Saturday, January 3, 2009

GO COLTS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: I wipe the tear that is rolling down my cheek.... my Colts lost in OT!!! Come could Peyton let them lose like that!!!, I could care less about the rest of the playoffs....but I will say this-- the San Diego Chargers Suck-- and do not deserve to be going any farther (ok, ok...I am being a bitter, bitter Colts fan right now)

The boys will be coming home tomorrow evening; after a 10 day visit with their dad. We have had an enjoyable, relaxing, "quiet" (except that we have a 3 year old running around yapping) time, but I am SOOO ready for the boys to be back home!!! I miss them being around and miss them being here to keep Angie busy/occupied/out of my hair...come on, it's not bad to say that...right??

Anyway, Joe and I have been making the most of the time.... getting stuff done around the house that is easier to do when I don't have 4 children at my feet calling mommy every 20 seconds (and yes, we have counted the intervals in between each calling of mommy) and getting some time out just him and I (wow, it must really sound like I am a bad parent...but really, I.AM.NOT.... I love my children dearly....just making lemonade out of the lemons life has handed me....right?).

Last night we went out to dinner and then bowling with some friends. And tonight....well, tonight we are going to cheer on my INDIANAPOLIS COLTS!!! Woo Hoo....after a dull start of the season, my boys have made an awesome comeback (thanks to the league MVP - Peyton Manning) and are playing in their firs playoff game tonight!! So, unless you are from Baltimore (Carol...) and despise the Indianapolis Colts (you all know they came from Baltimore), then please take some time to root them on!!! You know, Tony Dungy may retire after this season, so another Super Bowl ring would be a G-R-E-A-T retirement gift!! GO COLTS!!!
Beat those Chargers!!!! On our road to the Super Bowl again......... :)


SgtSudsWife said...

Yep we are sittin here cheerin on our boys too!!! Glad ya'll had a good relaxing time and hope the boys made it home safe.

angie said...

I think it's wonderful that you've been able to get so much done and spend quality time with your husband while the boys have been gone. I mean, you can't wallow in self pity, right? Bet the seperation also makes them more dear to you.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! I've missed visiting!

Dana said...

I love how everyone is in matching gear! Dressing up in our fave Packer gear (we're from Wisconsin) is so much fun.

My friend's BF is from Indianapolis and a diehard Colts fan. He's been wearing his blues for days.

happy new year!

avtcoach said...

Sorry about the Colts but glad you were able to enjoy your time. I think it is wonderful that you have the family arrangement that you feel good about and can relax and enjoy it. It ends up being good for everyone. Even the little one got some extra attention! Great post...sorry the colts disappointed!

Emily said...

Happy New year! I have been praying for you and your family and husband lots... The picture of you guys and the kids is adorable. I am glad that you and your hubby have gotten some good one on one time.. that is good for you guys!

Anonymous said...

I've lived in San Diego county since I was 9. I'm sorry I cannot grieve with you.

Reluctant Housewife said...

I love the family Colts gear. Nice. Go colts!

You're making lemonade with your lemons and I have a lemonade award for you at my blog! Coincidence? ummm... probably. :)

Anonymous said...

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