Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Once again, I "became attached" to a sweet little baby who I've never met. I began reading Kayleigh's story about 6 months ago..... a story about a baby born way too early, weighing only one pound and doing all she could to fight for her little life..... a story about a mom and dad going through the emotional NICU roller coaster and writing about their feelings and strengths..... and a story about a family, fully relying on God's will to provide a miracle or take away Kayleigh's suffering!!!

My heart is breaking for that family now, as last night little Kayleigh lost her fight.... and earned her angel wings!!!

Please stop by their blog and leave a little message.... I can not even imagine the pain they are going through right now.... and for so long they have heavily relied on their blog for support.

Does anybody else get this emotional about people they've never met....? And not just the sad times.... but also feeling happy, silly, mad etc.... reading about people whom you've never!! Or am I just CRAZY??? (well, maybe I am a little crazy in general.... but you know what I mean...)


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

I so know what you mean I have cryed all mornign long ove rthis little angel and I have never laid eyes on her in real life! I get so caught up in the story that I really truly get so emotional.

I have said many many prayers for her and her family today!

Lace said...

I get completely attached to bloggy peeps too. I'm saying prayers for her family today... awful, just awful.

So, I went through all of my fashion defunk comments to see how far down on the list you were( i go in order of comments)and I couldn't find you anywhere in there!! I think I'm going to have to start doing 3 of them in one post though! They keep building up! I'll toss you in the mix & let you know what your post is going up! I email it to you the day before so you can post it on your blog, so you'll def. know it's coming!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Oh, how sad. I do get emotional when I hear about trials other people are going through. It could be any one of us, or someone close to us, the next time.

April said...

Totally get it!

Carrin said...

If you're crazy than so am I! I cry, get mad, get happy and laugh out loud at my bloggy friends!