Saturday, November 15, 2008

We Paid for That???

Last night Joe and I went to the Black Crowes concert in St. Augustine.  It was at an awesome venue--an outside amphitheater with tons of regular seating and then a "Pit" which is really just standing room right up in front of the stage (for whatever reason, those seats where more expensive). Being in "The Pit" gave you access to a lower level bar & bathroom so it wasn't so crowded; which was nice because all the regular bars & bathrooms were jammed up with long lines---and you know how it is after you've had a few "drinks" and you HAVE to get in the bathroom!!  I guess I am talking up the venue so good because the concert was...well.....average!!  I've seen the Black Crowes a few times and I must say that this was my least favorite show.  The last one we went to was just a Greatest Hits type show because they didn't have a new record to they played all the oldies-but-goodies (which, you know is always cool).  But they have a new record now and last night they played most of those songs and a couple older songs and then their Encore was a quick snippet of "Shake your Money Maker"...not even the whole song!!  During the concert the whole band just looked bored--they really looked like they didn't want to be there.  They played with little enthusiasm and I feel like they didn't play their Hits because honestly they don't really like those songs and are just tired of playing them (Shake Your Money Maker was their album with the most hits--the one that really pushed them into the "scene"..but it is also the record  Don't get me wrong, I know that they have new stuff to promote and I can't always expect to hear all of my favorites, but come on-- they could've at least played one or two for the crowd...I mean, we paid for it!! Without everyone paying for it, then they wouldn't be there!!
I really do like The Black Crowes, but I was so disappointed in the show last night...I mean, come on--we paid good money to see a good show and if they don't really want to be out there...then why do it???

Am I being irrational?  Am I whining for no reason...and maybe just got spoiled in the past??


April said...

I don't like going to concerts when they are promoting a new album for that same reason. I want to hear songs I know and love.

Jo-Jo said...

I am with you. The whole point in a concert is so you can sing along!

avtcoach said...

I agree, a band has an obligation to play the songs that made them famous in the first place. Sorry they did not meet your expectations. If you felt that way I bet alot of people did! Hope the drinks were good at least!

Reluctant Housewife said...

You're totally not being irrational. I think they owe it to their fans, who've paid to see them, to at least not seem bored!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately you didn't do enough research into the Crowes before you decided to buy the tickets. They have, for years, been a "jam band" in the sense that they rarely play their radio hits live. This is what makes them such a great band to see. You can go to a Crowes show 2 nights in a row and each night will be a completely different show. Next time you should make a compilation CD and stay home. It's cheaper and there won't be a wait for the restroom.

misspro312 said...

I know what you mean!! The bands need to play the songs I know so I can sing along!!! I can't know every song they do.

Just play my stuff!!

Cute blog! I found it from tattooed minivan mom and you share my name!