Monday, August 25, 2008

Like Starting ALL OVER Again......

That's right....because of the crazy week we had with school last week (being off and on because of that storm) we never did get on a good routine/schedule with school; specifically drop off (you know the story). So, all the progress I made with Joseph last Thursday flew out the window this morning. I will say it wasn't the worst, but it still breaks my heart to leave him crying with his head down on the table...geez, I can't even type that without feeling teary!! I know, I know, he is my baby boy who knows how to work his momma; but I can't help it!! Pray for me that tomorrow and the other days ahead get easier for both of us.

So, yesterday we were blessed with another sunny weekend the kids played out in the back yard with the hose and mini pool....

Joseph and Ethan "Fishing" with homemade poles and fish
Angie ready to spray me
Because it was rainy again and we were all feeling kind of silly; and because it just sounded like something fun for us to make and eat.... Saturday night we made "Dogs in a Blanket" ("dogs" because they were beef hot dogs...hehe)
Cj preparing
Mommy starts them out....
We even got Joe involved (he says his were the best...but only because he learned from ME)
In the oven......
We had a lot of fun..... and for the most part, we got through dinner without 50 complaints... :)

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