Friday, January 9, 2009

PSF - Oh, What a Surprise!!!

Happy Friday!!!! And it is a very happy Friday!!! This is the first Friday on Joe's road to recovery; and I must tell you that things are much "lighter" now around the house. I think we are both so relieved to have answers and for Joe to have the chemo pill and start the healing!!!
And since I am talking about Joe, I will just jump right into my Photo Story Friday.....
PhotoStory Friday
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For one of my "christmas gifts", Joe bought new counter tops for our kitchen. We live in an old house (which I love about it...because everything was built tough back then) which means lots of things were outdated....but in the past couple of years we have done some remodeling. And now was time for the took us a few weeks to pick the type we wanted, but we finally picked the perfect fit for us. I am crazy about it now!! I love to walk in the kitchen now just to see the newness of it!!!

This is a "before" picture (sorry about all of the stuff in the way)
And this is "After" (of that same area)..... I just L-O-V-E it!!!
My Cj...but look at the "before" behind him:
Here is "After" in that same area:
Here are a few more of the finished work:
This is one of my favorite parts-- the undermount sink (the faucet isn't complete yet...the plumber comes this morning):
I am just soooooo happy with it. It's amazing what a difference the counter tops's like a whole new kitchen!!! Yipppeeee!!!!!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

we did new counters last year - my fav - the new undermount sink!!! love it - looks great!

Michelle said...

Looks great. We are going to be starting a kitchen remodel soon.....not looking forward to it!

Carrin said...

I am sooooo jealous! My countertops look very similar to your before pics. I want new countertops now!
I have a little something on my blog for you today. Come take a look!

Izzy 'N Emmy said...

I LOVE it! It looks really good and I bet you are happy to have it complete. Love the faucet a lot too.

Chris said...

I'm digging that sink!

Susan said...

I must admit that I am jealous!
We have a kitchen in need of a remodel. My white laminate countertops drive me crazy and do nothing for the look of the room. I would love to replace them soon with something like yours.
Congratulations on your new room!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Can ya seethe drool? Yeah I would LOVE to get new countertops! Congrats on yours!

Live.Love.Eat said...

The countertops look awesome. It's on our to do list!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Those look really nice. My only question. where did the M&M dispenser go? :)