Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Nana

Mrs. MamaKat.... I know you missed me last week; I know the dog ate my homework so you had to skip a week of reading my "best-seller's list" writing.... I just wasn't feeling up to it last week.... But I'm back and ready to go!!! Bring it on!!

This week I've chosen to write about somebody I wish I could see more of..... My Nana!! My Nana is my mom's mom and we have always been very close!! As a child I used to go to Indiana every summer for about 2 weeks and stay with my grandparents; and we had a blast!! We'd go shopping, to the park, visiting other family, driving through the hilly roads (like we were on a roller coaster), eating at MCL's (anyone up north ever heard of MCL's??) and just having fun together....of course, what child does not enjoy being spoiled rotten by their grandparents for 2 weeks, no interruption... :)
Once my mom started her yearly battle with cancer (she got a new,different tumor every year), my grandparents started coming down here and staying with my mom for months at a time. They would help get her to and from chemo/radiation, help her around the house, cook/clean etc... So we got to see them alot more and they were able to see the kids (at the time it was just CJ and Ethan).
Sadly, my grandfather passed away January 30,1999 (gosh, I just realized it's about to be 10 years) and left my grandmother all alone. She struggled alot with her loneliness and grief over losing her husband of 49 years; but then she started coming back down and spending time with us again. She started coming here by herself and helping my mom (and I) with everything that she could. And she, like me and my stepfather, was with my mom when she took her final breath....
After my mom died, she just isn't the same.... she is just not as healthy (and I'm sure alot of that is from her heartache)!! She's getting older and starting to have some heart problems, so she's not able to come visit that much; although she does try to get here every year at Christmas!! I try to get up there at least once a year and the boys go up for a week every June, but I still feel like it is not enough!! And I do feel guilty about not getting up there more, but it really is hard to travel with 4 kids; not to mention the expense of that trip!!! I try to call her often and let the kids talk to her, as I know that brightens her day; but it's not the same as being able to see her in person and get one of those good Nana hugs!! I miss her, she is one of my last "blood" connections to my mom...... and we are very close too (like I was with my mom)!!
Me, Nana, Angie and Angie's BF
Nana, Ethan & Joseph


Michelle said...

What beautiful children you have! WOW! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a house full of boys. God is deciding our family size though, so we'll see.

I'm sorry for the loss of your mom.

I did the same writing workshop about missing someone, but mine was tongue in cheek. it will post tomorrow.

anywho...over from SITS.

Carrin said...

How wonderful that your children get to have a relationship with your Grandma! The stories she must have to tell! Embrass her while you can.

April said...

It's always hard when family lives apart from each other. She sounds like a great lady.

kisatrtle said...

My kids have three living great grandmothers and I don't think they realize how lucky they are.

Here's hoping you get to see yours real soon

Heather said...

That's too bad you don't get to see your Nana as much. We don't see my grandmother at all since my dad dies almost 11 years ago. It's sad when families start to lose connections. Just know you're not alone.

Here's hoping you get to see your Nana soon! :)

BousMama said...

That is so wonderful that your kids can get to know your grandmother. Mine all passed when I was very young. Also sorry about the passing of your mother. They say all things have a season but that doesn't make it any easier.

You have beautiful kids, by the way! What a nice looking family.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Emily said...

ahh melissa.. she sounds wonderful:)love this post

Jennifer said...

How beautiful! I do so hope you and your family are able to spend more time with her. She sounds very important to you.

Los said...

Nana is a very special person, make sure to keep her in your life.

Lane said...

Very lovely story. I'm terribly sorry for the loss of your mother. As a person who has lost his four grandparents, I can say there is no underestimating the value of the kids actually knowing a great grandparent. It is truly awesome.

----Lane (SD)