Monday, August 4, 2008

They're Baaaaaaackkkkk!!!!!

So, I was up at 3:37 this morning.....could not sleep to save my life. I ended up watching Bridezillas, Platinum Weddings & "old faithful", the Lifetime movies.....but still no sleep!!! As I laid there on the couch, the anticipation was just too much, I knew that in just a matter of hours I would have my boys back home!!! At 8:30, I got the three biggest hugs ever. I know they enjoyed their time with their dad; but nothing beats mommy's arms!!!
After a long day of running around, doing errands and such (i just couldn't bring them to camp on their first day back; the thought of Joseph's crocodile tears were too much) we are finally home enjoying the silence.... haha, made you laugh!!!

Back together again (and boy, was Angie excited to see "her guys")
They wasted no time getting back to their things (i know it's & video games; but tonight, it's okay!!!)
Angie recruited Ethan to be Swiper, in her game of Dora the Explorer
Cj is pretty excited about this blog.... He (and I) think this is a cool way to chronicle their day to day lives; ANd can one day look back at all of this with great memories!!!

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