Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Day of School!!

Dear MamaKat, have you missed me?? I have been bad...very bad...very, very bad..about doing my "assignments"; but I figured that since the kids are back in school..... well, I better get back to "MamaKat's school"!!
The 5 Best things on the first day of school:
5. Angie now has to wear a uniform (at least a uniform shirt).... this now means I don't have to spend so much money on clothes for her to "stay in fashion"!! :)
4. Angie's pre-k3 teacher moved up (into the VPK-4) with her, which made for a very smooth and easy transition into a new class!!
3. I got to watch as my big boy (8th grader), CJ, helped his younger brother (6th grader), Ethan, "learn the ropes" of being a middle schooler......
2. AND watched as the 2 older boys helped their younger brother, Joseph, "learn the ropes" of waiting in the gym (instead of the lunchroom) now for his teacher!! It always makes me feel good to see them looking out for each other and taking care of each other....... even if it doesn't last long!! :)
The number 1...the BEST thing that happened on the first day of school........ My little Joseph walked right into the gym and sat down, waiting for his teacher, WITH NO TEARS!!!!!!! That's right.... we did not repeat last years fiasco of crying, screaming, kicking, clinging to me...only to be peeled off by his teacher as she quickly shut the door on me.....and then me having to drive to work in tears myself!!! NOT.THIS.YEAR. (he's a big boy now--- he says).... and as a matter of fact, he told me "OK mom, you can go now"!!!
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And PLEASE, PLEASE go over and check out CJ's blog.... he's so excited to be writing a blog like his momma...and it makes him feels good when he gets comments!! :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Pour Some Sugar on Me!!!

Woo Hoo.... last night we got to see Cheap Trick, Posion and Def Leppard. It was actually really good and we had tons of fun!!!

It was such a blast from the past.....especially hearing "Every Rose has a Thorn", "Talk Dirty to Me" and "Skinny Bop Bop" and of course "Hysteria" and "Pour Sugar on Me". We danced and danced..... and of course peopl-watched.... you wouldn't believe the variety of styles-- some being stuck in the 80's!! :)

The girls enjoying the music:
Cheap Trick


Def Leppard


Don't these bands bring back memories??? What were your favorite songs from them?

Happy Weekend...........

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WW- 3 and 4 Generations

First off, I wanted to share with you, CJ's blog...... he has been watching and reading as I blog for a while now; and is so excited to be writing his own!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE head over and say hello and welcome..... and maybe you could even "follow" him, as he checks that every day!!!

Now, onto my Wordful Wednesday..... I have always been very family oriented. I love to spend as much time as I can with as much family as I can. Since my mom died, my dad and I have become much closer. My dad's dad is also still alive and we are all very close with him (Papou - greek for grandfather) too.
This past Sunday, we had a pool party at my Dad's house with lots of family..... and we got our "generations" pictures taken!!!

3 Generations (my dad, me and Papou)
4 Generations (me, my dad, my uncle, my Papou and the kids)
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Saturday, August 8, 2009

My Little Fish

Angie has become quite the swimmer this summer..... She is the last of my kids to learn to swim and I will be SO HAPPY when she is fully "trained". Right now, she is so fearless and just thinks she can do anything in the pool without "danger"....
If I don't go in the pool with her, I make her wear swimmies....just a little extra reassurance that she won't sink before I can get to her!!

Anyway, we went to Gamps and Grama's house a couple weeks ago and she got to swim and swim and swim!!!

Look at her go......
Taking a break with Heidi.....
and Gamps......
and then back to swimming....
Tomorrow the boys get their turn and get to swim at Gamps & Grama's..... The kids are excited, as are Gamps & Grama since they haven't seen the boys for over a month....

Friday, August 7, 2009

PSF- More Key West Pictures

Since I am trying to get back into my normal "blogging schedule", I am finally back to participate in PhotoStory Friday.... I do love doing that as I love pictures and I love to talk!!!

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

I am going to share more pictures from our most recent Key West trip!!

Joe and I out on the boat... the weather wasn't very good this trip; but we still found a way to get out there and dodge the storms!!

This is the gigantic iguana that hangs out on our boat dock!! The picture doesn't do him justice, as he is so big it scares me!! I wonder if he will ever come after one of us....even if not provoked...?
Party night out.... somehow I got Joe into the most touristy spot, Sloppy Joe's, and even got him to dance!! two great feats---one great night!!!
This is our home away from home.... I know, I know Amy.... I am making you jealous!! :) Hey, you can come down and party with us anytime you want!!
Have a great weekend.... we will be having a busy one I'm sure!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Scary Start to my Flight....yikes!!!

About a week and a half ago, Joe and I went back down to Key West for another "adult" trip without kids or responsibility!! I came home before him and he stayed down for the end of last week to lobster dive with his buddies!!!

I flew back on a small private plane that un-nerved me enough as it was..... but I almost "lost it" when we were ready to take off into this:
and this:
Yes, I was a bit say the least..... oh and it gets better--- do you see this:
No, of course you don't see anything..... this is a picture of us flying through the storm clouds as we were making our ascent!!! The pilot made me feel comfortable as he navigated through and around the storms..... bumps and drops and all.....
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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Snake Did Not Eat Me.....

I am still alive..... I have been extra, extra busy--- just relaxing... :) The last part of July was spent vacationing and visiting, while I waited anxiously for the day to come that I picked up my boys!!!
They.are.home. And just as I imagined, we are right back to crazy....ahhhh, the joys of parenting 4 children!!
I have lots of pictures to share, but just haven't had the chance to upload them yet...but hopefully tonight I can get that done!!

Anyway, my dear bloggy friend AMY, was so worried that I had been eaten by the giant python that has been seen (or caught maybe, by now) somewhere in Florida, that she wrote whole post about it here. Isn't she sweet to be so worried about me?? Thanks Amy, but I dodged that snake...don't you worry, he did not eat me!!