Monday, November 17, 2008

Name this Picture and Recipe/Tradition Sharing

So, I don't have any fancy give-away or any fancy prize, but I would love for you to help me name this picture!! It was taken a couple of weeks ago and Joseph's t-ball game. He had just run in to home plate and ran over to the "dugout" where I was waiting for him. I was telling him what a good job he did and he was looking up at me so proud of himself and so excited that I was proud of him (of course I always am)!!.
I would like to use this picture on a "T-ball Fall Season" poster and am looking for a good title....and since I'm not very creative, I thought I'd enlist the help of my blog friends!! Like I said, I don't have any fancy prize, but I will splatter your blog name and link it all over the place (hey, that's worth it, right??) as a BIG thank you!!
One of my favorite blogs, The scattered mind of a tatooed minivan mom (if you think the name is wild--just go check out her and all her wild stories; it's great!!), is hosting Pimp My Thanksgiving!! This is where you write a post with your favorite Thanksgiving recipe or family tradition, then go to her place and sign Mr. Linky!! Oh and make sure to read others and comment, comment, comment--the more you read and comment, the more that will read yours and comment!! I have alot of really good dishes that I make at Thanksgiving, but I am a "not from a recipe" type cook. I know what I am going to make and how to make it; and honestly it varies everytime I do it..... therefore, I really can't share a recipe!! But I will share with you a cute family craft tradition we do every year!!
I am a big craft person; I love all the cute crafts the kids do at school and I save Obviously at holiday times, they come home with more than usual and I always end up with an overload of turkeys, pilgrims, indians etc... Because of that, I can only pick a few to go up on the cabinets since space does not allow for all of them. And since I don't have "favorites", I just stick my hand in the craft box and randomly pick the ones to hang up. After I get them hung, all the kids gather around and we play "guess the craft". They all try to guess which craft was made by who.... And whomever gets the most correct, gets to have a sleepover with just me and them. We make a nest on the floor, make and eat fun snacks, make another craft (yes, that one gets included in the next years group to pick from), watch movies and stay up late!! This may not seem like a BIG deal to you, but the kids love it; because with 4 of them, it's hard to get full one-on-one time...and they sooo look forward to it every year!! Now it's your turn....I can't wait to read what yummy recipe or fun family tradition or even a cute craft idea for Thanksgiving that you have to share!!


Live.Love.Eat said...

Hi there. Someone else had a Caption This post and I found I am not so good with coming up with them. But I will try. Walking with Dinosaurs was awesome. I would recommend it for children 5 and over. My little guy is 5 and loved it. When the T Rex roared it was loud. But it was no darker than any show in an arena type place.

Jo-Jo said...

Oh the search for a title. Hummm. I can't really think of one that fulfills all the emotion you see in this picture! I just keep thinking Mama's grown up boy.

Jen said...

I don't know what yo call it but it is a great photo. That is what Thanksgiving is all about, family and tradition.

Indigo Children said...

I love the picture -- what a sweet expression.

Here is my silly contribution-- not to be taken seriously (I know you love your children all the same -- all the time):

Because Mom will love you more."

I may come back with another one later -- how fun!

Anonymous said...

Picture caption...hmmmm...Mother and son full of pride for each other. How it should be.

What a cute family tradition. Fun mom!

I cook like that too. Eyeball everything and go by memory.

Thanks for the plug!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I love that photo!

I love your blog!

Keyona said...

How about..."Praise. The #1 motivation.


"These moments make it all worth it."

Cheesy huh? Oh well I tried. Great picture though.

Anonymous said...

I love all your pictures!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!!

Michelle said...

Honey, do I have spinach in my teeth? :)

Steve+Marie Douglas said...



"Mamma's T-Ball huddle"

I don't know those just popped in my head from the picture - let me know if I AM WAAAAAAAAAAAAY off l.o.l :~)

April said...

I love your tradition. I bet the kids have a ball when it's there turn. Oh, there's a thought for your pic, 'Havin' a Ball', get it? T-Ball? I'm sure you did.

Cheryl Lage said...

Not so much a caption so much as an alert:

"Menstruating moms, you WILL weep."

Wonderful, wonderful picture. :)

Sam_I_am said...

"The most important thing is a Homerun? Home."