Monday, September 29, 2008

Is that an Alien on my bed???

AAhhhhhh, I feel good today-- relaxed & ready for the week. We really had a good weekend... Joseph's t-ball, lots of fun with the kids, Carol's party, got to spend lots of time with "Auntie" Carol (my best friend), & we even managed some quiet/quality time for Joe & I... Yesterday, I finally gave in and took the kids to the Halloween Store; they have been hounding me about it for the whole week (since they saw the seasonal store pop up in the shopping plaza) and I gave in and took them in yesterday. It's funny how they were so excited to go, yet the minute we walked in the door and they saw all of the "fake" (which I had to remind Angie & Joseph---over & over again) scary stuff, they were ready to leave, back out the door they went!! Oh no, we were not going anywhere.... not after all the whining & crying & hounding me..... (i'm really not a bad mom... I didn't force them to stay in there; they just got used to it eventually). So, we spent about an hour in there, exploring & picking out there costumes.....which I love to watch them get so excited doing that stuff!! Anyway, after we got home & got the groceries put away, I let them try on their costumes; and while I was cooking dinner, I looked up & into my bedroom and actually jumped because this is what I saw.......
I knew that Ethan had just got his costume and the kids were playing their new costumes on, but I guess I just wasn't expecting to see him sitting there looking at me. Even looking at the picture now, it kind of creeps me out..... maybe I will take that costume back!!!

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Live.Love.Eat said...

OK, I am cracking up laughing out loud because that picture is creepy. It's so weird there's a littel kid under there. Hah.