Monday, October 20, 2008

Not Me Monday--- Biketoberfest Edition!!!

This week will be a little different, but still the same..... It's Monday which means "Not Me Monday" over at MckMama's blog, which means I can share all my guilty pleasures from this past week; but this week I'm going to do it on my experiences at Biketoberfest this past weekend. As most of you know, Joe has a motorcycle and we like to go out to all the local bike festivals, as crazy as they are (and they are c-r-a-z-y!!!). Joe and a couple of his buddies rode out on their motorcycles and I met them there by car (we had babysitter issues, so I couldn't go for the whole weekend). And we had...oh, I mean "did not" have alot of fun......

I did not look at Joe on his big motorcycle and think how good he looked and think maybe we should just call it an early night... :)
I did not ride on that motorcycle without a helmet (i know I'm going to hear it for this one), because we we only went about a mile away...
I did not drink way too many adult beverages and then did not wake up on Sunday feeling like I drank way too many adult beverages
I did not take many pictures that night that I don't remember taking or having them taken of me.
I did not look at those bartenders dancing on the bar and think how much that must suck to have to do that to make a living!!
I did not go to bed last night super duper early, missing all my shows and sports events, because I was so tired from the night before.

Ok, so I really am not a wild and crazy party animal....but I do like to go out and have a good time every once in a while....and you know what, I deserve it!!! :)
Here are some pictures from that wild and crazy night:

Here he is on his big motorcycle that I think is so hot
Before it got too crazy
How does this many motorcycles fit on the street
This is one of those pictures I don't remember
He really didn't even have one of these......I think.....
Also, I wanted to ask all of my blogging friends to go over to Marie's blog...her and her husband just lost there sweet little boy, Elijah, and they could use some comment loving!!! She is so sweet, yet at the same time so sad....but I bet we could all put a little smile on her face!!!


Michelle said...

You wild and crazy woman!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Everybody needs some crazy, free time :)

Tabi said...

Oh that looks like some fun!! Love your crazy picture that you don't remember! My hubs and I get out like that and go dancing about twice a year! I love those weekends!

La Pixie said...

sounds like a fun weekend! yay for calling it an early night!! ;)

Im headed over to Maries. thanks for the tip.

AVT Coach said...

Thank you for visiting my place and for commenting at The Mannings! You have a great blog. I missed Photo Story Friday posts this week as I was nursing my hubby after surgery. Although I don't participate I read Not Me Monday posts because they are so creative. This one today that you posted was very funny. I am so glad you got to get out and have a good time. That bike is amazing! I have you linked at my place now so I can read your posts more often. Love the photo of you "letting go", that is healthy by the way!!

Weeksie50 said...

Wow, what a fun weekend!
I am a dance like no one is watching kinda person..too..