Friday, June 5, 2009

PhotoStory Friday - 7 Mile Bridge

PhotoStory Friday
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I think I have finally gotten back into the groove with blogging..... things have been so hectic and crazy these past couple of months, but I feel more organized now; thus I am back for my daily blog carnivals....... and today it's PhotoStory Friday..... I sure have missed my PSF friends!!!

Have any of you ever been to Key West....? Or better yet, have any of you ever driven to Key West....? The last part of the drive is about 150 (i can't remember the exact number) miles on US 1 as you drive through all the Florida Keys.... Sometimes it can take the same amount of time from Florida City (right at the end of the turnpike....and at the beginning of US 1) to KW as it does to get from our home to Florida City.
For the most part it is a nice drive, as there is alot to look at as we go through each Key..... but if you get there at the wrong time, it can be long and boring sitting in traffic...moving 15 mph!!

Right past Marathon Key you get on the 7 Mile Bridge.... and it is a long bridge connecting one key to the next and it is.... you guessed it... 7 miles long. They have a new, wider, updated, much nicer bridge now; but they still have the old, historic bridge still standing that people stop at...... for scenic reasons or to fish off of!!

In all of the times that we have driven down, I have never stopped.... usually I am tired of driving and But this past time, the kids were begging to stop, so we obliged.....
The kids had fun "running in the street" (by that I mean they were running on what used to be the street), and seeing lots of scenery and animals..... I don't if anyone has ever heard this, but iguanas (BIG iguanas) are very prevalant down can see them anywhere, anytime..... and we actually saw a SUPER big one while we were on the bridge..... and Joseph thought that was the.coolest.thing.ever.
I think we might continue to make that stop every time we drive down there now.... It was a nice break.... nice to get out of the car, stratch our longs.... breaking the monotony of that drive!!!
I can't believe I just wrote this whole post about a bridge....... Oh well, HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!


Ryanne said...

NOt sure I could go across a 7 mile long bridge. I have a bit of a fear of bridges, but it looks like a beautiful area.

Amy McMean said...

Look at that water. I'm filled with such envy!

Keyona said...

Great picture. The background is beautiful.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I've been to Key West once, last Nov. we went on a cruise and stopped there. Never driven there.... also not sure about driving across a 7 mile long bridge.

kayerj said...

that's a mighty long bridge--nice story. Here’s my photo story happy Friday!