Saturday, August 30, 2008

And So the Season Begins........

Today was the first day of our college football season, which means for the next few months every weekend (or every other depending on home or away games) we will be tailgating and watching football for most of the day on Saturdays.... Actually, this is something we all have a great time doing together; even the kids (although we haven't actually brought Angie yet, so we'll see how "fun" it actually is having to chase around a 3 year old all day at the football stadium). ANYWAY.... would you believe today was a rainy, stormy day.... On one hand, that was nice because it wasn't blazing hot; but on the other hand it didn't make for a good tailgate party. For the first couple of hours, we were in and out of the truck while it poured outside!!!

See the dark clouds behind Joe
Our "improvised" tailgate spot (in Joe's truck)
We made the best of it and eventually it did stop raining so we were able to walk around, enjoy the festivities and have some regular tailgating fun & games. Joe and I went without kids today and we really had alot of fun..."adult time".
Once we got into the game....the rain came back
Who cares about a little bit of rain....right???
After a long, wet, fun's time to go home (until next Saturday)
And even though it was an ugly game (terrible offensive mess), we still started out the season 1-0.....Yippeee--- GO KNIGHTS!!!!!

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canoedad said...

While you guys were at the game partying, Carol and I trooped out to PUB QUIZ, intent on winning one for the gipper. Unfortunately, under the name "FINE WHINE" the two of us got blistered and it wasn't a pretty sight. I'd like to say it was only because the questions were really hard, which they were, but we second guessed ourselves out of several correct answers and generally just messed up. Plus Amy wasn't there to give us the benefit of the doubt on our answers. We finished in last place by a huge margin. We may have set a new PUB QUIZ record. The first team name Carol came up with, "TWO WRONGS DON'T MAKE A RIGHT", would've have better described our performance. Talk to you later. Love, Dad.