Friday, August 8, 2008


Yes, thank God it's friday.... I am tired this week; probably because I haven't gone to sleep before 1am any night (last night CJ and I were up until 2am) and then have to get up early for work. But, tomorrow we get to sleep in....... I have been blessed with pretty good sleepers, and my little lady is the latest sleeper of all (don't be jealous, but on the weekends she will sleep until 9:30 - 10 am if I let her).
I have felt kind of down the past few days. i feel like my life is a roller coaster of emotions and I just don't get it!! I never used to be like this. I have never felt so "negative" about things. I have always been (like my mom) pretty happy and "glass is half full"; I would make the best of everything. But now, I have so much negativity in and around me.... I feel sad so much lately and have so many thoughts running through my head. "what am i doing with my life?", "Have I made the right decisions...?" "Am I comfortable/happy with where I am at and where I am going?"..... Why can't this heaviness just be gone; why can't things just be easy sometimes..... and why is it that just because I am an adult and a mom I am not "allowed" to be sick, be sad, cry, be overwhelmed, vent, miss my mom...? Why can't I just get some positive feedback sometimes...and not always the bad/wrong this and bad/wrong that...? (ok so I am venting)

On a much lighter note... here are some pictures from last night:

Joe doing "rasberries" on Angie's belly (she loved it)

All of us making silly faces
Can you believe CJ is almost as tall as me now....
Here's Joseph.... who was "too tired to make a silly face"
Ok, so I have to admit..... after going back and looking at these pictures, they did put a smile on my face!!! Happy Friday.

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canoedad said...

halfpint, I don't know what puts us in funky and sad moods sometimes but perhaps you can catch some positive vibes by recognizing what an awesome mom you really are. I am continuously amazed at your energy and the relationships you have with your gang of younguns.