Friday, January 30, 2009

You Know You Want to Know.......

It's Friday...Happy, Happy Friday!!! And I know what you are thinking..... "What am I wearing??" I know, it's just driving you, here you go:

It's Friday, so I am c-a-s-u-a-l.... My long sleeved, ribbed shirt is from Target, my jeans are of course from American Eagle and my sneakers are Skechers...oh, and my necklace is from Breighton!!
I am very comfortable today; and actually it is going to be pretty chilly here today for us Floridians....and by chilly, I mean the high today is 59...brrrrrrrr for me!!!
Head on over to Tiara's & Tantrums (isn't that a great name) to find out what everybody else is wearing today...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

PSF: To Work Part Time or Not....????????

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Me at my desk....this was taken last year as we were moving into our new office:

Advice Needed:

Lately, i have been feeling completely overwhelmed...I am struggling at home, work, with the kids, friends etc... trying to keep it together (as I'm sure you can tell from reading some of my recent posts)!! I have always been a very kept-together, independent, positive woman; but lately I am starting to feel beat down!! I feel like I can't get enough done around the house and that I am always missing time at work because somebody is at the doctor or appt or teacher meeting or field trip or volunteering or whatever!! I want to be a good, involved, not crabby (because of stress) mom-- I want to be a good house-keeper, and be able to stay on top of things better-- I want to be a good wife (or whatever Joe and I call each other)!!

Anyway, I have been given the opportunity to work part time; I will work 3 days a week and have the other 2 days to do whatever.I.want. I can do things around the house, get grocery shopping done, schedule all appointments...shoot, sometimes I can even just LAY AROUND if I feel like it!! And in having these extra 2 days-- sans kids--- I feel like I will be able to "breathe"; give myself some "rest"....not feel so pressured!!

My only concern is: Is it really worth it?? Is it worth taking a pay cut just to have those two extra days?? Is it worth losing half of my PSP and retirement money each year just to "give myself a break"??

I have been here for 5 (going on 6) years... I have watched this from inception and certainly will not give it all up.... but I feel like I will be a much better--happier person with just some extra time!! Any advice, comments, concerns, suggestions, experiences.....?

My Nana

Mrs. MamaKat.... I know you missed me last week; I know the dog ate my homework so you had to skip a week of reading my "best-seller's list" writing.... I just wasn't feeling up to it last week.... But I'm back and ready to go!!! Bring it on!!

This week I've chosen to write about somebody I wish I could see more of..... My Nana!! My Nana is my mom's mom and we have always been very close!! As a child I used to go to Indiana every summer for about 2 weeks and stay with my grandparents; and we had a blast!! We'd go shopping, to the park, visiting other family, driving through the hilly roads (like we were on a roller coaster), eating at MCL's (anyone up north ever heard of MCL's??) and just having fun together....of course, what child does not enjoy being spoiled rotten by their grandparents for 2 weeks, no interruption... :)
Once my mom started her yearly battle with cancer (she got a new,different tumor every year), my grandparents started coming down here and staying with my mom for months at a time. They would help get her to and from chemo/radiation, help her around the house, cook/clean etc... So we got to see them alot more and they were able to see the kids (at the time it was just CJ and Ethan).
Sadly, my grandfather passed away January 30,1999 (gosh, I just realized it's about to be 10 years) and left my grandmother all alone. She struggled alot with her loneliness and grief over losing her husband of 49 years; but then she started coming back down and spending time with us again. She started coming here by herself and helping my mom (and I) with everything that she could. And she, like me and my stepfather, was with my mom when she took her final breath....
After my mom died, she just isn't the same.... she is just not as healthy (and I'm sure alot of that is from her heartache)!! She's getting older and starting to have some heart problems, so she's not able to come visit that much; although she does try to get here every year at Christmas!! I try to get up there at least once a year and the boys go up for a week every June, but I still feel like it is not enough!! And I do feel guilty about not getting up there more, but it really is hard to travel with 4 kids; not to mention the expense of that trip!!! I try to call her often and let the kids talk to her, as I know that brightens her day; but it's not the same as being able to see her in person and get one of those good Nana hugs!! I miss her, she is one of my last "blood" connections to my mom...... and we are very close too (like I was with my mom)!!
Me, Nana, Angie and Angie's BF
Nana, Ethan & Joseph

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - His 1st School Project"

Last night we, as a family, had to finish up a project for Joseph's class. Friday is the 100th day of school, so we had to get together 10 of 10 items to equal 100 items on his board!!!
It's hard to see in the picture, but we had mailing peanuts, apple jacks, cheerios, black coffee stirrers, white coffee stirrers, paper clips, post-it notes, sugar packets, binder clips and rubber bands..... We actually had a lot of fun putting it all together. Joseph is funny because on one hand he wanted help and on the other hand he didn't want anybody to touch anything (of course until he had difficulties...)!!!
I still have a hard time with class/school projects.... I have a hard time because I always want them to look "perfect", not messy, all in order etc....and in reality, they are being done by a child, so they should look like they were done by a child. My two closest friends are teachers and they have always told me "For the most part, let them do their projects on their own" one girlfriend was a 3rd grade teacher and she said that when she would have a student bring in a "perfect" project she would always ask "How long did it take your mom or dad to do this...?"
Oh well, enjoy.....and then head on over to Angie's Circus and read others!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here's My Two Cents

Tuesdays are for talking.....and thanks to TuTu for the invite to join her Tuesday carnival so now I can give my Two Cents to anybody willing to listen....

Today I want to discuss family....For some reason, I have really been missing the way family used to be....... You know where there was always a clear role for mom and dad...? It seems like things/family life was so much easier. Of course I am all for women working, making money & supporting the family (i do that)....but sometimes it feels like it would be so much easier if there were two distinct roles: mom handles this, that, this.... and dad handles this, that, this..... Now-a-days, it seems like everybody is trying to do everything or single parents are having to do everything; and divorce is almost something considered as an "out", if needed.... Like before, divorce wasn't even thought of when you are getting married....and now, BEFORE a couple even gets married, there is that thought that "if this doesn't work, we can get divorced".....Some days (and only some) I just want to be June Cleaver. I want to have all day to keep the house in order and then when the kids get home help them with homework and what not and then have time to cook dinner to be ready when Joe gets home....without having to run around the house like a headless chicken!!!

I know, I know....June Cleaver's life wasn't perfect....where is the independence that I love; that I cherish....? But can't there even be an "in-between"...? Please tell me there is still a "normal" out there!!!! How are all of your family/home lives?? Do you share you have distinct roles??

Monday, January 26, 2009

Doctors and Labs and Blood...oh my!!!!

I grew up around everything medical..... my mom was a Labor & Delivery nurse (then nurse manager and then nurse midwife) and she also taught lamaze class; and growing up, I was always in and around hospitals and medical lingo/pictures etc.... So, I've never been bothered by anything medical...I can handle blood, needles, IV's, doctor's offices, you name it.... well, everything except puke....for those who know me, you know that I am full-on phobic...seriously!! But, that's not the point of this....

Because I grew up around it, I'm pretty desensitized; therefore, it has never been a big deal to any of my kids....they all grew up like me and have never really been afraid of any of that stuff either....... Until today--- my little Joseph.... my Joseph who is off the charts (below) in his height and weight, but is as strong as an ox.... my little Joseph decided today that he WOULD NOT allow the nurse or doctor or anybody to do a strep culture on him. He clenched his mouth shut and kicked and screamed and flailed around like a dry fish.... what the heck was that about??? He flailed around so much that he bit his own tongue!!!

Once we calmed him down, the doctor was able to continue to check him out and he determined that Joseph needed some blood/lab work done today too.... Oh joy-- you can imagine my excitement when I realized that I was going to have to take that little screamer in a lab, with needles and try to get him to hold still long enough to fill 4 tubes with blood..... yea, great!!! So, on our way there, I did what any normal mother would do..... I bribed him...that's right, you heard me... I bribed him... I told him that if he could get through it without having a screaming, knock-down fit, then I would take him to GameStop and he could pick a "new" used game (you get what I mean, right?).

All was well, until he saw the needle and then he clenched up....and then he started to cry and I could feel his heart racing...and then he tried to talk his way out of it... he said everything from "please do it on the other arm, this one stings" (just to get her to take it off), to "my vein is not good on this side" (i can't make this stuff up, people...) to " the needle is too big for my body".... I was sure that this was going to be a bust..... and then what do you know, my boy bucked up, closed his eyes and said "ok, just do it".....

Geez, just talking about that stressed me out again.... I hate to see my children scared like that... I know it's for his own good, but I still feel bad for doing it....mommy's guilt!!! Oh well, but please do pray that all results turn out OK; there are some things that they are looking for (that I don't want to discuss yet....just because they don't know for sure) please, once again, pray for our family!!!

Not Me..... Of Course Not....

It's Monday, which means it's time to spill my guts and join in MckMama's Not Me carnival...... and isn't MckMama the lucky one this week....sailing the ocean blue..... awwww!!!

Just in case you were wondering......

I did not drop Angie off at Grama's on Friday evening because I was soooo sick to my stomach that I couldn't imagine "having" to take care of that really that bad...?

I did not spend the rest of Friday evening watching The Grudge and The Grudge 2 with CJ, because he is now fascinated with scary movies.

I did not get completely freaked out when my friend (brunette--remember her...?) and I watched "The Strangers"...I mean seriously, has anybody seen that movie?? That stuff could really happen!!!

I did not play Wii bowling for two straight hours yesterday just trying to beat my high score.

And because of that, I am not completely sore from head to toe....geez!!!

I did not get complete butterflies in my tummy when Joe got home yesterday evening....

I did not miss him like a little school girl in puppy love....

I did not send him "love note" texts all day yesterday while he was driving home...just so he would get butterflies too....

I did not get up extra early to put a chicken in the crockpot....just so my dinner will be.completely.done.when.i.get.home!!! YAY!!!

I am not a bit worried about Joseph because he has been complaining about headaches and tiredness alot lately.... (if I was, I would probably be taking him to the doctor this morning)...Ok, so maybe I am a little more freaked out about things lately because of everything that has happened to Joe...

Anyway, Happy Monday!!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo Story Friday - Heidi

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Let me introduce, Heidi.... she is my dad and step-mom's new dog. For a long time, they have been involved with the Golden Retriever Rescue and have always gottne their dogs from that organization. There last pup, Jack, had to put down a few months ago and recently decided it was time to bring a new member to the family. Heidi is so sweet and soon as you call her name she runs to you, puts her head in your lap and "demands" (not really...but you know what I mean) to be pet.
Welcome Heidi....we can't wait to spend lots and lots of years with you!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The Dog Ate My I'm Going to Ramble....

Normally I would be doing my writing assignment today, but you know I just.don' I have been so blah these past couple of days and I just can't get my creative juices flowing..... so, sorry MamKat, but the dog ate my homework and I can't turn it in today!!

I feel like I need a plan....I always work better with a plan. Right now, I feel a bit out of control and I don't like I need to make a plan and work it. I can't stand negative vibes and dark clouds. I am a happy person, who tries to make the best out of any situation....and I need my life to be back to that place....otherwise I am going to burst.....seriously!! Do any of you know the Linkin Park song "One Step Closer"...? There is a line in the lyrics that says "I'm one step closer to the edge and I'm about to break"; well, I feel like that right now!! Not about everything in my life...just certain things!!!

I am trying to plan a trip up north to visit my grandmother...and to visit my mother's grave!! She is in Indiana and I'd like to get up there in the next couple of months...I think a get away would be very good right now!! How late in the year does it snow up north?? Does it stop around February or March?? Not to sound ignorant, but here in Florida, I don't know anything about snow and how long it lasts... :)

We have a DVD player in my truck and each time we put a new movie in we usually end up watching 2 0r 3 or 20 times before we switch to a new one... anyway, right now we are watching (well, I am listening) High School Musical and I have to say, as silly as it sounds, I really like it; the songs are upbeat and make me laugh!! So, this morning we were listening to it and during one of the songs, I looked up in the rearview mirror and Ethan, Joseph and Angie were all singing their little hearts out.... and bopping their heads to the beat.... TOO CUTE!!

I get my nails done evry couple of weeks and while I'd love to go by myself and have an hour of quiet time, Angie has now taken a liking to being pampered too.... so, from now on, every time I go, she gets to do this:
Ok, Ok.... I'm out of here to go to lunch with my dad!!! Happy Thursday!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

WW- Our "Brady Bunch"

It's time for Angie's (at Seven Clown Circus) Wordful Wednesday.... You know, I am so thankful that I "met" all you cool, fun people out there. This is such a nice "escape/relief" to come and chat with you all.... Especially after feeling the way I've been feeling lately!! I really just need to get something off my chest:
I feel like I am at my breaking point.... without going into too much personal detail, I just want to say that I just can't-take-it-anymore!! And sometimes I feel like I don't even want to deal with it anymore...I feel out of control with some things and even a bit of a dark cloud haning around-- which I hate because I usually am (have always been) a very positive person...I am a glass is full person even on a bad day. I may worry at times...ok, I worry all of the time...actually I worry about anything that can be worried about...but even as a worry wart, I always try to stay positive. But lately, I feel like that edge is falling off.... How have I lost that?? Where has it gone?? and Why can't things just be better.... happy? Oh well, I guess I will just keep marching on.... and I do appreciate all of you being there to listen when I am having these moments, days, weeks whatever.... and I do hope that I can see the light soon!!
Anyway, onto my Wordful Wednesday..... This is our "Brady Bunch"...
This is my boys and their half siblings........ and half siblings are: Angie (obviously), who is their half-sister from Joe and I; and then their two half-brothers from My ex and his S.O. This picture was taken on Monday night when I went to pick the boys up and we just stayed for dinner and playing. I am really thankful that we can have a good relationship/friendship in spite of the divorce. Sure we (my ex and I) have had our moments...arguments; but what divorced family doesn't... (actually my mom and dad didn't) For the most part, though, we have good, fun time when we are together. And I think it is very healthy for the kids to see that. I always hoped that my ex and I could have a "divorced relationship" like my parents did..... as we did everything together while I was growing up...we celebrated every birthday, holiday, party, dinners, everything together....and enjoyed every minute of it!!
Me and D (the S.O.)... and I am holding their youngest son-- isn't he cute??
D and I have actually started to be really good friends... I often wonder what my ex thinks about that... I wonder if he thinks or worried that we will share "stories"... he-he... I guess he'll never know!!
Have a great day....

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tell it Like it TIZ Tuesday - Here's My "Two Cents"

I have really missed Diva Ma and her "Tell it Like it Tiz" because you know I like (no love) to talk...and talk...and talk!! And even though she doesn't have her Mr. Linky up, I am still going to participate; hope that's cool with you, Mrs. Diva Ma :).
And I have also been invited to join another daily carnival that lets me yap just as much....Thank you, TuTu for the kind invitation!!

So, here's my "two cents" as I "tell it like it tiz" about my feelings today:

This isn't going to be a super long yap-fest like I normally do......sorry people, but I've got TV to watch (all the inauguration festivities); but just enough to say WOW!! This-is-exciting!! What a day for us (adults), our country and most importantly our children!! I know, inaugurations happen every four years, and it is the same formality every four years; but I don't care what anybody says about it, this one is special....this-is-history!!!
And starting tomorrow, my hope and prayer is that our new President can get our country on the "Road to Recovery" :)

**UPDATE: Am I the only one who got tears in my eyes watching the inauguration ceremony...? I giggled when Obama forgot the words a little at the beginning of the swearing in (but gosh, each sentence is alot to remember) and I got teary eyed at the end. "It's a Beautiful Day.... don't let it slip away"...... and yes I do love that song by U2!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Not Me Monday and The Wrester

Let's get ready to rummmbbllle....... (as you hear the standard music that comes on after that statement)
I thought that would be a cute touch to my Not Me Monday post..... especially since Joe and I saw "The Wrestler" last night. Which, by the way, is a GREAT movie.... Mickey Rourke really did an excellent job in his portrayal of a washed up professional wrestler, given a second chance at his career and relationship with his estranged daughter!! Marissa Tomei did a great job in her portrayal of a "veteran" (meaning one of the older ones in the bar) stripper; and of course Joe really liked her and thought she did "all the right moves" (for those who have seen it, you know what I mean).

Anyway, onto my therapy session........

I did not eat chic-fil-a for lunch 4 out of 5 work days last week.... I especially did not do that because we are having a "biggest loser contest at work and I am definitely trying to eat right.

I did not get extra mad when I lost 3 races to Ethan on the "Mario Kart" racing game. I especially did not do that because I always tell the kids how they should not be a sore loser.....

I have not memorized just about every word to Kindergarten Cop because it has been playing in my truck for the past 10 days....over and over and over....and over again!!

I did not get choked up after the coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers got choked up giving his speech after their win last night.

I did not get disgusted and gaggy when watching Mickey Rourke puke in the movie. (for those who know me well, know that I "did not" have my eyes clinched shut and my hands over my ears)

I did not get lured into Old Navy AND Bath & Body Works because they were having Clearance sales....and then I did not spend more money than I should have just because I felt like I was getting a "deal".

I did not almost burst into tears when the doctor told us that after one week on the chemo pill, Joe's blood work is back to normal...... awww, what the heck-- I will admit to it on this one!! That's right peeps, Joe is on the road-to-recovery; although he will have to remain on that pill for a long time!!

I will end my session on that note.... because honestly, nothing beats that news!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Story Friday: High Octane....I'm on Fire!!!

Here I am at 12:22am, still awake.....with a short 7 hours before I should be rolling out of bed. For some reason, I can't fall asleep; and since it is technically Friday, I will go ahead and do my PSF post!!!
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Last week, we had Joe's mom, sister and brother-in-law over for dinner, drinks and to watch the Florida vs. Oklahoma National Championship football game. We had (chicken) wings before our pizza and decided to have some fun with the kids. We got 20 crispy medium wings and 10 "high-octane" wings; and we bet (or dared) the boys to eat one...only one of the high octane wings for $ 10 and bragging rights!! Of course Cj wouldn't even touch one (he is my p-i-c-k-y eater); Joseph wanted to do it, but I thought he might be too little for so much "power".....So, along came Ethan...he will always try any new matter how they look and he is always up for a bet!!!

The FIRST bite...not so bad..............yet!!

Uhhhh...yea...he's on fire at this point!!!
He did it...he ate one whole high-octane wing....and he won full bragging rights (which are SOOO important to siblings)...oh, and of course he won his $10....not bad for 1 minute of his time!!
He was a great sport...... even though it took a whole can of Dr. Pepper, an ice pack, a glass of milk and a slice of pizza to get the "fire" out.... oh and a tummy ache for the rest of the night!!! Oh well, he'll surely remember it for a real long time!!!
BTW- we did let Joseph try it out--- we took a medium wing and dipped one side of it (lightly) in the high octane sauce.... he loved it, but was on fire himself too!!! All for the love of a good bet!!!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Writer's Workshop -- So Many Things Could Have Gone Wrong....

Hello, Thursday....I am so glad you made it!! With you here, it means only one more working day until the more day of waking up to the alarm and running around like a crazy person trying to get 4 kids and myself ready for the day....awww, then it is the weekend-- sleeping in, lounging around, being lazy, nowhere in particular to go!! Oh, I know--it will start all over again on Monday....but, I just love Thursdays; let me enjoy the moment!!

Ok, with those thoughts out of the way, it is time for my homework.... MamaKat had some tough prompts this week and I had a hard time trying to pick what to write about; but I decided to write about a time I "stole" something. Before I get started, let me preface this with: Dad, Carol, David (or any of my family reading this)-- this was a lonnnngggg time ago....don't be mad at me!!!
One night when I was a junior in high school and my best friend (we'll call her Nik) was spending the night at my house, we decided we wanted to "sneak out" and go visit our boyfriends. Problems were: 1) they lived about 40 minutes away (and back then we didn't have the easy access toll roads & interstates that are here now) and 2) Neither one of us had a car yet. So, we had the bright idea to wait until my mom and step-dad went to bed and then "borrow" my step-dad's car.... he wouldn't mind, right?? I mean, come on...we were young teenage girls who were very responsible and good drivers!!

After they finally went to bed and we were sure they were asleep, we grabbed the keys, jumped out of my bedroom window and got into the car. Now, I don't really remember if we pushed the car out of the driveway (as to not make alot of noise) or if we just bit the bullet and started right there; but, either way we got the car going and were on our way!! We had a great time driving there....blasting the music, singing real loud, laughing, talking about how excited we were to go see the know, all that teenage girl stuff!! We had a fun visit with the boyfriends...giggling, hugging, know, all the teenage "puppy love" stuff!! And then we drove back home.... without incident!! We parked the car, snuck back in the window and got into our pajamas (mind you, this was about 5 am by this time) to pretend like we had been in bed all night.

We thought we were all slick until a few minutes after we got home, my step-dad woke up for work and went out front for a cigarette.....and what do you know, the car's fan turned on to cool down the engine that had just been running!!! We sat at my bedroom window, listening and watching his every move to see if he would notice; which, if he did he never said anything. to this day, I don't know if he ever really knew and just didn't say anything or if he was really just too tired to realize what was going on..... either way, he never said anything to us and we went about our merry way thinking we were super slick!!!

Looking back on that, I can't believe we did that!!!!! SOOOOOO many things could have gone wrong....SOOOOOO many things could have happened to 2 young, pretty, alone girls driving in the middle of nowhere!!!! Gosh, I hope my kids never do anything like that; I hope they don't "pay me back" like my parents always said they would (you know howthey say "one day your kids will repay you for all the things you've done to us)!!!

Happy Writer's Workshop....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Ice Skating in Florida

Yes, you heard me skating in Florida!! Since we are having a chilly day here in Florida (chilly means 60 degrees-- don't hate), I decided to do my Wordful Wednesday about our ice skating adventure.

At one of our local universities (it's actually the college that Joe attended), they had an indoor/portable ice-skating rink set up so that all of us warm-weathered Floridians could get a taste of cold-weathered living!! :) Joe has never ice-skated before, so I got to take Angie out and teach her how to skate....well, what that means is that I held her hands and pushed her around the whole time.
When we first got on the ice, she had her share of slips and falls....although she never actually hit the ice because I would hold her up. And yes, my back was k-i-l-l-i-n-g me the next day!!

But once she got the hang of it, she thought she was hot stuff!!!
Even though once we walked out of the tent it was 80 degrees, it still felt like a "winter wonderland" (code for: Christmas should be icy and cold) while inside!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

This Whole Other World.....

It amazes me all of the time how there is the whole other "cyber world" out all of us, from all parts of the world somehow connect through this thing we call blogging!!! I can't even remember how I first started reading blogs; I do know that the first blog I ever read was Bring The Rain, but I'm not sure how I got there. Anyway, I have read all kinds of stories from all kinds of families...I've read funny things, happy times and sad stories....I've read about pregnancy, new life and families who have lost children. The crazy thing is that you grow close to these people-- people who you've never met in person; you are happy with them, sad with them, laugh and cry with them and comfort them. Most of us don't know each other personally, but somehow (through reading everday), we have all become close to each "part of the family" (if you will).

All that said because there is one blog that I've read for a while now, "O Love That Will Not Let Me Go"....this is a blog about a baby born with Trisomy 18 ( a fatal chromosonal disorder). I have been reading everyday about their sweet little Magdalena and watching how she has grown..... I even commented the other day about how big she was getting. This morning Magdalena went to Heaven.... she blessed her parents with a little more than 5 wonderful months, but I guess her little heart couldn't hold on anymore and she is now with God. And you know what, my heart hurts for this family. After reading about her for so long...watching (through pictures) her grow...reading about the little things she accomplished (which are huge for a Trisomy 18 baby)...reading about the joy and love her parents had for her. It's just sad... I feel sad for them!!

Please go over and leave them some comment love; I can't even imagine how heartbroken they must be now......

Monday, January 12, 2009

I Sure Have Missed My Not Me's.....

It has been some time since I have spilled my guts on Not Me Monday....but I.AM.BACK and ready to free the beasts (my naughty little secrets!!). I am sure you have missed me, MckMama (yea, I'm sure with all 300 or so people that participate you really miss me-- but I can pretend), but don't worry I won't leave you again!! After you read all the things I did not do, then head over to her place and read what everbody else "did not" do either.... Trust me, you will get some really good laughs out of this one!!

We did not go out to dinner on Friday night and call it Red "Rooster"...because 1) Angie doesn't like Red "Lobster" and 2) now she doesn't like Red "Chicken"... I would never do that because I know I should stand my ground with the kids-- show them who's boss!!

After dinner at Red "Rooster", we did not go home and play Guitar Hero until midnight...and IF we did do that, than every person that was there (my dad, step-mom, grandparents, kids, Joe & uncle from Chicago) would have played/battled as well.

At the UCF vs. Memphis basketball game, I did not look at the dance corps girls and wish that I was down with them in their cute leather, one-piece pant outfits, dancing away!!

I did not have to be taken home early on Saturday evening (from our night out) because I was SO sick.

I am not putting off going to the doctor, even though I know I need to, just because I do.not.have.time. for the doctor.

We did not pay Ethan $10 to eat a HIGH OCTANE chicken wing on Thursday evening. And then of course, we did not laugh as he ran around drinking a Dr. Pepper and a whole glass of milk just to cool down his mouth/lips.

I did not get excited when the kids figured out how to "unlock" a whole bunch of new songs on the Guitar Hero game.

And then, I did not play again until midnight last night, just because I can't make myself stop!!

I did not get extra excited when the Giants lost, just because I thought "If one Manning brother lost and won't go to the Super Bowl, then the other shouldn't go either" he-he... I know, not nice!!

Ok, now I feel better....and that's not even the half of them....oops, i didn't just confess to that did I?? Have a great Monday!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Friday...What am I Wearing??? Hmmmmmm....

Ok, I'm sure you are tired of hearing this (although I bet most of you are just like me), but I've found another blog I'm "addicted" to (yes, the first step is acceptance). And now I've found out that Tiara's & Tantrums has her own daily carnival for me to join, fun!!!

I get to share with you what I am wearing today..... and since I am here only with Joseph, I have taken the pictures of myself. Not that Joseph can't take pictures, but let's just say they aren't the clearest, in focus, full body (sometimes my head is even gone) pictures......and while those pictures are cute to keep as memories, they just won't work for this today.
So, here we go...... this is what I am wearing today:
I've told you in the past that I am an American Eagle girl.... I love their clothes; as a matter of fact I only wear American Eagle jeans (they fit me the best) and most of the time, my whole outfits exist of AE from head to toe.... like today. Jeans - AE, Shirt - AE, Tank (underneath) - AE and even necklace - AE.
Now, I am in long sleeve because here in Florida it is a chilly 63 degrees....that's right, you heard me.... I am "chilly" when it's 63 degrees. But before you laugh at me, remember that I am used to 80 and 90 degree weather (our Christmas was a warm 81 degrees).
Anyway, I am super comfy for a busy, busy day... which includes a trip to the doctor for my Joseph. He has been having some bad pain, soreness and swelling in his knee; and I'm actually pretty concerned because baseball is getting ready to start again and I hope he's not injured and unable to play (he loves playing ball)!!!
Head on over to Tiara's & Tantrums and check out what everyone else is wearing....and if you're feeling frisky, share what you are wearing too!!! :)

PSF - Oh, What a Surprise!!!

Happy Friday!!!! And it is a very happy Friday!!! This is the first Friday on Joe's road to recovery; and I must tell you that things are much "lighter" now around the house. I think we are both so relieved to have answers and for Joe to have the chemo pill and start the healing!!!
And since I am talking about Joe, I will just jump right into my Photo Story Friday.....
PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

For one of my "christmas gifts", Joe bought new counter tops for our kitchen. We live in an old house (which I love about it...because everything was built tough back then) which means lots of things were outdated....but in the past couple of years we have done some remodeling. And now was time for the took us a few weeks to pick the type we wanted, but we finally picked the perfect fit for us. I am crazy about it now!! I love to walk in the kitchen now just to see the newness of it!!!

This is a "before" picture (sorry about all of the stuff in the way)
And this is "After" (of that same area)..... I just L-O-V-E it!!!
My Cj...but look at the "before" behind him:
Here is "After" in that same area:
Here are a few more of the finished work:
This is one of my favorite parts-- the undermount sink (the faucet isn't complete yet...the plumber comes this morning):
I am just soooooo happy with it. It's amazing what a difference the counter tops's like a whole new kitchen!!! Yipppeeee!!!!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Mom, Joe and Writer's Workshop

Today is Writer's Workshop over at MamaKat's....but before I do my assignment, I've got some things to get off my chest!!!
So, yesterday was the "anniversary" (i hate to say anniversary, because that is such a happy word) of my mommy's death. Yesterday at 3:45pm marked 4 years since I lost my sweet mom...4 years since I watched her take her final breaths as I laid my head in her lap. 4 years since she went to Heaven to be made whole again, with no pain or sickness!! 4 years since my children lost their Nanny.....and 4 years since I lost a part of myself!! Oh how I miss her.... why won't this pain just get better-- it's been 4 years. I love you always mommy and I hope to be the woman and mother that you were!!!
CJ, My mom & I
Ok, yesterday was also Joe's appointment..... how ironic is it that on the "anniversary", I sat in the same oncologist's office that she went to...the same oncologist's office that I used to go with her to. And now the same oncologist that will make my Joe better!! Anyway, speaking of Joe, his appointment went really well. We found out that he has the "good" type of this leukemia and it is very treatable. He will start the chemo pill today and will hopefully show signs of improvement within a few weeks. the doctor is very positive and hopeful for a full recovery (with this type of leukemia there is a 90% chance it will go into remission). Thank God!! Thank you, Thank you for all of your prayers. Afetr he told us that news I could see the weight being lifted off Joe's chest....
I love this guy (and if you're reading, Joe--yes, I'm being cheesy!!)
Now I am onto my assigment... sorry, MamaKat that I put this at the bottom...but you understand...right??
Anyway, today I will be writing about my latest obsession..... scratch-off lottery tickets. I'm not even sure how I first got started on them, but I am just crazy about them. I love to get new ones and run home (or sometimes scratch them off in my truck) and see if I've won. Now, i don't go crazy and spend (and lose) all kinds of money.... I mostly just use whatever winnings I've made and buy more tickets. ikind of see it as I am playing with "their" money. There are sometimes when I haven't quite won enough money and I will throw in some extra dollars of my own...but I really try not to do that. I do have my system where I will only buy one kind of ticket; I will buy like 10 or 12 of the same kind....that way the odds are better....right??? Or am I just telling myself that to make me feel better.
So far, this "obsession" hasn't taken over my life...but Joe does laugh at me everytime I come home with a new batch of tickets to scratch off....and he can hear me in the kitchen scratching away!!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Born to Be Wild!!!

You know, I really do think I was "born to be wild".... I've always had that feeling in me...that rebellious feeling that makes me want to "be wild". Now don't get me wrong, I am a law-abiding, rule-following, rule-making momma...but deep, deep down I have this inner child that wants to run free and BE WILD!!! Awwww, that felt good to think about running through an open field with the sun shining, my hair blowing in the wind, my arms raised in the air and just screaming........ Anyway this post is not about me, but I did want to share that with you....give you a glimpse into my soul.... :)
I know I have not been a good blogger lately; but with everything going on with Joe, plus the boys just came home and getting back to work....well, let's just say my life is on a rollercoaster that woon't stop...almost like a dream where you are running, but not really getting anywhere. So, I am sorry if I haven't been around to check up on all of my friends...I do think about you!! I am so glad to be joining in on one of my favorite daily posts -- Wordful Wednesday.... Angie (the host of WW) is so sweet and has consistently been checking on me and giving me reassurance!! Thank you, Angie (And ALL of you!!)-- you can't possibly know how much that means to me!! Ok, so back to WW.... this is "MY MAN"....oh, how I love to see him on his motorcycle... he looks so hot on his big motorcycle....he looks so rough and tough, yet, he is so sweet and tender (most of the time :))
On New Years Day we took a nice, leisurely (but windy) ride out to the coast... I always love riding on the back of his motorcycle with him. It feels so good to hold on tight to him and feel the wind on my free!! (there goes that inner child again). Anyway, we rode out to the Canaveral National Seashore, which is such a pretty beach area and hung out for a couple of hours!!
Today is another doctor's appointment for Joe... today is the day we find out what "type" of CML that he has. And once we find out the "type", then we will know what direction to go in to fight it. Please pray for our comfort and guidance during this appointment (especially around 2:00pm EST).

Saturday, January 3, 2009

GO COLTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I wipe the tear that is rolling down my cheek.... my Colts lost in OT!!! Come could Peyton let them lose like that!!!, I could care less about the rest of the playoffs....but I will say this-- the San Diego Chargers Suck-- and do not deserve to be going any farther (ok, ok...I am being a bitter, bitter Colts fan right now)

The boys will be coming home tomorrow evening; after a 10 day visit with their dad. We have had an enjoyable, relaxing, "quiet" (except that we have a 3 year old running around yapping) time, but I am SOOO ready for the boys to be back home!!! I miss them being around and miss them being here to keep Angie busy/occupied/out of my hair...come on, it's not bad to say that...right??

Anyway, Joe and I have been making the most of the time.... getting stuff done around the house that is easier to do when I don't have 4 children at my feet calling mommy every 20 seconds (and yes, we have counted the intervals in between each calling of mommy) and getting some time out just him and I (wow, it must really sound like I am a bad parent...but really, I.AM.NOT.... I love my children dearly....just making lemonade out of the lemons life has handed me....right?).

Last night we went out to dinner and then bowling with some friends. And tonight....well, tonight we are going to cheer on my INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!!! Woo Hoo....after a dull start of the season, my boys have made an awesome comeback (thanks to the league MVP - Peyton Manning) and are playing in their firs playoff game tonight!! So, unless you are from Baltimore (Carol...) and despise the Indianapolis Colts (you all know they came from Baltimore), then please take some time to root them on!!! You know, Tony Dungy may retire after this season, so another Super Bowl ring would be a G-R-E-A-T retirement gift!! GO COLTS!!!
Beat those Chargers!!!! On our road to the Super Bowl again......... :)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Photo Story Friday -- HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

Oh, I am so happy to be back to Photo Story know I had a great PSF ready for two weeks ago and then BAMMMM, we got that crappy news about Joe and then my life has been a roller coaster since then. But things have leveled out a bit and I have had some time to get back to blogging and HERE I AM....Did you miss me Cecily and Mama Geek? :)

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek
Happy, Happy New Year to all of you.... I hope you had a fun New Years Eve; we sure did!! We actually started our night at home with a few friends over....ready to have a quiet night at home, ringing in 2009 cuddling on our couch. Angie was playing with her best friend and I had all intentions of letting them stay up until midnight..... BUT, as the night went on and we had a few "drinks" in us, we decided to go out to a local irish pub and party with all the other partyers!! So, Angie ended up going to bed early (grama's instruction upon agreeing to babysit) and off we went!!
We had a really great time.... we went up there with Joe's best friend and his girlfriend (who was here from out of town)...and we always have a blast with them!!
We watched a local "cover" band, who were were very good, and everyone danced into 2009!!
Of course I rang in my New Year with a kiss from my favorite guy in the whole world!!
Speaking of my favorite guy in the whole world.... Here is an update on his health: We went back to the doctor on Tuesday, but he (Dr. Z) did not have the blood tests back yet...bummer!!!!! So, another week of waiting. We did find out that Joe's white blood count is going down. Slowly--but going down, nonetheless!!! The waiting is the hard part...because I know we both just want to move forward and start "fighting"; but it's hard when we don't even know for sure what exactly he will be fighting!! Anyway, we go back next Wednesday and by then we should everything back and will be able to talk about a gameplan!! I have noticed Joe getting tired/worn down alot easier lately...and it lasting alot longer; but I don't know if it's from regular stuff, his medicine or his illness. Oh well.... thanks for being there to listen...and for all of your thoughts and prayers!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Writer's Workshop - Happy New Year Top 10 List

I am so glad MamaKat had Writer's workshop, even with it being a holiday week..... I sure have missed it!!!! Head on over and check out everyone's "assignments"!! :)

Like always there are some prompts.... I could tell of a New Years Eve that I just should've stayed home but I really can't ever remember having a bad one; or I could tell of something that I do that drives my mother crazy, but you all know that my mom is not alive for me to make her crazy....although i LONNNNGGG to do something to make her crazy; or I could give MamaKat a good gluten-free recipe (2 of her children are allergic to gluten---yucky!!!), but I wouldn't even know where to start with that one--sorry, I am going to ring in the New Year with my own Top 10 List (well actually I have enlisted Joe's help with this one too)...

TOP 10 Things I Won't Miss About 2008:
10. Political Campaign Ads
9. My daughter at "3" years old --- whoever said "Terrible Twos" certainly did not have a 3 year old
8. My size A/B Ta-tas (you get it, right??)
7. Having a sick dog... no more ER vets, please!!
6. My kitchen counter tops-- that's right peeps, we are getting new counters!!
5. Bad news from Joe's doctor!!!!! I know that we will be getting all good news from this point on... :) Keep praying for him!!
4. George W. Bush's presidency--- need I say more...?
3. Staying out of touch with family and old friends
2. Bad Economy--- it just HAS to get better
And the #1 thing I will not miss about 2008 is................................. My pre-blogging days-- what would I do without this "release"...and all my blogging friends!!

Joe and I had such a good day today!! We took a really nice motorcycle ride to the coast and hung out on the beach in the windy, chilly weather. Then came back and ate our "good luck, New Years" meal at his mom's house (you know-- hoppin' johns, collard greens, 12 grapes etc...). But now we are both tired and ready for a relaxing evening at home....he has a sore neck, so I guess somebody will be getting a good massage tonight after our little lady goes to bed!!