..... They are all things I "know", but just sometimes need to "hear". I need to hear and be reminded that it's ok to be overwhelmed and that it's ok to feel like I want a day off...I'm only human!!! Anyway, I did get most of my stuff done last night-- helped the kids finish their homework, unloaded the dishwasher (even though, I really wanted to wait one more day so our cleaning lady would do it), put away most of the laundry (only towels left) and even had time for some playing with the kids..... Although, I will admit, it was a cereal-for-dinner night; I just couldn't resist. I woke up feeling much better since most everything is done and I don't feel like I'm buried and I really hope I can stay out of that funk...I hate it!!!

Today is Writer's Workshop again.... Head over to Mama Kat's to check out everybody's "assignments". I chose #1: I'd walk a mile for a nanny/housekeeper/personal chef for one week (shoot, I'd even take it for one or two days). It would give me time to refresh and be taken care of myself, without having the worry of managing everything at the office and at home and at the kid's schools. I would have them help with all the kid stuff (homework, dinner, baths, dessert) and for once I would get to be the "fun one"...the one who gets to play with them and not be the meanie because I'm stressed out. The housekeeper could pick up after us all day and make sure that when I come home from work, the house is spotless and the laundry is done EVERY DAY (we have a cleaning lady now, but she only comes once a week). And the chef....well, first of all, he needs to be a hot chef so I can enjoy watching him cook (and yes, I do think Joe is hot too...and I do enjoy watching him cook too--- but this is my dream right now...let me enjoy it). He would make all of my favorite dinner meals, make the kids lavish breakfasts every morning, and make their lunches to be the envy of all the other kids.
While all this sounds wonderful, I do find a few problems that could arise: 1) I would get bored, I just know it. I get bored when the boys go to their dad's house and I'm only looking after Angie, 2) the kids would be too spoiled by it and when it all ended, I couldn't live up to those expectations and 3) I would be too spoiled by it and be bummed once it ended. So, I guess the moral of this; the lesson I am supposed to learn is to enjoy the life I have been given. Enjoy the kids now, because before I know it, they will all be grown up and out of the house (hmmm....that still doesn't sound all that bad.... j/k) and I will miss the life that I have now!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I will apologize ahead of time, this post is a venting post and I will cry if I want to....... I woke up this morning (and actually yesterday morning too) feeling completely overwhelmed. I don't know why, I don't what is going on inside of me--- I am usually a very strong, keep-it-together person; but not today. I woke up early but didn't feel like getting out of bed and I totally slacked at making breakfasts and lunches; and then I forgot Angie's ballet stuff at home so I had to go back and get it so I can go back and bring it to her.... And Ethan left his lunch in the car so i have to go back and bring that to him (hmmm, wait, he can just eat a school lunch today). I feel like the kids have sooooo much homework and I can't keep up with making sure it is all done, checked and right and then signing their planners and any of the other gazillion papers that come home with four children. And then there's Joseph, who is having such a hard time in school; therefore we have double and triple the work to do with him as supplemental learning to help him. And then there's the laundry that needs to be finished and put away---- how did it sneak up on me? I rarely have this issue, I usually get all the laundry done, folded, hung up and put away by Sundays.....not this week, it's still there in the basket to be put a matter of fact, I even think there is still some in the dryer...g-r-e-a-t!!! Oh and then there's the two dogs who follow, follow, follow everywhere I go because I've (we've) spoiled them so bad by giving them treats and chewies and little snacks all the time!!!!!!!!! I know, Iknow, I "chose" this path.... I chose to be a mother of 4 children, but today, I'm having a bad day and!!!!! I can't wait for MamaKat's writing workshop...... "I would walk a mile for a..............." I can guarantee it will have something to do with all of this!!!!!!!
Wow, I needed that......And I might even need a glass of wine (or 2 or the whole bottle) when I get home tonight!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've been tagged.......Twice!!!

So, I've been tagged...twice, by two of my blogging friends (It still amazes me how there is this whole world of people on here that we connect with and look forward to talking to everyday!!!); Diva Ma, who is an army wife with 3 cute kids, living the "fabulous life", and Amber, who is a young mommy with 2 cute kiddies and a "full heart"...... Thanks girls, I love these kind of things!!! Soooo...... 7 random things about me:

1. I love all kinds of music, but rock is my favorite; I especially like Black Crowes,Foo Fighters & KORN
2. I am a rock-climber, although I haven't been able to do it much with having 4 kids. My dad and I used to take trips to North Carolina and stay for the weekend, where we would climb with a group of people....too fun!!
3. I always have a styrofoam cup (usually from chic-fil-a) that I keep my drinks in all day long---and it has to be filled with ice or I can't drink it.... hmmmm, that does sound a bit OCD.
4. And in that said cup, it either has Wyler's Light, Cool Rasberry drink, diet Dr. Pepper or Sweet Tea...only!!!
5. I had my first child at 21.....yep, that's right--the BIG 2-1 birthday was spent with a baby boy kicking me in the belly
6. I am a HUGE family person...I love to spend time with all my family, immediate and far-away; I love to get everyone together for visiting... I am very close with my children!!
7. Joe and I don't really have an "anniversary", because we started as friends and everything just evolved from that..... and since we're not married yet, we don't have that date, I guess we're just all screwed up!!

There you go.... I hope you find me somewhat interesting..... and you're not asleep by this point!! :) Now, I get to tag 7 people........hmmm, let me see, how about:
A Day in Rhonda's Life
Lost in The Woods and Nowhere to Hide
Life as We Know It

On a different note, do you ever feel like as a mom you are not allowed to feel overwhelmed? Is it just expected of us to carry the whole weight of the world and just always be there with a smile?? Don't get me wrong, I love my family---I dore my kids....but I am h-u-m-a-n & do get rattled sometimes....There are times when I don't want to get out of bed and start my "job"!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm trying to win.......

I never win any contest/give-aways...but I'm going to give it a try.....again!!! Jo-Jo has a cool giveaway....her first time..... and by golly, I'm gonna try to win it!!! I don't know what you can do for me, except cross your fingers.....or maybe you could go over to her site, A Mom's World of Madness and Blessings, and tell her how much I enjoy her blog and how I would LOVE to win that cool shirt with my blog name on it!!

Oh and please head over to Marie's I said in my last post, she and her husband recently lost their baby boy, Elijah, and she could definitely use a pick-me-up and some comment lovin'...... So, I'm asking all my blogging friends to head over and give her a little smile!! She is very sweet, but very sad right now!!!

Not Me Monday--- Biketoberfest Edition!!!

This week will be a little different, but still the same..... It's Monday which means "Not Me Monday" over at MckMama's blog, which means I can share all my guilty pleasures from this past week; but this week I'm going to do it on my experiences at Biketoberfest this past weekend. As most of you know, Joe has a motorcycle and we like to go out to all the local bike festivals, as crazy as they are (and they are c-r-a-z-y!!!). Joe and a couple of his buddies rode out on their motorcycles and I met them there by car (we had babysitter issues, so I couldn't go for the whole weekend). And we had...oh, I mean "did not" have alot of fun......

I did not look at Joe on his big motorcycle and think how good he looked and think maybe we should just call it an early night... :)
I did not ride on that motorcycle without a helmet (i know I'm going to hear it for this one), because we we only went about a mile away...
I did not drink way too many adult beverages and then did not wake up on Sunday feeling like I drank way too many adult beverages
I did not take many pictures that night that I don't remember taking or having them taken of me.
I did not look at those bartenders dancing on the bar and think how much that must suck to have to do that to make a living!!
I did not go to bed last night super duper early, missing all my shows and sports events, because I was so tired from the night before.

Ok, so I really am not a wild and crazy party animal....but I do like to go out and have a good time every once in a while....and you know what, I deserve it!!! :)
Here are some pictures from that wild and crazy night:

Here he is on his big motorcycle that I think is so hot
Before it got too crazy
How does this many motorcycles fit on the street
This is one of those pictures I don't remember
He really didn't even have one of these......I think.....
Also, I wanted to ask all of my blogging friends to go over to Marie's blog...her and her husband just lost there sweet little boy, Elijah, and they could use some comment loving!!! She is so sweet, yet at the same time so sad....but I bet we could all put a little smile on her face!!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Photo Story Friday -- He's becoming a Little Man Now

This is another one of those fun posts I enjoy doing...mostly because 1) I love to talk and 2) it's always hard to think of a good Friday post; mostly because I'm worn out physically and mentally from the week!!! It's Photo Story Friday....Head on over and check out the other fun stories!!
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

It's hard to believe that I can say I'm a mom to a 12 1/2 (you know that 1/2 is such a big deal) year old just a few short months I will have the honor of saying that I'm a mom of a "teenager"...yikes!!!!! Anyway, he is at that age now, where "things are changing"..... He is getting a few pimples (which I am very adament about how often and how strong and with what type of soaps he should use to combat those mean, nasty pimples), he's know that big growth spurt at this age, his voice is changing (I've noticed this alot more in the past few weeks) and he's becoming more interested in girls!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, we were at T-ball practice and while we were all doing our own thing (I was watching my boy play ball, and Ethan and Angie were on the playground), my big boy was on the phone with his "friend" and that friend is a "girl"....for 1 hour that talked and giggled and talked and made silly jokes and talked and then tried to convince me to take them to watch a movie.....get this, ALONE!!! Are you kidding me?? That's my boy, that's my first born boy who is such a momma's boy, who is so close to me, who I can't let go of to a "girl"!!! No, I'm kidding, I'm not that overprotective...but I do believe that he is still a bit too young to sit in a dark movie theatre with a cute young girl, unsupervised......right???

They begged me for a while, but I finally put my foot down and said that bad two letter word nobody likes to hear... N-O!! And he was not happy with a matter of fact he went to a different area of the ball field and sat by himself trying to kill me with "the silent treatment":

I do trust him...he's got a good heart and great morals for a boy his age and he definitely does not want to disappoint his mom!! But that day he didn't give me much advance notice, plus I just wasn't comfortable not being there or at least in another theatre close by....Am I wrong? Am i being too over-bearing? I know kids are maturing alot faster these days....but I'm still trying to keep my boy "pure"!!! :)

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

It's Thursday....You Know What That Means.......

It's MamaKat's Writers Workshop day...... I really do look forward to this post every week, because it makes me be creative; and creative I am NOT. I am good at working the plan once the plans been made...just not good at making the plan...oh, well.... I chose to do prompt #2, to start off a sentence with "I wish someone told me"..... So, here goes:

I wish someone told me that even though I am an adult, living without my mother would still be extremely difficult. Don't take that the wrong way-- I am a grown adult woman who is raising 4 wonderful children, working full time, managing my home and enjoying myself; but I MISS MY MOM.... she was my best friend, she was my support, my medical advice giver, my shopping buddy. You see I am an only child and for 7 years after my mom and dad divorced, it was only her and I; and even after she married my stepdad, we still did everything together....and even after I got married and started having my own children, her and I still did everything together...And even after I got divorced and was trying to regain my independence and start my life over again, her and I still did everything together....and even in the midst of all her cancers and her fighting sickness from chemo and radiation, we.still.did.everything.together. I think about her everyday, I dream about her often, I wish I could call her all throughout the day and tell her "Mom, can you believe Cj's voice is changing...he's going through puberty...oh my" and "Mom, Ethan is so advanced in school and way above his grade level...but I can't get him off his video game"..."Mom, Joseph is struggling in reading...but he can play baseball like a pro", and "Mom, you won't believe the cute outfits I found for Angie...and I can't believe her sassiness...just like me". I knew it would be different, but I thought, that with having my boys and being pregnant with Angie, that I could go on with my own life and that through memories I could move on. I wish someone told me it would be this hard.... Mommy, I miss you!!!!

Me, My mom & Cj-- 2000
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

This is a fun one....

Once again, I came across a fun, new blog I enjoy reading, The New Norm..... She is a cute mom of a cute little girl, and she has some cute posts that I like to read........ and "steal"......he-he; hence my post today!! She got this idea from another post and decided to do I am "stealing" (wel,, it's not actually stealing, but it sure makes it sound more fun, right?? ha-ha) the idea from her and am going to do it on my blog (Thanks...hope you don't mind). What your supposed to do, is answer these questions and then google image search your answer; and post the first picture that comes up..... and hope that nothing obscene comes up!!! I added a couple , just to shake things up a bit..... So, here goes (sorry, some of these pictures are blurry; but for some reason that is the way they saved.... boo-hoo):

My Name is: Melissa (yes, this really is the first one that came up....uuggghhh!!!)

My Middle Name is: Lyn ( I had to cheat and use the 2nd picture, because the first picture was too obscene for this)

My Favorite Vacation Spot: Bahamas (really, I'd take any beach, anywhere...but the Bahamas are alot of fun and the beach there is beautiful)

How old am I: 33 (this is some NASA rocket that I'm sure my dad will know about)

What type of vehicle do I drive: Dodge Durango

Where I'd like to go someday: Greece

Where I Grew up: Orlando, Florida

Favorite Food: BBQ...yummy!!!

Favorite Treat: Peanut M&M's

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Color: Purple

I'm married to: Nobody

What I do for work: Environmental Consulting

Describe Myself in three words: Passionate, Caring, Talkative (i promise this came up when I typed in those three words together)

Soooo, did you like it??? Yeah, me too....I love a bit of mindless entertainment...where I don't have to think; yet it makes for a good post....:)
If you feel the urge...go ahead and do this, come back and write a comment (so I can check yours out) and then pass it along for others to do...please link Me and The New Norm, so your peeps can check out our fun....

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Scary Incident and NOT ME MONDAY!!!

It’s that time of the week again for my “therapy, get it off my chest” session…. Go over to MckMama’s blog and read some other good NOT-ME’s.

*I did not cry when my babysitter cancelled on me on Saturday night; apparently because I didn’t call her all day to confirm the time. I did not pout about it because I really wanted to go out and have “girl’s night out”.

*I did not think something not-so-nice about another t-ball mom when I slipped on the bleachers and grabbed onto her & her husband’s backs to hold myself up and she turned around and gave me an “if looks could kill” look.

*I did not miss Joe, like a young school girl, even though he was only gone out of town for 24 hours….not me, because I’m Miss Independent!!

*I did not continue to buy scratch-off lottery tickets over and over again (at the prompting of the boys) even though I should’ve just stopped while I was ahead; actually shouldn’t have even started in the first place.
*I most certainly did not give Angie a spanking in Target, in front of all the other Grand Opening shoppers, because she was throwing a fit about not wanting to stay in the cart

NOW, about my SCARY incident yesterday……… My dad usually takes the boys (Angie is not quite old enough yet for these outings) out to do something on Sundays; the Sundays that they aren’t with their dad. Yesterday, Cj and Joseph went with him to see “City of Ember”, which by the way, they really liked; and then we all met back up at Gamps and Grama’s house for swimming and dinner. Cj and Ethan are good swimmers, Joseph can swim, but isn’t really confident enough and prefers to wear swimmies, and Angie can’t swim too well and always wears swimmies. The kids were having a great time swimming, but the pool was cold so Joseph got out, took his swimmies off and wrapped up in a couple of towels (do you see where this is going……?). Well, the kids wanted to “make a movie” so I grabbed my camera and started recording them. Ethan wanted to do a cool jump into the pool and Joseph got so excited that he jumped right into the pool after Ethan….yikes, remember he didn’t have the swimmies on anymore…. It was like slow motion; right as he was jumping in I screamed. Now, let me first tell you that I was still in my clothes….I didn’t really feel like swimming today, so I just hung out at the side watching them. Once he hit the water I yelled out to Cj or Ethan to grab him (since they were in their swimsuits and right by him), but my motherly instincts kicked in and I just jumped right in. He wasn’t too far from the side of the pool and he was actually “dog-paddling” some, so he was able to keep his head right above the water; but his chin was in the water and he was scared and crying. I quickly grabbed him and got him to the side of the pool and we both sat there and cried….I really tried not to let him see me scared and crying because I didn’t want to scare him more, but I couldn’t contain scared the crap out of me!! Oh, and by the way---my cell phone was in my pocket when I jumped in, so needless to say, the cell phone is KAPUT!!! Obviously, that was the least of my worries, but it is now going to pain in the butt getting a new one….oh well!! After that happened, Joseph was done with the pool, so we all just went in, got warmed up and dressed and had dinner. We did end up having a really nice evening and once Joseph got on the computer (Gamps & Grama have cool computer games that the boys love to play), I think he forgot all about it….but not me, I couldn’t (still can’t) get it out of my head. I know the outcome ended up fine, but I can’t stop thinking about what could have happened…uugghhh, I hate that!! I’m sure that has a lot to do with why I was up until 1am and why I didn’t sleep well last night!!!!

To lighten up the mood, here are a few pictures of the kids swimming..... before "the incident"

1, 2, 3...jump.....

I told you it was cold in the pool...(i don't know if you can tell in this picture, but Joseph's lips were purple; of course that didn't stop the kids)

Gamps telling the kids "Make sure you don't get wet" (i know, i know---he has a dry sense of humor)

I let Joseph take this picture, after the incident, to help cheer hin is a cute picture (that's Ethan behind the mask)

Cj and Gamps playing Chopsticks

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Saturday, October 11, 2008

T-ball & Target......

You can't get much better than that on a leisurely Saturday!! We started our day by sleeping in...yes, that's right, sleeping in; Joe woke up early, but had things to do so he let me sleep and the kids must have been real tired because nobody got up before 8:45am (that may not seem late to some, but for me that's a blessing). After we took our time roling out of bed, having breakfast and getting dressed, it was off to t-ball.

Joseph just loves playing ball...and he really is so good at it. His coach told me today that he is a "natural", that the technique and talent just come "naturally" to him (of course I love to hear that because THAT'S MY BOY!!!). He gave us our game plan on what course to take with helping Joseph progress in his baseball skills!! I love to talk about how good he does with ball and how talented he is; yet at the same time, I get sad because I wish he could be that good in academics... I feel sad that he is struggling in reading :(
He's ready...
Right after he just thew to first base...
Ready to bat (that's his favorite part; usually he nails the ball way in the outfield)
There it goes....out and away
Running home.....
Joseph and his coach--- I love (well not "love" like that...but you know what I mean) his coach. He is so passionate about the game and about really teaching the kids the game!!
The cheering section
Having some fun with Angie
And Joseph too... (he had to "time-out" just so he could get a turn too)
After T-ball, we had lunch and then shopping!! They opened a new Super Target close to us (music to my ears... he-he) and it just opened, so of course we had to go check it out!! It is massive... with a huge parking garage on the upper level. They have lots of elevatots and escalotrs to get you where you need to go and they even have an escalator for the carts...can you believe that. We were so fascinated by that (oh the little things that amuse us)!!
Here it all it's glory... Yes, you know we had to take our turn and actually use it!!!
So, now I am resting...i am worn out from walking around that store.... Hope you are having a HAPPY WEEKEND!!
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