Sunday, September 28, 2008

He Did it......He Pulled it off!!!

My dad has been planning away for the past few weeks....planning for a surprise party for Carol's birthday. He's been sending e-mails, phone calls, "fibbing" to Carol, making reservations/plans for dinner at The Melting Pot for about 25 - 30 people.... and all that good stuff that comes with a surprise party. He has been so excited for this; so excited to pull it off and see the look on her make her happy and have a good time!! HE DID IT....HE PULLED IT OFF, without a hitch!!! She thought she was going to her table for four, but when she turned the corner........ SURPRISE:

And once she gathered herself, she made her way around the room, greeting all of her "fans"

We all had a great time... dinner was awesome, of course (who doesn't like a good fondue dinner??); and it was so much fun visiting with family & friends we hadn't seen in a while.

My dad and Carol
Toasting Carol's special day
Joe and I
And speaking of good food.....isn't it absolutely ridiculous how GOOD chocolate fondue is.....? There is nothing that doesn't taste good (great) dipped in chocolate!!

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