Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's Official.............

I am a mom of a T-E-E-N-A-G-E-R..... yikes!!!!

This time 13 years ago, I was a first time mommy..... holding my baby boy, CJ, in my arms....gazing into his eyes wondering what he would be like as he grew up!!!
And here I am now, 13 years later..... he is such a big boy now....such a sweet, loving, caring boy..... and such a big helper!!! Now, don't get me wrong-- he does have his "teenage moments", with that "teenage attitude"..... but for the most part he is a very good boy!!

Happy 13th birthday, CJ..... I am so proud of all you have accomplished so far and I love you very, very much!!!

Such a good BIG brother....
Wow, has he grown....
And now almost as tall as mom...
Enjoy your day, son!!!


Heather Marie said...

Happy Birthday CJ! :)

My little sister turned 13 in January...I could not believe it. I was 9 when she was born! *sigh*

Tell your husband Happy Father's Day!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to CJ! Those are all great pictures.

Happy Father's Day to dad too!

Carrin said...

happy Birthday CJ!
I have two 12 year olds now so I hope you know I will be looking to you for advice as they get older! Since you will already have "been there, done that"!

Amy McMean said...

wow 13! Happy Birthday CJ.

I totally think he should rock a balloon hat at this years party. That would be AWESOME

April said...

Great pics!

Emily said...

ahhh happy birthday cj:) what adorable pictures!!! I rmember turning 13 I felt soo grown up:)

Stu Pidasso said...

I hope CJ has a great birthday!!

CJ, dance your own dance, sing your own song and puke on someone else's shoes!!

And I offer to you one of my favorite quotes from my dad, which I think best sums up being a parent.

"How cruelly these tiny fingers grip my heart." HGWIII

And, yes, I plan on restarting Caption Contest soon. See you then, Melissa.

Putting the FUN in DysFUNctional said...

Welcome to the club! He seems like a sweet kid.

C.J said...

aww, thanks everybody!!!