Monday, August 18, 2008

Can't Sleep Again......

Here I am again; 12:45am and I am wide awake....watching Bridezillas (that should put me to sleep, right). I am just excited for the kids to start school, excited to meet their new teachers and watch them them with their old (and new) friends. BUT, we have this craziness with Tropical Storm Fay, which the weather people are totally sensationalizing, and now the first week of school could turn into a mess.... arrrggghhh!

So, we had a pretty good weekend, although most of my plans didn't go as planned. Friday evening was Bio-Tech Consulting's (Joe owns the company) 5th anniversary party. And we had it a really nice venue; rooftop on the 18thnfloor with a beautiful view of downtown Orando. It was agreat time, but due to babysitter issues (for those of you who were there, you know what happened) I had to go home early and missed the "after-party"!! Saturday Joe and I were supposed to take the motorcycle out with his best friend Armando and gis girlfriend; however, it rained (actually, it poured) so we ended up driving out to JB's fish camp and had some awesome seafood. And today (it's still Sunday to me) I finished up last minute school shopping, got some groceries, spent some time with my Dad (which I REALLY enjoy, and wish we did more) annd then picked the boys up!!

Some pics from Friday evening:

Look at how hot my guy is

Me and my girls

The view from the party

My dad and Carol made an appearance...hehe (but didn't get a pic of Carol) I think I am feeling sleepy.....yay!!!! Hope to see you all in dream land soon!!

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glyttle said...

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