Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I won't even try to give a GOOD Excuse!!

I miss blogging...  I really, truly do!!  But, life happens; every day I think about posting something and then one thing leads to another to another to another and then nope, no blog!!

So, what better day, to TRY and stay consistent with blogging again, than on my sweet Angie's birthday!!  SEVEN... wow!!  Seven years ago, I finally got my girl after 3 boys!! 

We have a tradition in our house where we all decorate the birthday person's "spot at the table" for them to wake up to on their birthday!!  It's a fun tradition that we all LOVE to do!!

After the excitement of their birthday decorations, they get to open ONE gift.... (usually the one sent to them from my Grandmother)

Have a great day all.... 

1 comment:

Amy McMean said...

AHHHH!!!! Welcome back! I love the idea of decorating their spots special. Cool.