Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday: Mommy & Me

Once again, I've come across another blog carnival that I'd like to join!!! Kari (A giveaway addicted mommy) hosts Take Me Back Tuesday, where I get to go back in time and share some old memories and pictures to go along with them.

SOOOOO, for my first ever "Take Me Back Tuesday", I'd like to share some memories of my mom!! As most of you know, I lost my mom about 4 years ago.... and as you also know, she was my best friend, my confidant, my "ear", my voice of reason, my hero!!
I love to take every chance I get to talk about her and relive some fond memories I have of her!!!

Of course, this is a memory that I don't remember... oh, I was a wee little 2 week old baby and we were at "my" baby shower. The baby shower was scheduled pretty late in her pregnancy and I came about 3 weeks early; hence my attendance at said shower!!
This is my mom and I when I was about 5 years old. It was Easter and I had just gone egg hunting. I remember how my mom loved to put my hair in pig tails and then braid it. BUT, I also remember that she had to chop-it-off because I got to a point where I would not let her brush it without a major fight (hmmmm.... sounds like a certain 3 year old that I live with)!!!
This is my mom and I at my high school graduation. This may come as a surprise, but I was a bit of a trouble maker while in high school and I'm sure there were times when my mom wasn't sure she would ever see this day!!!
And boy was I happy to make her (and my dad OF COURSE) proud of me!!!
Awwww..... 24 hours from now, I will be sitting on the beach relaxing.... watching my kids make sand castles & jump through the waves...... running my toes through the sand as I sip on my margarita (or some other "adult beverage")..... soaking in the sun as I chat with my best friend!!!
Awwww.... I can't wait.... 4 days of fun in the sun!!!! Don't hate.....

Monday, March 30, 2009

These things NEVER happen at the right time!!!

I have been planning a little trip for me & the kids.... we are going to spend a few days away at the beach, while Joe holds down the fort!! I thought it would be nice to spend just "mom & kids" time and take them away from home during Spring Break..... and what better place than the beach.... fun in the sun!!!

I've got everything pretty much ready to go.... hotel room reserved, bags just about packed (we're leaving Wednesday), snacks/drinks packed, beach stuff packed and anticipation/excitement building. I am actually really looking forward to it; I love going away with the kids and watching them have fun and experience new adventures.... and plus, I really.need.a.tan.

Well, my dog decided that the plans were going to smooth and he felt the need to shake it up!!
We noticed him starting to limp on Saturday and by Sunday evening his paw was more than doubled in size and he could barely walk on it.

Off to the vet we went; and after lots of tests/xrays/bloodwork and medicine, the vet says he has cellulitis and basically every muscle and joint in that paw is inflamed. Now we have to keep a close eye on him to make sure it doesn't get worse.... and we have to give him an arsenal of medicine.... and I had to spend $500 that I wasn't expecting to have to spend----- before my vacation--- where that $500 would've been very useful!!

Arrrgggghhhh.... why can't these happen when I say it's okay to happen...... and not.before.my.vacation.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Random Picture Challenge: 2nd Edition

Once again I am joining in Brittany's weekly blog carnival, "Random Picture Challenge"..... another fun way to share more pictures with you all.... you know if I was real southern i would've said "ya'll....

Anyway, this week's challenge was to use the 27th picture in the 27th folder, which happens to be February 5, 2007:
This picture was taken on Super Bowl Sunday... the year when the Indianapolis Colts BEAT the Chicago Bears... woo-hoo!!! Obviuosly we are Colts fans and I had the whole family dressed in "spirit wear". The shirt Angie is wearing was custom made by a woman I found on E-bay; and the shirt reads "Little Colts Fan".
And after they won the Super Bowl, I had her make another shirt that read "My team won the Super Bowl, what did YOUR team do?" That's right..... teach them young!!!
And just for fun.... here is a picture of all of my little Colts fans!!!
Go check out Brittany's blog; she has some great, fun stories, really good natural, healthy recipes and a-w-e-s-o-m-e photos of her adorable 4 little men and girly twins.............can you believe it worked out like that for her???

Saturday, March 28, 2009

You say It's Your Birthday.........

Today is my dear, sweet Dad's birthday.... he is the ripe ole age of.................. oops, can't tell that (did I scare you for a minute Dad??).
I am very lucky to have a close relationship with my Dad. And especially after my mom died he has been my rock!! He is always there for me to listen, talk, motivate and encourage me, and he is G-R-E-A-T with the kids..... they LOVE their "Gamps" (it's a cute story how the name "Gamps" was started....another time) and he loves them to. He loves to come be a big kid with them and he loves to teach them new things too....especially science related, as he is WAY into that suff.

Angie and I took him to brunch this morning at Cracker Barrel and we had a really nice time!! And of course they had to get in a game of checkers...... he was "trying" to teach her to play.... but she's 3 and well, you can imagine how well she "learned"!!

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY!!! Love, Halfpint (that's my nickname from my dad)

AND, yesterday was my best friend's birthday and we all went out for dinner and gambling at a casino about an hour from here (it's on Seminole Indian land, so I guess that's how it is legal).
I am not a gambler, but I do like to throw my money away in the slot machines.. he-he!!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Melissa Needs.....

I have seen this floating aroung the blog world recently and I decided to join the fun. So, according to google, the first 10 things "Melissa needs" are.......

Melissa needs to take a break: wow, how did they know?? Hmmm... does that mean I should take a vacation??? Oh okay.... you twisted my arm...
Melissa needs to have Javascript installed to use all of the MySpace features: yeah... ok... whatever!!
Melissa needs a home: Well, I do need a "bigger" home!
Melissa needs to board the blob ship that is hovering overhead: Uhhhh.....WTH (What The H-e double hockey sticks) What kind of weirdo's are on the internet... geez.
Melissa needs lots of guidance: I do wish my mom were still alive to give me "lots of guidance", like all mommies do!!!
Melissa needs hydration after the walk: not really because I always bring a drink with me when I walk or run.
Melissa needs to lose it: "needs" to... how about "does" do it on a daily basis!!
Melissa needs pants: This is an interesting one.... is this before or after I see Joe... oops, did I just say that??? he-he
Melissa needs to find a new agent: No... I'm not into the whole stardom thing; I am perfectly content with my "normally crazy" life!!
Melissa needs a roof: I wonder if this goes along with needing a home... I guess there is some Melissa out there who is homeless.

There you have it.... all of the things that I "need".... but I think I'd like to add to the list.... so, Melissa needs:
a haircut & color
a massage
a pedicure
a tan
(I promise I am not a "vain" person..... just "need" some pampering)
a new laptop
a trip w/ the kids

Ok, ok.... I will stop now...I'm sure I am boring all of you with this... but it sure was fun!!!

On a different note.... I ended up taking Angie to the doctor this morning because she complained all night about her ears and throat hurting; and since she's had a high fever the past few days, I figured she probably has an ear infection or strep throat..... AND she does.... well, she does have an ear & sinus infection, which is why she's having so much pain in her ear/face/head.... :(

Oh, and this is what happens when Joseph gets a hold of my camera and starts snapping away....
He got the biggest kick out of that picture... he laughed and laughed at how he "snuck up" behind me and took a picture of my butt... he-he-he.... that's my boy!!! I love these BIG BROWN EYES!!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pray for Sweet Stellan and His Family

Ok MamaKat, don't be mad... but I'm going to cheat a little bit here....shhhhhh!!! I actually wrote this post yesterday, without knowing what your Writer's Workshop prompts were; but since one of them is "who am I praying for now", I am going to submit this!!!
And really, I "am" following directions because.... well, because I am writing about who I'm praying for!! Just don't mind the fact that I am taking from a "previous paper" :) I will make it up to you by bringing cookies to class tomorrow!!!

I still find it kind of weird how close I've become with people that I've only "met" through this crazy thing called blogging.... I laugh at their funny stories, cry at their heartaches, join in their activities and share my stories with them....

One of the blogs I stalk (oops, I mean read) frequently is MckMama's blog..... she's a momma of 4 cute kids all 4 and under..... I love reading her blog... she is funny, a great writer, a strong believer of God and an awesome photographer.

Anyway, her youngest son, Stellan, had major heart problems in utero..... so bad that they thought he would not survive. But he was born a miraculous, healthy baby and we have all been blessed with stories and pictures of him and his siblings.

Well a few days ago his heart problems reared their UGLY head again and he is now in a rough situation... in the intensive care, with a HR between 250 - 300's (not good).
MckMama and all of her regular readers and friends have asked that we spread the word and pray, pray, pray for baby Stellan, as his condition is critical... his little body can't hold up a whole lot longer with a HR that high!!

Go check out her blog and pass it along.... please pray for Stellan!!

Another "Man" Down......

I had a long list of things to do today....alot of errands, laundry & house stuff..... But I am trading all of that in for a day to take care of my sick baby girl:
She is the 2nd of my children to get this flu...... poor baby.... she woke in the middle of the night with a fever, chills & yucky cough. So, I will spend today nursing her back to health..... and of course, cleaning/disinfecting the house-- AGAIN!!!
For more Wordful Wednesday's.... go check out Seven Clown Circus!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Two Cents About Phobias

It's that time of the week when, thanks to TuTu's Bliss, I get to give my Two Cents about something that is on my mind.....

I am going to deviate from TuTu's topic because I have something that has once again been driving me C-R-A-Z-Y for the past couple of weeks..... So, my two cents on phobias: THEY SUCK!!!!
I wouldn't necessarily say I am a germaphobe.... I do carry hand gel and wipes with me everywhere, but mostly to clean our hands if we are out somewhere without soap & water.... and I am pretty strict about always wiping or cleaning or whatever after the kids have touched anything; But I am not crazy about THAT... I do still let them get dirty and there are times where (gasp...) they do end up eating or doing something without washing first.... I know that everybody has to be exposed to certain amount of germs or we'll never become immune to them.. our bodies will never know how to fight them!!!

BUT, I would like to admit that I am an emetophobic.... anybody know what emetophobia is??? It is the intense, irrational fear of vomiting or anything pertaining to vomiting. I can't remember when it started or what made me realize it.... but I am truly afraid of it...myself or my kids...or anybody in this world for that matter!!!

And it's not the normal "oh I don't like to puke or see puke... it's gross"; it totally consumes me. If there is a stomach bug going around the schools, I am manic... I disinfect the house 2 or 3 times a day, make my hands raw because I'm washing them every minute, and I won't let the kids come to close to me because I'm afraid they are carrying the virus and I don't want to get it.

I can handle most anything--- blood, guts, needles, surgery, cuts etc... but I can NOT handle anything having to do with throwing up.... I can't even be close to somebody that is doing it. My kids know that if they have to throw up, they have to go to the bathroom, close the door and don't ask me to help... because I can't!!!! I truly CAN NOT help them and that is something that hurts me because I want to be there for them... I want to be there to hold their hair and rub their back and make them feel better.... but I CAN NOT... even if I tried!!!

If we are watching a movie or TV show and they show it... that's it-- I'll never watch it again... or have anything to do with that movie or program-- ever again!!

I haven't thrown up myself in over 20 years.... sure I've been sick and had stomach bugs, but I never let it come out.. I will stand there crying, heaving, swallowing whatever... just to keep everything down....

This is something that I HATE about myself... I hate that this fear has this control over me.. I wish I could be a normal person that it does not bother... that I could be the one to help my kids and clean it up... or help my friends if they are sick from too much to drink.

So, my two cents about phobias...and I really would say it's "two cents"... is: THEY S-U-C-K... and I wish they would go away!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dirt + Rain =

Two very dirty children!!!!!

The kids were having so much fun playing outside yesterday that I did not make them come in when it started to (lightly) rain.
It was so fun watching them run around their playset, slipping & sliding in the puddles..... It was NOT so fun removing their f-i-l-t-h-y clothes, spraying them off in the shower and then cleaning the inch-thick dirt from the shower....
But, that's OK.... they are kids--being kids; and I love to watch them have fun..... even at my own anally, neat-freak expense!!! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Writer's Workshop -- It Only Takes 3 Minutes to.....

I hope I don't get detention for missing last week's assignment.... but, you have to understand MamaKat---- I was getting ready for vacation.....!!!

Anyway, for this week's workshop, MamaKat wants to know..... It takes me 3 minutes to:

1. Take a shower (yes, I do get clean)
2. Go from room to room and wake everybody in the morning
3. Get the kids breakfast ready & waiting for them (cereal or pop-tarts…I’m not supermom)
4. Give my dogs their daily pills
5. Make my bed
6. Lose my patience because things aren’t going the way I want
7. Have sex (a quickie, peeps….. we have kids) (BTW- sorry Dad, if I embaraased you with this one...but I am a big girl now!!! ) :)
8. Get dressed on the mornings that I don’t work (all I really do is put a bra on under my pajamas…. I know—a bit “WT”… but I am only dropping the kids off)
9. Go to Chic-Fil-A for my daily large sweet tea w/ extra ice (I’m pretty sure they know it’s me every time they hear that order)
10. Start the hot bubble bath that I will soak in for 30 minutes (AMEN to this one!!!)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - More Vaca Pics

You know the funny thing is that even though we just got back from vacation, I still feel like I needed a day-off today....... why, I don't know.....just tired!!!

For today's Wordful Wednesday, I am going to share, yet again, another vacation picture.
This picture was taken during my ski lesson...by my ski instructor. Joe braved the boredom and skiied down the tiny bunny, learning slope with me; and half way down we decided to get a picture!!! You can probably tell that I am a bit uneasy on the skiis.....see how Joe is sort of holding me up.
But what you don't see is this:
It may not look too bad, but see how my skis are tangled up with his...? I could not figure out how to get out of that mess. We tried, I wobbled, we tried again....and finally I said forget it (well, I probably used a different "F" word...but we won't go there)-- just take the picture!!!
Eventually, we got out of the mess and I carried on with my lesson...... and Joe took off onto the bigger, more-challenging slopes..... and later we met up and had the best time skiing together.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fun in the Sun (and the Snow)!!!

TuTu, I hope this is not cheating; but since your topic today is "Time Management"...and everyone knows I am not a good time manager, I've decided to give my "two cents" on my vacation....

Last Thursday Joe and I flew out to Stowe, Vermont for some skiing and relaxtion time without children. Awwwww, what a nice trip we had!!!
I've always wanted to go to Vermont.... I've always heard how beautiful it is....how green it is (it is "The Green State")... how nice the people are!! And all of that is true.... well, except for the green part... we didn't see much green at all!!!

We had a rough start, with our flight out being WAYYYY delayed and not having a good experience with JetBlue airlines (don't get me started) and getting to our hotel at 3am; but after we woke up on Friday morning..... it erased all of those negative feelings. We opened up our hotel room curtains to bright blue, sunny sky and lots of fluffy, white snow!!

This was my first time skiing (I snowboarded last year and didn't have much luck), so I took a private lesson first. Then Joe and I headed out to the slopes. And while I did have a great instructor...super nice and patient and funny; I honestly learned more from Joe and just being out there doing it.

Our first day of skiing was spent with alot of time lifting me off my butt.... it seemed like I would get going too fast, not be able to zig zag enough to slow down and then make myself fall because I would get too scared!! But after a run or two like that, I got the hang of it and really enjoyed myself..... I even let Joe take me out on the blue slopes on Saturday. And the cool thing was that we met a really nice couple at one of the base camps and I sat with the woman and talked, while Joe went up with the husband and skiid the hard, "expert" slopes!! I was glad for that, because i didn't want his whole ski trip to be spent on the easy stuff, when he is a much better skiier....and I was-not going on anything more than a blue!!!

Anyway, we had alot of fun.... ate at some really cool restaurants...... saw some really cool sights and just r-e-l-a-x-e-d!!! I can't wait for next year's ski trip..... I'd love to go back to Stowe; but we might venture out west again. Watch out Joe... next year you will be chasing me down those black diamonds!!! Ha.... yeah right!!!

On the Gondola ride up the mountain
Look at this view down the mountain (from the Gondola)
Once I finally got the hang of it.... I kept going....
and going....
and going....
And here is Joe doing his best "Bodhi Miller"....
On our last day there....and on our way to the airport, we stopped at all of the tourist spots. We went to The VonTrapp Family lodge (remember the VonTrapp Family from The Sound of Music.... yeah one of my favorites too...).
And of course we went to the Ben & Jerry's factory...
hmmmm... which is your favorite flavor??
After a scenic drive through the mountains and some stops in Burlington, it was back to the airport for another "wonderful" experience with Jetblue (again...don't get me started.... and yes, it's safe to say that I will not be flying them again)!! Aside from that, it was a great vacation....
Thanks babe for wisking me away from our day-to-day craziness....for a few days of pure bliss!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where Have I been??

Just a sneak peek into what I've been doing for the past few days.......

Joe and I took a much needed vacation to Stowe, Vermont. We had a great time skiing, relaxing, resting & enjoying each other!!!
I will tell you all about it later.... but for now, here are a couple more pictures!!
On the ski lift:
Joe was taking "action" shots, while he was skiing...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Sorry MamaKat, but I could not, would not, did not do my assignment last night..... I've had alot going these last few days and have been very, very busy!!

Just wanted to let you all know that I will be MIA for a few days..... so don't worry about me and please don't miss me too much (oh ok, you can miss me as much as you want)!!!

I will fill you in on everything as soon as I get a chance!!!

And just so you are not mad at me for taking a break..... take a look at this sweet cupcake face!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Game On....

I am a happy mommy today.... my boy, CJ got home this morning and it feels SO GOOD to have him back here!! I know he was only gone for 4 days, but since i am used to being with him all day, every day, there was definitely a hole in our family!!! Anyway, life is back to normal now.... and I look forward to all the craziness that comes with having all 4 kids here!!! :)

For my Wordful Wednesday, I am going to brag about another of my wonderful kids.... Joseph!! Baseball season is in full swing again (like my "play on words") and he is as happy as ever!! He L-O-V-E-S all things sports related.... he loves to be outside, he loves to compete, he loves to win (and yes, I do teach him about losing... "see yesterday's post")....and most of all he loves baseball!!
This will be his last season in T-ball...... Initially I wanted him to move up to rookies this season, but since he has the best coach around, I am fine with him learning more this season!!

Saying the Pledge before the game:
Don't let him get your ball......
He'll throw you out!!!
And you better stand waaaayyyyy back when he hits....
Sorry to be bragging.....but this mommy sure is proud of her boy....and proud of he much he has learned and advanced inhis skills!!!
Be sure to go check out more WW posts over at Angie's Seven Clown Circus!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It's OK to Lose!!!

Wow, these past 2 days have flown right on by.... I don't know if it's because of the time change, and it seems so much earlier than it is...and then I look at the clock and it's 5 o'clock...time to go home...woo-hoo!! Speaking of the time change.... does anybody else have the HARDEST time waking up in the morning now?? I love, love, love the evening time now... and I love, love, love that it stays light longer (especially for the kids); but I h-a-t-e that it's still dark at 7 a.m!! Oh well, I can't win them all...right??

Anyway, it's that time of the week where, thanks to TuTu's Bliss, I get to give my "Two Cents". And this week, we get a bonus.... the best "Two Cents" wins a custom collage and photo editing services!!

Today's Two Cents is something that has bothered me for a LONG time.... winning and losing; and how we do or do not allow our children to lose!!!!

I remember growing up and playing games with my friends...or competing in Field Day at school, there was always a winner and a loser. If your team scored enough points playing kickball, then you won... and the other team LOST. if you didn't win the bean-bag toss or relay race during field day, then you disn't get a first,second or third place ribbon!! That was it.... and you know what-- we survived!! We learned that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose...and that is OKAY....as a matter of fact, sometimes it is good to lose. It is good to lose because then you will WANT to win!!

Now-a-days, kids do not lose... they are not allowed to lose!! In t-ball, all of the kids get a hit, they all get to run to first base, nobody gets out...each team wins!! At Field Day, every child gets an "I'm a winner" ribbon, whether they win or lose!! When the kids have school functions or classroom games, each child wins...nobody loses!!! What??? What do you think that is really teaching the kids???

In my opinion, that is a huge disservice to our children. If we don't let them lose, then they will never learn 1) that it's ok to lose and 2) that if they do lose, it will teach them to strive to win!! If they never learn how it feels to lose, then they will never get the motivation to want to win. They will not learn how to try harder...they will never have anything to work for!!!
And this will carry on into there college and adult lives. They need to want to succeed...they need to want to move-up in their jobs...to further their careers!!!

And allowing them to ALWAYS win, will never let them feel that way!!! I am constantly telling my children that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose...and it is OK if you are the one that loses..... Just pick yourself up and try again!!!

This is not to say that they won't get upset when they do lose...because they will.... and I will be there to comfort them when it happens (and cheer them on when they win!!). But if they never lose, they will never know that feeling; therefore will never want the other feelings!!!

WOW....was that more than Two Cents?? Do I get docked for being too wordy, TuTu??

Monday, March 9, 2009

Smooshing & Smashing

After I wrote the title of this post, I giggled.... it does look and sound kind of funny, huh?? Well, what's funny (or not) is that I spent the first two hours of my Monday morning having my boobs maneuvered, smooshed, smashed & x-rayed. I've had to get mammograms since I was 23 because of my family history of cancer; and a few months ago I found a lump.... Today was my follow-up to that because after feeling around up there on Thursday (I was just doing a breast exam...nothing kinky), I noticed it felt a little different....so I had it re-checked to make sure it was nothing serious. The radiologist says it might be a fibroid, but he has to compare the 2 films to check for growth and then determine what we need to do about it.....so keep me in your prayers....I'm sure it is just fine, but I still worry about things like this!!!
Oh, the joys of being a woman..... periods, pregnancy, pap smears & mammograms....and men wonder why we are so crazy sometimes!!! :)

On a lighter note, CJ went to Niagra Falls with his Dad. They left yesterday morning and he will be back on Wednesday evening.... I am really glad he got the chance to do this: 1) because he is my little traveler-- he loves to fly and see new places and 2) he needed this one-on-one time with his dad. He is getting to that age (teenager) where he notices alot more when his dad is not around and not spending quality time with him; and lately he has been resentful of that.... So much so, that sometimes he doesn't even want to go visit him on his weekends... I think this trip will really help their relationship....and I hope he has a great time!!!

But I do miss him.... we are very, very close...he his my little helper, my talker and "the boss" of the siblings, so he tries to keep them in line. It's funny because last night on our walk, it felt so "quiet"...because he is normally there talking my ear off!!! :)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Tattle Tale!!!

"Mommmmyyyyy, Joseph won't let me have that toy.... Angie took that from me..... Cj yelled at me.... Ethan won't let me draw on the board.... He did this...She did that.... She looked at me wrong.... He said the sky is blue.... He closed the door on me....She turned the volume down....He's singing too loud.....He took a breath at the wrong time...... Mommmyyyy!!!!"

Anybody else hear that on a fairly regular basis??? Wait, who am I kidding......Anybody hear this C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y??

I try to tell them to work things out between themslves.... and that if they feel like something is that "bad" or if somebody is hurt, sick or bleeding then they should come get me. But you know it never works that way. They still come tattle if "ethan touched my lunchbox" or "Angie won't let me touch her bear" or if "CJ isn't eating all of his dinner"...... oh and of course when "Joseph is tattling on me".

It can be a bit maddening at times.....especially in the midst of our normal craziness (if you read my writing assignment, then you will know what "normal craziness" means). I'm sure I haven't helped things, as there are times when I just give in and solve their "problems".

Sometimes I think I confuse them because on one hand I tell them not to tell me every-single-thing they think is wrong; and on the other hand I (and the school staff) tell them to alert somebody when anything is said or done to them that they don't like..... So, I guess I can't win here!! Another one of those parenting battles where I have to wave the white flag and go with the flow......

Does anybody have any good advice/suggestions/ideas on dealing with tattling?? Any good tactics that work with differentiating between "ok to tell" and "don't mention it"....?

Oh....but look at these cute faces..... How could I ever get angry with these sweet smiles???

Normal Is.......

For this week's assignment, MamaKat prompts me with "Normal is........."

In my family, normal is, hmmm.... how do I say this.... normal is c-r-a-z-y!! That's right...our normal is crazy. Joe will often joke that we live in the crazy house!!! We never have a dull, quiet moment....well, except in the middle of the night after everyone is fast asleep!!

From the moment I get up in the morning...it is go, go, go!! I get ready myself, get the kids up & fed, make lunches and then we're off for the day. After we get home from work/school, it is go, go, go again.... I send the kids outside to play, I make dinner, then it's bath time, family time, dessert time and then bed time. Non-stop movement from 6:30am - 10:30pm...everyday!!!
People often aske me "how can you be so skinny with 4 kids???", in which I reply "I have 4 kids...that's why"!!! I am constantly moving....I'm always the last to sit down and eat, therefore I don't eat the full meal, and I am always running after somebody!!

But that's normal for us..... on any given day I can hear "mommy" a billion times.... sometimes all at once!! There are times when I can't even get a word..or a thought in edgewise. But that's normal for us!!

Would I change it.....? Hmmmmm...... to sit on the sandy beaches of Fiji....or snorkel off the Great Barrier Reef.....or hike and rock climb in the Smoky Mountains..... uh, NO....not for a mintue!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Me and My Guy!!

It's Wordful Wednesday again at Seven Clown Circus.....one of my favorite posts of the week....I always look forward to sharing pictures and talking with you all....kind of like I do in the "real world". Too bad, we can't get together in person every Wednesday....imagine how fun that would be for all of us to sit around sharing pictures and chatting the morning away!!! :) Maybe someday.....

This week I'm going to share my guy....... well, not really "share" him.....although that might be kind of fun for him...he-he :)!!! But, I am going to share about how great he is!!
We met about 6 years ago, became good friends for a while and then against our wills we took it to the next step!! I say "against our wills" because we really tried to stay just friends....we had both just gone through rough breakups and really thought we didn't want to get into another relationship.
But, God had other plans for us.... we couldn't resist each other....couldn't resist wanting to be together... so we did!!! And here we are now...6 years later....with a daughter....and maybe someday he will be a stepdaddy (hope your reading this, babe!!)!!!
He is very good to me...he takes care of me, takes me on cool trips, buys me nice things, helps motivate me to do the things I want to do, he is a good daddy to Angie and really good with the boys. You know, he went from living alone, with his dog....to living with me and all of the kids....an instant family....just put us in the blender and stir!!! :)
Of course, we have our hard times...we have our disagreements...but who doesn't....? It makes it more interesting...plus everyone knows what happens after a good fight... "make-up ---"......oh, I better not go too far...my dad reads this!!
I look forward to many, many more years with him.....and maybe one day I will be telling you about our wedding...... our beach wedding, with just a few people there, barefoot in the sand at sunset!! (no, i don't think about it much). :)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor Sucked Me in.....and Let Me Down!!!

It's funny how after missing a few days of posting, I feel kind of lost... I miss you all when I don't "see" you every day!!!!

Today I'm going to use my "Two Cents" pass to talk about (complain about) the so-called reality show The Bachelor. Ok, I will admit that I did get sucked into this season.... I had been dis-enchanted in the past since none of the "matches" ever make it more than a few months; but I had high hopes for Jason..... I figured that since he is a daddy and he has his son's interests to think about too, that he would pick a girl and stick with her!!

I do believe he had planned on doing that.....until the ABC execs got their slimy hands on him!! My theory is that Jason had all intentions of picking Molly from the start.....she suited him better... I mean, I like Melissa...but she seemed to clingy..too needy....codependent for him!!

Anyway, he wanted to pick Molly and propose and run off into the sunset, but those ABC peeps came along and said "let's make some good TV"...."you could be the first bachelor to break-up on national TV and go back with your 2nd pick....blah, blah, blah"!! I think they made it sound real good and Jason agreed...which by the way ruined any respect I ever had for him!!!

They went through with the plan...melissa got dumped...Jason asked Molly to give him another chance...she easily accepted (hmmm...was she in on it too...?)...and now we see tonight, on the 2nd half of the "After the Rose" show, what the status is of Jason & Molly!!

I am just disgusted by this..... I can't believe they would knowingly let this girl get humiliated on TV like that.... all for good TV...I mean, what has this world come too.....? Everything is about ratings and money and advertisements.... geez!!!

Then again, look at the "free press" they have gotten now.... they have caused me and many others to talk about, write about...whatever... their show!! they won....and poor Melissa.... well, I hope she tells Jason and Molly to "shove it where you stick a suppository"!!!!