Thursday, September 11, 2008

We did it, We did it!!

The other day we bought a 300 piece puzzle to do as a family....the kids love to put them together; actually Angie likes to take them apart.......before we're finished :) It took us a couple of evenings, but we did it!!!! I love doing stuff like that with the's nice to have that quality time together. You wouldn't believe how well Joseph did finding and putting together the pieces; especially because he's not the most patient child......he did so well, that we let him put the "last piece" (which is a BIG deal to the kids).

Just getting started
This is how it looked when we started on Day 2
Oh, wait...Joseph needed to take a break and finish his homework
Ethan joined the fun
The last pieces are always the hardest; everyone was trying to be the one to find the right piece (see the way Angie is leaning on the puzzle...we had to redo a few pieces a bunch of times because of this)
We did it!!! Joe looks thrilled to be in the picture--- I did sort of force him to get in it. And even Daisy wanted to help....(see her at the bottom left of the picture)
The Finished Product (actually, this scene looks like somewhere I'd like to be)

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