Monday, December 1, 2008

The Long Holiday Weekend is!!!

Boo-Hoo....I really enjoyed this looonnnggg weekend...well, all except the fact that my dog got so sick and is still in the doggy hospital. I got alot done yet at the same time did alot of nothing. Very, very relaxing...actually so much so, that I actually felt guilty yesterday evening about the fact that I hadn't taken Angie out much (we are usually on the go-go-go all weekend). The one great thing about the weekend being over is that my boys are back home.... they spent the long weekend with their dad and I picked them up this morning...yay!!! You know the funny thing about that is that when they first go there, I get to relax and am like ahhhhhh; but within a few hours I'm bored to pieces and miss the loudness and craziness that is my life!!
Anyway, since this is Monday....I guess I need to let you know all the things I "did not" do this past weekend. And after you read all my funnies...head over to Mckmama's and read everyone else's guilty secrets....

I did not buy a pre-cooked smoked turkey this year for Thanksgiving...I must certainly did not think it would just be too much hassle with everything else going on, to buy and cook for hours a raw turkey.
I did not have Joe put that said turkey in the oven in just enough time for it to smell up the house like it had been cooking all morning.
I did not keep drinking the Molson beers just because I kept wanting to see what the "which would you prefer's......." where on the back of the labels. If I did do that, I would've seen some funny "would you prefer to be a werewolf or vampire? or "would you prefer to have a time machine or money-making machine?"
I did not go out and brave the crowds on "Black Friday"...and I certainly did not L-O-V-E
And when I got home form shopping, I did not find my dog sick---very sick
While carrying that sick, 55lb dog to the car (because he could not walk), I did not fall down on my butt (with him on top of me) when trying to prop him up and open the truck door.
I did not have to bring my 3 year old with me to the ER vet....but if I did, I'm sure she would've been a little angel because she would've known how worried and scared I was...
We did not leave the UCF football game early on Saturday because the game was SO pathetic...geez, they better get some talent on that team or known of us will want to renew our season tickets!!
Joe and I did not spend 4 or 5 hours hooked on "Lock-Up, Raw" on MSNBC....and I was not fascinated with how much that would suck to be 1) an inmate in any jail...but especially a jail in a rough city/jail...i.e: San Quentin (i know--they did it to themselves) and 2) a correction officer having to deal with the inmates....
I did not wake up yesterday and this morning at 4:45am...both mornings...for NO reason at all!!!


justlori2day said...

Thank you for the stop over at my place!

I just read your bio and started bawling - I lost my mother on October 3rd 2001 to Breast Cancer. She too was my best friend, and I battle everyday to be more like her and less like me.

Interestingly, our dog got horribly sick this weekend too... He is better now - I pray yours will recover soon and be home with you!!

And funny about the beers! I dont like beer, but those labels may spawn me to down a few!

And BTW, vampire over werewolf. I already spend more time than I like shaving my legs!

Michelle said...

I am not totally bummed the long weekend is over either!! :)

Virginia Janet said...

Hope your pet will get well soon, best of luch to him.

Live.Love.Eat said...

The long weekends always end too quickly!!!!! Hope your dog is feeling better!