Sunday, September 7, 2008

Science is FUN!!!

Yesterday my dad and Carol came over and we took the kids to the Science Center. We have annual passes, so we like to go every so often and enjoy the fun....and my dad loves to go with us because he loves to "teach the kids lessons". (he's such a good teacher/helper). As we were walking in, I looked up and was reminded that CJ is in one of their promotional pictures (he is in the back row, last one on the right):
We all had a great time; and Angie is about at the age where she now enjoys herself too and doesn't get bored.
We watched "Stormchasers" in the Cinedome....which was a cool show, even though I had a wiggle worm on my lap the whole time who kept having me cover her eyes & ears because she was scared!!
After that, we spent about 1 1/2 hours visiting some of the exhibits.
After the Science Center, I took CJ to a "friends" party, and then we went out to dinner....where we met up with my stepsister Casie and her husband, Dan (it was so good to see them, as I haven't in a LONG time)

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