Monday, December 14, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas......

Oh how I love this time of year...... I know it is extra busy and it doesn't always bring out the best in people (which I've never understood); but I just love the spirit of the season!!!

We have the lights up on the house, the house decorated, tree up and decorated, most of the presents bought and wrapped and my Christmas cards out..... awwww..... just 2 or 3 gifts and I am D-O-N-E....well, done shopping!! I do have to do my baking.... but I will do that next week... and honestly that is one of my favorite holiday traditions-- reminds me of my mom!!! ;-)

My grandmother comes next week and we are having our big Christmas Eve dinner (which is a tradition in Joe's family) here this year.... so we have lots of planning left to do.... but you know what... I don't care.... It's beginning to look alot like Christmas------ BRING IT ON!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Merry Christmas.....

errrr... I mean Merry SITSmas....

I have "lurked" on this super popular blog, SITS (Secret is in the Sauce), for a while now.... but in the spirit of Christmas, I have finally decided to actually join in.......

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Monday, December 7, 2009

All About MeMe.... New Moon Edition

In honor of the Christmas season, Supahmommy and Mommybrain want to know:

5 laps I'd rather sit on than Santa........ and I wonder what I will tell them..... !!!

Hmmmmmmm, well since I just saw "New Moon" on Saturday.... and I am still on that high..... I think my list will be a New Moon Edition!!

1. Edward Cullen--- I mean, come on..... He may not be as buff as Jacob, but he is Edward..... and that's all that matters

2. Jacob Black-- Even though he is a bit young for me; and by that I mean, I could literally be his mother (if I were a teenage mom).... but whatever he did to get in shape for this movie..... WOWZA!!!!!

3. Sam and the other "werewolves"-- There is just something about a dark haired, dark-eyed, olive skinned, awesome body, STRONG, protective man (i mean werewolf)

4. Aro-- Now, this vampire is not good looking, AT ALL... but he is powerful.... and sometimes powerful is sexy!!

5. Jasper-- Ever since Twilight, there was always something about Jasper that peeked my interest.... Maybe because he is shy and timid, but dangerous on the inside....

Don't get me wrong.... there are plenty of "mortals" (Joe :-), Giles Marini, Derek Hough, Ben Bratt etc...) whose laps I could definitely keep warm..... but let me just dream and have fun with my imagination a little bit!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Stomach Flu or Food Posioning....?

I think I am actually hoping that this is just food poisoning..... because if that is the case then I don't have to worry about the kids and Joe getting it from me!!!

It all started last night, after an awesome rib dinner (where I think I ate uncooked rib before it was ready).... I was having such bad stomach pains that I was in tears. I went from stomach pains to heaving to the "bathroom"..... uuugggghhhh.....

I am feeling better today, but definitely NOT 100%; and I have only eaten some mashed potatoes!!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Dear Santa....

I haven't joined MamaKat and her writing projects in a LONG.... VERY LONG.... time. You know, I just haven't felt very creative; so, as to not bore everyone, I just stepped back for a little while....

But, in the spirit of Christmas, I have decided to jump back in.... hope you still like me Mrs. MamaKat!!

Dear Santa-
I think I have been pretty good this year…. I may have been a little mischievous during and after a night out with friends… but besides that, I am a good.girl. The kids have been (dare I say it) good; I mean they have their moments…boy do they ever….but they are kids and well, In the grand scheme of things, the kids have been good….they are even getting into the hang of getting their chores done without me telling them over and over!!
Let me first get past the whole “I want good health, peace, love and happiness for all”, because who doesn’t want that….. but there are a few things that I want:

A new laptop--- mine hit the crapper a few months ago and I have been (gasp) sharing with CJ and Joe… and Santa, I don’t like to share (shhhhh!!!)

A new camera--- I do like the one I have now, but you know I hate the fact the screen is messed up and has that black circle on it…. Which causes EVERYONE to mention it anytime they are taking a picture….even I have already told them not to worry about it.
And since you are getting me a new camera, I’d actually like one a bit bigger and fancier…. Pleeeassseee!!!

A good, long massage--- do I need to explain.....

But, Santa... what I really, really, really want is.....

for these 4 kids to have the best Christmas ever.... You know I love these little hellions (err, I mean angels) with all my heart-- and I love making memories and traditions to carry on for all of theie lives....

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Post it Notes..... AND Some Vacay Pics

Wow, it's been a couple weeks since I've been able to "speak my mind"..... but I am back, my friends!!

We had a really great time on vacation.... we drove from Florida to PA and then on our way back stopped in DC for Thanksgiving and to see the sites!! I will share lots of pictures later, but for now....................

Anyone else have an Elf on your shelf?? And do you love it as much as me??
And just because I know you can't wait.... here are a couple pictures from our trip.... The boys where with their dad for the week--which killed me by the way--- so that is why there are none of them :-(
Angie and I at the cabin
Look at THIS face.....
At The Capitol Building-- DC
Angie and I at the Lincoln Memorial
Joe, Angie and I at the Vietnam Memorial

Monday, November 30, 2009

Girl, where have you been????

Hello all.... please don't forget about me!! We have been on vacation and I have lots and lots to share, but I am SOOOOOO overwhelmed trying to get "back in the saddle"....

I hope you all had a wonderful Holiday and I will be back in a flash.... Miss you all!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It Gets Me Every Time

Veteran's Day.....

We went to Angie's school program today in honor of Veteran's Day.... They sang all the patriotic songs, sang all of the anthems from each branch, recognized each and every former and current member of the military and listened as a WWII P.O.W. told his story.

I don't know why, but all of that stuff gets me so emotional.... every time!! I love to watch and listen as the kids sing those songs to honor our country and learn about the military who serve our country!!

At the end of the service, the played TAPS and then had a moment of silence.... first of all TAPS will make me cry anytime I hear it; but then to watch as each and every member of the military, raised their hands in salute as it was played--- it just gave me chills.

Gosh, we have no idea what is was (is) like to be in another country, against their people-- fighting for your life (because they really are doing that)!!

Thank you all for your service to our Country!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I'm Back...

Have you all missed me....? I have missed you too... but I made it back just in time to get me some post-its done!!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Stick 'Em Up...... (post-its of course)

Supah, you will be proud of me...... I am extremely busy this morning....super, super busy.... can't think straight busy; BUT..... I made time for YOU and my post-its.... You can't keep me from getting my point across!! :-)

Monday, November 2, 2009

Action Time....


Dear Parental Units (dad, carol, gladys...)-- do not read this if you do not want to be not want to read some "personal" stuff about your daughter... or just can't handle the truth. Oh and if you do read it-- don't ever discuss the story with me... too uncomfortable!!
Dear Kids (CJ, this means YOU)- as your mother, I am telling you-- DO NOT READ THIS POST... you are not allowed until you are at least 18!! FINAL-- don't even ask!! And I will be able to tell if you do read it!! There are some things that moms just don't want to share with their kids (oh, but of course I don't mind sharing with tons of strangers)!!

I guess that is the problem with a blog that everyone I know reads... I can't always share EVERYTHING that I'd like to, without fear of who will read it.... Oh well, I got the "disclaimer" out of the way....

Be sure to check out Supahmommy and Mommybrain to read more!!

This is a pretty easy subject for me..... not to sound like a wild woman or anything, but Joe and I have a VERY "healthy" time at Inspiration Point.... we visit often; are never bored with it; and are always thinking up new adventures!! One such visit, that got interrupted by one of the kids.....

Let me preface the story with this-- (Dad/Carol, if you've gotten this far; then I apologize for the next couple of lines...) When I was a little girl, I remember that somehow I found out that my dad & stepmother would take a shower together...and somehow I found out that they did that so they could "conserve water"..... and let me tell you, I did believe that... I believed that for a long time... up until I was older and realized that probably wasn't true--- but I-DO-NOT-WANT- TO- GO- THERE... T.M.I.

Ok, so as a mother of 4 children who keep me busy ALOT.. sometimes we have to be creative and spontaneous.... sometimes has to be early morning or late at night when kids are sleeping... know what I mean!!

So, early one morning when the kids were still sleeping (and I know this because I usually ALWAYS have to wake them up); we decided that since we both had to get ready for work, then we would just "conserve water".... Well, i'm not sure how much "conserving" we did because we were in there quite a while.... and when it got to be just about "the moment" I hear a little voice say "mommy, are you in there..... MOOOOMMMMYYY?" (we have glass shower doors, that were fogged up, so you couldn't really see in--- thank goodness)

Everything was put to a crashing stop and this was our conversation (mind you-- I had pushed Joe to the very corner of our shower so no chance she would see him):

Me: yes, angie- I am taking a shower before work

her: where's daddy?

Me: he's probably somewhere around the house, just go back to bed for 3 more minutes (seriously- I said 3 more minutes-- that's really all we needed) :-)

her: but I need Daddy...

Me: Go back to bed-- NOW.. I will tell daddy to come in when I see him (wink-wink)

her: can you wipe the door so I can see in?

Me: NO-- go back to bed

her: Pleeaassee...? I want to see your face...

me: NO-- Ok, Angie-- just go lay in my bed and I will be out in T-H-R-E-E minutes!!!

That did get her out of there... but not before she basically "ruined the moment".... needless to say, I had to get out of the shower, get her out of my bed and into her room so that Joe could also get out of the shower.... and then we went about our day!!!

Don't feel too bad for us, we just met back at home later for "lunch" (hee-hee)

Friday, October 30, 2009

Under the Sea..... under the sea....

I woke up this morning to find the most beautiful princess Ariel had come to visit us....

Of course I let her stay and visit..... and she even met 3 of the greatest big brothers around...
Happy Halloween-- EARLY.... more pictures to come after the weekend's festivities!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Ahem... listen up, Please....

Supah, Supah, Supah.... thank you for creating this fun way for me to vent my inner thoughts... All week I think about who or what is going to get a "post it note" from me on Tuesday.... so, you all better be nice to me and buy me lots of nice gifts or you too will find your name up here!! :-)

In case you are wondering.... I am not a bad mom for letting Angie watch Transformers 2; she watches ALL movies that her brothers watch without ever being scared....EVER!!

But for some reason, those big- loud- mean Decepticons with deep voices and red eyes that are pouncing and throwing people around, scared the beejeebies out of her!!

(hmmm, maybe that was a bad decision on my part...)

Monday, October 26, 2009

Tap, Tap, Tap.... Scratch.....

In honor of the upcoming Halloween weekend; today's "All About MeMe" is going to the Darkside.... creepy, scary darkside...

I actually like scary things.... I love to watch scary movies and I love haunted houses (a like that I share with CJ, who is taking after his mommy)... probably mostly because I know I can get scared, but it won't really happen to me, so it's ok!!
BUT, as a 5 year old girl, it was hard to seperate reality from the scary TV stuff. At 5 years old, my babysitter/nanny at the time let me watch Salem's Lot with her. It was late one evening, we had all the lights out, she made popcorn and I felt like a.big.girl.
That was short lived.... I don't remember much of the movie that scared me except for the one scene.... the one image that has never left my mind....
If you have seen the movie, you know what this is...... A boy was sleeping in his bed when he hears a scratching, tap-tap-tap on his window; and when he looks out he sees this vampire (who happens to be his brother) floating outside his window!!! yikes.... I cried...
And from that moment on until just recently (i know I'm a nerd), I would not sleep with the blinds open and I had to have some kind of light on at some place in my house (as a kid, it had to be the hall light right outside my door).
Of course now I am a BIG.GIRL and I have still yet to watch that movie again.... I am sure it really won't be that scary now, but I am not chancing it... I am finally able to sleep with my blinds open and all lights off!! :-)

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I hate feeling rushed.... I hate being late and I hate that tense feeling inside when I am running behind. This morning I got up late.... mind you, the kids were all awake, but decided to stay in their beds and lounge around until I got up (yes, they SHOULD have gotten up and startd getting ready).

After getting up late, I was running around the house getting everyone up, moving dressed, breakfast, lunches made, myself dressed and bed made all in a matter of 30-40 minutes (and no, I don't look particularly "put together" today).

Finally get everyone in the truck, boys to school, Angie to school and when I open the door to her class I realize that I forgot it was "pajama party" day!! Bad mommy...bad, bad mommy!! Sooooo, I got back in my car, drove back home to get pajamas, drove back to her school, change her clothes and finally got to work!!

And because I got to work late, there was crap piled on my desk to be done, people needed me for something, I had to notarize a bunch of crap and talk to a bunch of insurance peeps..... and have still yet to feel settled!!!

Don't you hate running late for anything.... especially in the morning..... then the WHOLE day is completely thrown off!!! I think I need a glass (or 2 or 5) of wine tonight!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Post it Notes-- It's What I'm Thinking

I have sooooo much to share from this past weekend... we had a great day/night on Friday when we hung out at Biketoberfest.... then Saturday, I went to Joseph's baseball game, then I took Angie to a play and then I met Joe at the tailgate/football game..... and Sunday, we just relaxed... I have some great pictures to show you all, but they will have to wait for another time because today is Tuesday; and you know what that means:

Have a great day!!! :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Did You Know that I've Never...........


As I tried to think about 5 things I've never done, I actually had a hard time with it.... I have always been a go-getter; I've always "took the bull by the horns"... "gone for the gusto"... I am an adreniline junkie... love adventure... And don't tell my dad this, but I have done some "experimenting" in my day (it was high school, people... who didn't "try" something).

So as I sit here, thinking.... I would have to say that more of my "never have dones" are more on the reserved, quiet, peaceful side.... well, except for the first one:

I've never:
jumped from an airplane (sky-diving) or hung high from the back of a boat (para-sailing); two things I have always wanted to do. I really don't think I ever will sky-dive, because now I am older and am a mom....and well... it is pretty dangerous. but I do fore-see myself para-sailing... the next time I am in Key West.

I've never:
been good about accepting "constructive criticism"... I am a defensive person (don't know why) and I've never liked to be told what I am doing wrong!! I work better with "positive reinforcement".. know what I mean?

I've never:
cheated on any boyfriend, husband, S.O. etc..... EVER.. and have no desire too!! I just don't have the time or energy to do the whole "sneaking around and hiding phone calls or texts" BS. If I ever feel the need or the want to stray, I will just leave him all together... obviously something would be VERY wrong to cause me to feel that way.

I've never:
betrayed a friend........EVER........ and never will!! I may have my b-i-t-c-h-y moments, but I am a loyal, faithful person. I am a good friend... true to them.. would never want to hurt them. I love my best girl friends like they are my sisters and would do anything for them.

AND, I've never:
gotten through the grief of losing my mom.... and I never, ever, ever will!!! There is not much explaining to this one, except that you all know how CLOSE we were to each other... and that it was HORRIBLE to watch my mom, my friend, my companion, my comforter suffer and die. IT SUCKS... Time does not make it better... time only makes it "bearable" to live with.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Writer's Workshop - My Mom!!!

When I read MamaKat's writing assignment prompts, it made me kind of sad.... every prompt has something to do with a mom. And even though her prompts were to write about different aspects of our lives and/or our moms; it's still just the thought of HER that makes me sad. She was only 52 and she should be here!!!!
Anyway- I chose to write a poem to my mom.....
I can't remember the time I first felt your loving touch
But it was from that moment on, I know you loved me so much
I always say, you were more than just my mother,
A confidant, a comforter, a friend like no other
You were so strong and fought so hard, it sucked to see you in pain!!
I hate that cancer took you from us and that I will never get to talk to you again!!
It was because of YOU, that I am the woman I am today!!
I hope I make you proud; and that's all I have to say!!
I love you and I miss you terribly mom.... it doesn't get any easier not having you here with me!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wordful Wednesday - Tailgating

Wordful Wednesday... Check it out.....
A couple weeks ago we finally took Angie to a UCF football game..... she has been wanting to go for a long time, but we usually bring her to Grama's. Not that we don't want her there, it's just that we do enjoy that little bit of time with just us and our friends....without having to entertain, feed and chase after a 4 year old... get it?? :)

Anyway, we did finally cave and brought her with us and it had to be the hottest day...ever (well not ever...... but for the freaking "fall")!! It was at least 90 something degrees.... WTH???

She didn't care if she was hot...she didn't care if she was beat red... she didn't care if I kept pouring water down her neck.... she didn't care if we really didn't want her sitting on our laps because WE were also hat.... she didn't mind because she was having a blast... and you know... that's all that really matters!!!
This was her tailgating spot....
Of course she had to do her "booty shake" dance... (don't ask..)

Joe and Angie, so hot it was almost unbearable....
... but at least she had her cotton candy..
We did end up having to leave the game early because it just got too hot for her (and us) to handle; but we just hung out at our truck until our friends came down; and she was fine with that!!
And once they did come back, her and "Uncle" Stretch (he's not really her uncle, but all of our kids call him that because he is so fun and caring with them) had a blast running around, playing Tag and wearing my girl out... gosh he is SOOO good with kids!!
All in all, it was a good HOT day.... now please Florida, please cool off already... it's OCTOBER... geez!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Post it Note Tuesday - Read it... Hear it...

Go check out Supahmommy and all the other "post its"

One of my favorite posts of the week.... I love to get my message heard with a bit of sarcasm... and not actually have to "say" it... know what I mean??

Shhhhh, don't tell my dad about the last one.......

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

WW- 1, 2, 3......... JUMP!!!!

Wordful Wednesday - Hosted by Angie (no, not "MY" Angie)

Last night we went to my Dad's house to visit with my Aunts and Grandfather.... And since it is still blazing hot here, the kids were still able to swim!!

We thought it would be fun to try to get a picture of all of them jumping in together.... yea right... fun for them.... BUT for this mommy trying to get them all to jump on 3 (and not 2...or not after 3), it was...let's say... interesting!! :)

Always, Joseph is in first.... most of the time he can't even wait for me to count!!
Joseph and Ethan...but not Angie...
They were all jumping...just not at the same time...
This is a shock-- Ethan and Angie, but NOT Joseph (he probably wasn't listening to me)...
Once again...Joseph and Ethan, but not Angie.... arrrggghhhh...
OK, let's take a break.... Gamps, you just throw Angie in...
Ok... now CJ has decided to join the fun...
Finally-- Joseph, Angie and Ethan... but NOT Cj... I was ready to strangle them.... we go... 1, 2, 3.................. JUMP!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Post It... If You Want To Be Heard....

Oh, I do love Post-It Note Tuesday... I do love to get it "out there" so I am heard!! :) Thank you Suaphmommy for hosting this fun way for me to get my point across without actually having to "speak it"!!

I wonder if anyone has these problems like I do..........
Help me understand......
Oh and puhleezzzeee....
And just so you don't think I am always complaining......