Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Two Thumbs

My Uncle Will is one of the most positive people I know (besides you, of course, DAD); one who I can always rely on to give a good pep talk. I remember as a little girl, going to visit him in Chicago, he would listen to Zig Ziglar in the car.... and have me listen to the cassettes as I was going to sleep!!

I wish I could've held on to all that I heard, but I do take pride in that I try to be as positive as I can for the most part (even when Joseph is punished in is his room....laying on his bed kicking and SCREAMING as loud as he can)!!

A couple of weeks ago, on his last night in town, we had the special treat of having him spend the night with us!! While here, he taught us a little "diddy" (that the kids made their own) for when we are feeling down.
Since I can't sing it to you (and you are thankful for that, trust me!!), try to imagine your own tune for it:
"Two thumbs, two thumbs, two thumbs.... you cross them like this...."

".... and look at what happens------ THIS"

Try it.... you can't stop the smile!!!!

Here's to a happy and positive day for you all!!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm Back.... Now Stick 'Em Up!!!

I have been M.I.A. lately, I know!! And really I don't have a good excuse for it other than I have just been busy and have less than creative in the writing department!!!

So, I decided to come back on an easy blogging day.....