Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer, Summer, Summer Time... What to-do!

Well, I survived my mom's birthday...  I felt pretty (actually VERY) blah all day, but thank God for my children who always brighten my days.....well, except for when they are all fighting with each other or whining at me for something or "ignoring" me when it's time for chores...... (just kidding... or maybe not!)
Anyway, I really am having a hard time with this birthday; she would've been 60 years old yesterday and that's one of those "big deal" birthdays.  I have memories in my head of how she used to look and how she looked as the cancer took over her body and it's weird for me to imagine what she would look like at 60....  and that make me sad!!

Sorry for the blah-ness....  I'll now move on to a happier "subject" (subject being MamaKat of course)...

Mama’s Losin’ It

10 Things TO-DO in June

1) Get through the "last days of school"... Locker/desk clean-outs mean big messes at home, class parties and buying teacher gifts!! This feels like a big move-up for my kids this time... In a few short months CJ will be a junior (yikes), Ethan will be a freshman (double yikes), Joseph in 5th grade (wowzers) and my baby girl Angie in 2nd grade (WOWZEEE).  WHERE.DOES.THE.TIME.GO?

2) Summer Cleaning... always, the first few days of summer vacation consistent of "summer cleaning" (mom of the year, huh?).  The kids have to clean out their closets of too small clothes/shoes, under their beds etc...

3) Get Ethan to the dentist for his pre-braces work... and then to orthodontist for braces.... yay, starting freshman year with braces (again... mom of the year?)

4) Get Winnie's sutures removed... she had cysts removed from both sides on the back of her hips.  In a couple days she'll get the sutures removed and she can finally get a bath!  Thank goodness, because she S-T-I-N-K-S!

5) Get cabinets, counter tops, new tub, tiles etc... ordered for our kids' bathroom RE-MODEL.  FUN.... seriously!

6) Get bathroom ready for re-model... everything cleared out and move what isn't being demolished etc... NOT fun!

7) Spend a few days at the resort with the kids...  we love to do this!!  Even though we won't be far from home, it still feels like a get-away vacation!!

8) Celebrate CJ's 16th birthday... yes, on June 21st, my first born baby will be of legal driving age! OH MM GEE....

9) Beach, beach beach...  whenever, wherever and with whoever... we love the beach and we love the water!!  'nuff said!

10) Spend the last week doing all I can with the boys, as they will be gone with their Dad through the entire month of July.... This is one of my least favorite times of the year, (aside from when they're away from me on one of the holidys).  Even though it's MUCH quieter, things just are NOT the same without them home!!

Thanks for sticking around...

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday in Heaven!!!

I'm not sure how "wordful" or "wordless" this post will be....  Today I feel BLAH..  today is rainy and cloudy and I feel BLAH...  Today is my Mom's birthday and she's not here (physically) to celebrate with and that makes me SAD!!!!!!!  She would've been 60 today... we would've had a BIG PARTY for her...  it would've been GREAT!!!
It's crazy that she has been gone SEVEN years...
She fought SO HARD and SO LONG against that terrible, horrible, no-good, VERY BAD disease called cancer!!! 
It's been SEVEN years and I swear it still hurts as if it were yesterday!!  Sometimes it hurts so much that it hurts (you get it, right?)