Tuesday, September 23, 2008

What do you do????

What do you do when you are in a situation where you know you've hurt someone's feelings.....someone that you care deeply for??? What do you do when the guilt & hurt are so overwhelming that your stomach is in knots??? What do you do when you feel your life (or life as you know it) slipping through your fingers?? There are some things I just can't discuss on here....but I need some kind of release.... I need to proclaim for the WORLD to see that I have hurt somebody that I love dearly; I have allowed myself to become complacent & comfortable & not hold on tightly to the thing that means the world to me. Oh, what I would give to turn back the time and change the things I've said & done the past couple of months.... Oh what I would give to say the right things... the things that matter!!! I am not in a good place right now....my heart hurts, my head hurts & my stomach is turning. All thoughts & prayers are tremendously welcomed!!!!

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Rachel said...

I have learned you cant change what you have done but to look ahead; acknowledge your mistakes and pledge to be a better person...Don't beat yourself up; you deserve forgiveness...

First time here and will be back!