Monday, September 29, 2008

Not Me Monday!!!

Once again, I have found another blog I've become "addicted to reading....why does this keep happening to me?? :) Anyway, MckMama has a great blog, with a very touching story about her family & new baby Stellan who needs lots of prayers, as he may be starting out his post-natal life with a rough start..... she has started Not-Me Mondays....where I can confess my (well, of course, not mine) guilty secrets for the past week!!!

I did not make the kids stay in the Halloween store, even though Angie & Joseph were a bit scared by all the decorations. I did not do that because they had been driving me crazy about that store non stop for the past few days....

I did not tell Angie that I would come back and sleep with her in a couple of minutes knowing that I wasn't going to come back anytime soon, just so I could get out of the room and relax myself... I did not do this at 6:45pm, immediately after she said she was sleepy and put her head down at the dinner table!!

I did not talk to Joseph (about what a good arm he has) during t-ball a little bit louder so the coach would here me and let him play first base... nope, not me; because I am a fair t-ball mom!!!

I did not eaves drop on Cj's conversation with a girl, just so I could qwell any thoughts that I might have that he "may" have a girflriend...not me, because I respect my kid's privacy!!

I did not have Ethan wait until the babysitter came to finish his "gifted" project, so that she could deal with the hot glue gun, because I didn't feel like doing it at that moment!!

Wow, why do I feel like I could go on and on and on...... is that normal?? I really am a good mom!!!


Weeksie50 said...

lol- Did he get to play first base?

Allmykids123 said...

Lovin' your "Not Me's!" Found you at MckMama's and wanted to drop in and say Hello.

elizabeth embracing life said...

Even us really good mama's have our not me moments and that is why this blog is so popular. It's like lets get over it, we are not perfect, but we are damn good at what we do.

Jennifer said...

Love the Not Me's and if you read everyone elses like I did..he he he, then you'll see that there are a ton of "perfect" moms out there!

Mike and Katie said...

That's so funny about the Halloween store freaking the kids out! Be careful what you wish for kids!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!


Diva Ma said...

I may have to join in on the Not Me's! Love yours, especially the one about the Halloween store. I would so NOT do that!

citymomcountrymom said...

Yes, my husband was good about this week's posts...he knows I am a closet techie!
Country Mom