Wednesday, September 3, 2008

R.I.P Jack

My dad just called me with the sad news that he and Carol had to put down their dog, Jack.... he's been in our family for 11 great years; but was just old and too weak/sick. I hate to hear that news, although I know he is out of pain and suffering; but what I hate even more is to hear my dad sound down and sad. The other hard part will be telling the kids.... I feel like they have had to deal with alot of death in their short lives already (my grampa, my mom, a few pets, their old babysitter).
Dad & Carol- I'm so sorry to hear this news; I know it is a terrible thing to go through!!! Please know that I am thinking of you both during this grieving process!!

Jack & Angie (froma couple of years ago)
Me and Jack (from a couple of months ago)

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