Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Scooby Doo Princess Birthday

Joe and his business partner (we'll call him J) have been friends for many years...went to college together, partied together, worked together for years, own the business together and had always thought/discussed how they wouldn't ever have kids!! Well, what do you know..... J now has two beautiful little girls and Joe has his (our) beautiful little Angie; and what do you know, Angie & J's oldest daughter, Rain, are the best of friends.!! I love to watch those two sweet, little innocent girls play together; it's so fun to watch them play make believe and dress-up as princesses.....oh and by the way, when the play princesses, they run from me because I'm the "winch (witch)".

Anyway, on Sunday we took Angie (the boys were with their dad) to J's daughters birthday party (their birthdays are a couple weeks apart, so we all celebrate together). The oldest daughter is into Scooby Doo and Disney Princesses, so they had a Scooby Doo Princess party...too cute; complete with a scooby doo cake with Princess accents & candles (daughters request--what a good imagination).What a great little party.....they have a nice big playset and a pool; so the kids had alot of fun!! I can't believe how well Angie is swimming now, even if it is still with her swimmies on.... she is just all over the pool like a little fish. Good food, good friends...good times!!! I'm such a social, party person so I always enjoy a good party...even a kid's party (call me a nerd...whatever!!)

Angie, the fish
: )
The girls in the fountain...
On the "cool" (per Ang) playset
Mommy and her girl
The Scooby Doo Princess Cake
Look how excited she got at "THE" cake
It tasted as good as it looked.... Publix really makes the best cakes...
Angie and I got to help open gifts....fun, fun...
Angie "explaining" what to do
Oh yea, now Angie wants a new kitchen too, even though she already has a real cute one already(yes, I was so mad at the "bunny ears" after we finally got a picture of both of the girls looking)

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Michelle said...

Looks like that was such a fun party!!