Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Tears Today

So yesterday when I dropped Joseph off for his second day of school (since there was no school on Tuesday- due to Tropical Storm Fay), it was one of the worst drop off experiences EVER. He cried, he sreamed & cried, clung to the door, and every time I was able to pull away from his grip and leave he took off after me....Now, I know alot of this was just show, but that is not a show I enjoy!!! Anyway, while all this is going on the teacher did nothing!! I'm not asking for her to hold him down or anything, but geez, when she sees him continually chasing me down out the door, couldn't she have offered some help???? I finally made it out of there and cried the whole drive to work!!
Today, I was dreading the unknown and the possibility of having to go through that again.... although I did have a talk with Joseph about that kind of behavior (I let him know that I would always be back at the end of the day and that I wanted him to be a big boy etc...)...oh, and I did bribe him with a Slurpee if he could get through drop-off without incident. It was pouring down rain this morining, as we are still feeling the effects of Tropical Storm Fay-who won't go away (hey, that rhymes...hehe); but Joseph still didn't feel comfortable getting dropped off at the front and having his big brothers take him in. So I carted him and Angie through the rain and got him to his table in the lunchroom. I drew him a picture of the Slurpee, gave him a kiss and YES, I walked out the doors with no problem. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but what a relief to not have to go through my day with the guilt of seeing him like that. I guess that means that I will be making a stop at 7-11 today for Slurpees.

On a different note, when will this rain stop??? I do love a good rain, especially when I'm in bed curled up under my covers (last night Joe and I slept with the window partially opened so we could hear the wind and rain); but, as CJ put it, we haven't seen the sun in 3 days and the sunshine always make me feel happier :)

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