Monday, November 10, 2008

Not Me....Weekend Update.....

YAY....MckMama is back; although still very busy and very know, all the fun that come with having a newborn at home (something I sooo enjoy, but only if it is somebody else's that I can give back--- yes, I really do mean that!!) Anyway, I'm sure you've all been on the edge of your seats...waiting to hear about what I "did not" do this weekend, right?? HE-HE :) Head on over to MckMama's to check out what everyone else DID NOT do this past week!!

I did not let Angie and Ethan join in with Joseph's pre-game stretching...if I did they'd probably be the only two without a uniform on

I did not look at this picture and think that one day Joseph will be playing professional ball and all these other kids will think "wow, we knew him we he played t-ball". Not me...because I know it's all "just a game"--for fun!! (Joseph: Front row, 2nd from the left)

I did not take Angie and Joseph to the UCF game and "give in" to all their requests for "spirit stuff" (can you believe a foam hand was $8)

And at that same football game, I did not let them eat all kinds of junk food...and then they both did not have a tummy ache on our way home

At the air show yesterday, I did not make the kids get up from the plane display just so I could get in and see all the cool gadgets
I did not let the kids get ballon animals from air-men in super high stilts that even weirded me out a bit
On the ballon animal subject, I did not laugh at Joseph when this happened:
Me: wow, you got a cool monkey balloon
J: It's a boy monkey
Me: Oh yea, how do you know that?
J: (looking at the extra bit of balloon hanging down by the "tail") Because he has a private part, mommy
I did not make the kids take this picture over and over again trying to get a good, everybody smiling shot... if i did do that, can you tell that it didn't work
I did not let Angie eat almost a whole thing of cotton candy and then get it from ear to ear on her face
I did not take this picture of Joe and I and then realize that you could see my arm/hand/camera in the reflection of our sunglasses
I did not look at the "pond swoopers" and think how much fun that is and how I'd love to try it
Oh and one more: I do not wear the same Indianapolis Colts jersey every Sunday so that I can show my support!!


Weeksie50 said...

Wow, what a fun weekend.
I am loving that cotton candy picture..
It is begging for a frame...

Anonymous said...

What a busy weekend...gotta say those stilts are freaky!

Michelle said...

Those a great pictures, it looked like a super fun weekened!

guessWho said...

The Colts are from Baltimore, not that thieving midwestern city. :-)

Reluctant Housewife said...

Wow. You didn't do a BUNCH of stuff. Fun weekend!

AVT Coach said...

This was another great list! Love the cute pics! They looked like they had so much fun with you!

Saundra@An Italian Mama Gone Crazy said...

So great!!! Really sounded and looked like a blast!

Jo-Jo said...

Damn the Colts! Damn them!

Drama Mama said...

Is is wrong of me to totally think the stick men are HOT! I mean whats the big they make a few balloon animals with private parts. So what!! I like a taller man. Hee hee! Guuurl!

Whats up with the Mr. Linky for this? I couldnt get it to come up on MckMama'a blog.

Drama Mama said...

Did I say stick men??? I meant stilt men...stilts!! I dont know where my mind is today! Sheeeeww!