Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just a random post because I'm bored!!!

I'm not quite ready for bed yet.....maybe it's because I really don't want this weekend to go by too quick; but can you believe it's a Saturday night and everyone in the house is in bed and asleep already!! Normally I would welcome the quiet, however tonight I am kind of bored. We bought a 500 piece puzzle today at Walmart that we will do as a family...hmmm, maybe I will start it myself tonight and work on it until I get sleepy!! So, I've got a house full of sickness----YUCK. Angie started it (i'm pretty sure) with a head cold, then last night Joe started feeling bad, and then this morning Ethan woke up with it and he has felt terrible with it...he got fevered tonight and had bad chills, body aches, sore throat and stuffy nose!! I hate it when their sick---but I am a good nurse and I love to do it, so I will nurse them back to health.
I can't wait... tomorrow starts NFL football season (well actually Thursday was the first game, but tomorrow starts the Sunday games). I love this time of year.... GO COLTS!!!!!!!

Here are a couple pictures from last night. Joe was giving Joseph & Angie double piggy back rides and they loved it.

Look at Angie's face--- you think she liked it??
After I upload the pictures I will post about our day today. Geez, I just re-read this and well, yes it is pretty random!!!

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Walker said...

Hi Melissa!
I like your "random" post! lol! Looks like my house, kids always wanting to play!
I was just catching up on your blog post. You have an adorable family! Thanks for your comment at my blog & thank you for the prayers! They did update today.. go check out their site.