Monday, August 11, 2008

One week left before school starts

I can't believe it; one week from today the boys will be back in school-- CJ in 7th grade, Ethan in 5th and Joseph in 1st...WOW, writing that just made them sound so big!! I think I am about done school shopping. I've had my share of Target, Office Depot and Publix and now we have the fun task of seperating all the supplies into the right kid's, fun!! Angie starts her new pre school class on Wenesday, which I find so strange.
We had a great weekend this past weekend.....lots of family/fun time. Yesterday we went to Gamps's house and swam all afternoon and then had dinner. I can't believe how well they are all swimming now (granted Joseph & Angie use swimmies). I even got in and played water/swim games with them.

Everybody in the pool (except Joe-- even Angie couldn't get him in)

She's like a little fish now......
even mommy does TORPEDO
Up, Up and Away....................
Gosh, I absolutely love spending time together with my family. I remember before my mom got real sick we used to get together at least 2 or 3 times a week for lunch, dinner or just visiting.... I always had that to count on because I loved to be with with her and my kids really developed a close relationship with her (which why I think spending family time together is so important).
I'll let you know how the week goes. I'm kind of winging it with babysitters this week as their summer camp is closed before school starts.

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