Wednesday, December 17, 2008

They Like Me...They Really Do Like Me.....

I have some housekeeping to take care of first............ A month or so ago, I was given two awards and have just been soooooo busy that I haven't had a chance to post about them. And, if I'm being honest (which I am), I did forget about them--- but please know that it's not because I didn't appreciate's just that...well, with 4 kids and a full time job and a sick dog and the holidays and....... (you get it) they just slipped my mind.

But now, I would like to give a HUGE thank you to:

April who gave me this:

And said this "...blogs I think deserve this award because I just love reading them. I always make sure to check and see what they have to say everyday. They are funny and truthful and I can relate to all of them.." about my (and a few others) blog!! Thank you April-- I love reading your blog everyday too... it's nice to know that others are going through the same type of craziness (i.e. rearranging the Christmas ornaments).

AVT Coach who gave me this:
And said this: "This woman has a life of joy with her family!" She is so right on with that statement!! Thank you, Thank you...I enjoy reading your blog too, and wanted to give a big CONGRATS to your daughter who just graduated college!!!

Today, Kristin gave me this:
And said this: "I love any blog by a mommy with three boys. Makes me feel less crazy." Yes ma'am....and add one little girl to that mix and I'm on the crazy train right with you!! :) I love her reading her blog too (are you starting to see a trend....? yes, I am a stalker, errr, I mean an avid reader). She has the funniest stories of her adventures with 3 boys, one that just started walking...and if you read this story (yes, he got into the trash and "ate" the coffee grounds) you will be laughing OUT LOUD!!!
I have to name 5 things that I think are FABULOUS:
-My Family, of course.....without them I wouldn't have this blog!!
-My friends...without them I wouldn't have an outlet to vent and "let loose"!!
-My Blog and all my blogging friends.... without them it wouldn't be any fun to come back and do this everyday!!
-My pajamas (he-he)....without them I couln't lay around on Saturday and Sunday mornings and just veg until I'm ready to get moving (come know you all love to do that!!)
-Chic-fil-a.....without it I wouldn't have my large sweet tea with extra ice everyday (and yes, that is exactly how I order it; and yes, they all know me there every time they hear that order)
And I am giving this award to:
April because she is fabulous and I owe her for waiting so long to post about her award to me!!
AVT Coach because she has great stories and again, I owe her for waiting so long!!
Emily because she is someone I really "connect" with...she is so sweet and a good little wifey to her new hubby!!
Carrin because her "story" is alot like mine and I love to read her adventures!!
Heather Marie because she is somenody new I've "met" and really like her "company" :)
And for everybody else that I didn't name, because it is SO hard to just pick 5 fabulous blogs, this one is for you too!! You are all Fabulous......
Wow, this was a fun post.... of course I love to be loved..... BTW- I just made a "funny supper" (which is breakfast for dinner) and had the best banana pancakes...yummy!!


avtcoach said...

Thank you so much! As always, this was a fun post to read! Love this award!

April said...

Thanks! You crack me up all the time because I always think "been there!" I hope life gets less stressful fo you and me both!