Friday, November 21, 2008

Photo Story Friday - My Ethan!!!

On the last two posts I've talked about Ethan's birth story and his bout with colic....and today, I will just talk about HIM!! And since today is Photo Story Friday, I will share some photos of him as well!!
PhotoStory Friday
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On this day, eleven years ago....well, actually it was at 9:49pm on this day, (but who's counting right??) my sweet Ethan was born. Wow-- I can't believe it has been eleven years; where does time go??
Anyway, Ethan was a very good baby. Once we got past the colic, he was like a dream baby/toddler... he ate good, slept great and played so well with his brother. He was (and still is) very independent... I could sit him down with some toys and he would play for hours, all by himself; keeping himself entertained with his imagination. He had an imaginary friend named Amy. And whenever I told him no or he didn't get what he wanted, he would say- "But, Amy says it's ok".
When he was 2, he had a TV on his dresser; one evening we heard a loud crash and thunk so I ran into his heart beating right up into my throat. He had opened the drawers and was trying to climb up the dresser and he pulled the whole thing down on top of him....You all, the TV was about 6" from his head...yikes!! So, we took him to the ER to make sure that he didn't have any internal damage from the dresser falling on top of him...which he didn't...but would you believe that while we were at the ER he was trying to climb the bookshelf in the waiting room. From that moment on, I always, I knew he would be the one to get broken bones (which by the way he did when he fell off the monkey bars last year).
He is a very sweet boy and is the people pleaser of my bunch.... he gets very upset and disappointed if he makes a mistake or feels like he's let me down. He is very obedient and loyal... I really don't think I will have to worry about peer pressure with him. I mean he follows every instruction to the T and will not budge if he doesn't want to do something or knows he's not supposed to. He is very timid, shy and soft-spoken. Actually, most of the time when talking to him, I have to ask him to "speak louder and repeat yourself, please". Funny thing is that even though is he is so shy, he still makes friends anywhere he goes..... Like I said, he is a people-pleaser. Most of the time he does things to make others happy and to help others out. The only "flaw" (and how can I even say "flaw" when it comes to one of MY children??) is that he is very indecisive, which I believe comes from being a people pleaser. He is so concerned with making others satisfied, that he will often times, put them first...which I have been trying to help him get past. When I ask him something like "What do you want from....?" or "What movie do you want to see?" he will respond with "What do you want me to do?? So, I end up having the talk with him about learning to make decisions for HIMSELF too.
He is very, very smart.... is in all gifted classes and reads/learns at a much higher grade level. He scores off the charts (in a good way) on his FCAT tests and sometimes gets bored with what they're teaching him in school. Oh, but my sweet, smart, obedient Ethan is NOT very organized...his backpack, his desk at school, his bedroom...everything is pretty cluttered. And his dis-organization causes him to lose and forget things, which doesn't go over well with the teachers when his homework doesn't get turned in.
He has Tourette's Syndrome...luckily it is not real bad, but he does have his twitches and sounds that come out, especially if he is nervous, stressed, worried or too excited about something. But we have always been very honest about it and talk about it like it's a normal thing. As a matter of fact we call them "his noises". I've never wanted him to feel like it is a bad, tabu, thing.... I've never tried to hide the "diagnosis". I believe that if he feels that it is ok and doesn't feel like he has to hide it, then it is less stress on him.
He has blessed my life in so many ways and I look forward to watching him continue to grow into a young man!! I love you, son....Happy Birthday!!


Lori of I'm no super Mom said...

They grow up fast! Such a sweet post!

Emily said...

sweet post!
Ur such a sweet momma and adorable too!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

love the photos - boys are so awesome!!

Brandy said...

Look at how cute he is! They grow up so fast!

Kimber said...

He is so darn cute. Love the photos.

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

How completely precious!!!

April said...

Toot did the exact same thing with the tv/dresser except the tv did hit her head. (BIG knot!) She was just pissed the movie stopped and I was freaking out. She was 2 also.

Michelle said...

He sounds like an awesome kid!

Jo-Jo said...

He is an absolute doll!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday!
He reminds me so much of my own son. Good looking kid!

LazyCrazyMama said...

What a sweet little boy and such an awesome post! :) Love the pictures, it's amazing how fast they grow!
I tagged you for a meme on my blog.

Lacey in the Sky said...

This was so sweet! He's a lucky boy to have such a great Mom! :( It's sad that he's getting so old though! Sheesh- I'm going to be one of those Mom's who cries every year on my kids birthday!