Friday, October 10, 2008

T.G.I.F-- I'm just going to ramble.....

What a week...I've been so busy at work that this week just flew right on by!! Things have been a little hectic at home; I know you're thinking--of course it's have 4 kids and 2 dogs..duh... But really some weeks are pretty smooth and others (like this one) have me ready to pull my hair out!! I think part of it is now that Joseph is in 1st grade he gets alot more homework. And he's a little different than his older brothers; he learns different and not quite as fast. My older boys are very book smart and not very athletic...and Joseph is very athletic, but not as book smart (he's no dummy..he just doesn't pick up as fast). So, he is having a bit of trouble learning to read... he "can" read, but not very fluently and he has trouble comprehending what he just read. He is actually reading a little below grade level...which again is different for me because my older sons were always way above grade level.

FIRST, let me say this before I go on-- I am very big on letting kids be kids; now-a-days kids are pushed so hard and so fast and there not allowed to have fun and enjoy their childhood. So, I've always tried to reinforce know, I tell them how important school is and always will be, yet at the same time remind them that they are still kids and they should enjoy these days (geez, before they know it they'll be adults with real jobs & real responsibilities).

With that being said, I do still push them to do the best they try as hard as they can... So, back to Joseph--- because he is struggling with the reading, his teacher has sent home some new book programs to work on with him, in addition to his regular reading and homework!! That is why I say, sometimes things are just crazy for us. You know, we get home--I cook, clean up the kitchen (actually the boys clean the kitchen--and I just straighten up once they're done), give baths, dessert, homework & still try to have play/relaxing time with everyone before bed...and after the kids go to bed, then try to have some quality time with Joe.... Our nights are just full and now with this new, additional reading homework, it just adds an extra 45 minutes or so to my "work!! Don't get me wrong-- I love reading, I love to listen to the kids read and I love to help them learn; but it is just plain hard sometimes!!!

Wow--I just got exhausted reading all that...I swear sometimes as a mom I don't even realize how much I actually do...sometimes I think "how did I ever get through that day?" Anyone have any good suggestions on helping a struggling reader??

T.G.I.F... I'm ready for the weekend...we get to sleep in tomorrow morning, then have t-ball and then we are going to the new Super Target that was just built by us, which I am so excited about. The kids told me it's 2-stories, with escalators for the!!! I will be in HOG HEAVEN!!! After all that yapping...... Happy Friday!!!

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Michelle said...

TGIF Melissa! I'm not a teacher, but I have spent years as a reading tutor with (mainly) ESL kids and have volunteered to help kids in the classroom. Most children are not ready to start reading until 1st or 2nd grade.

The problem is the bar has been raised so high, all kids are expected to read in Kindergarten!

Just keep helping him, but letting him practice as much as possible and read to him! As long as there aren't any learning issue's, he should catch up to his peers! :)

Michelle said...

Ugh....I hate when I find a typo after the fact! I meant to say, "BY" letting him not "but"!

Weeksie50 said...

I know the hooked on phonics works.. I know it would be adding something extra but it is more like a game.. It isn't stressful.. I have a kindergarten version in my pre-k class and I used it with some of my advanced students.. at small group.. every year I have a few pre-k students that can read.. I credit this game..

Honey Mommy said...

That's tough!
My kids are too young for me to worry about this yet, but I hope you find a solution.

In the meantime, enjoy your weekend!

Cecily R said...

One thing I've realized is that kids are different no matter what you do or don't do. My oldest was reading on a forth grade reading level in the first grade. On the flip side, my current first grader is barely eeking out three letter words. They're different and have talents in different areas.

I worked as a tutor for America Reads for a few years and they say that for the most part, reading levels are up and down until the third grade. Then most kids sort of even out. I wouldn't worry about Joseph. You're working with him and helping him and that's all that matters for now!

You asked me about how I got close ups without them being blurry from the zoom on my photo blog the other day. My answer is that I shove the camera in my kids faces and actually take them close up. They're getting used to it. :)

domesticgoddess said...

Thanks for the comment love! Hope you have a great weekend!

Steve+Marie Douglas said...

HI THERE - first time I visit your blog (Lijah's mom).

Enjoy your weekend - try to have some fun relaxing time!!!
OH I'm gonna be you stocker K!
did u read my blog about my 1st follower?!?! I'm not realy always that bad (ok I am) ha HA!