Tuesday, April 21, 2009

What a Weekend.... Part II

After my busy, busy Saturday, I slept in on Sunday morning...... I slept in and then lounged around in my pajamas until I had to get showered and dressed for my BBQ.

Joe and my Dad had planned a nice family & friends birthday party/bbq for ME... both of them knowing how much I enjoy get-togethers like that!! It was a day full of family, friends, LOTS of food, gifts, cake and FUN!!!

Joe made his "famous" ribs and I made my "famous" homemade mashed potatoes and fresh green beans.... I know, I shouldn't have cooked on my day, but since Joe really wanted those potatoes...and since he did peel them (all 10 lbs. of them) for me....well, I just did it!! And my dad my my favorite cake of all.... yellow cake with chocolate frosting...yummy!!!

Some pictures of our day...........

Joe and I waiting for the crowd to show up:
My dad worked up a sweat watching Joseph ride his bike:
Hanging out.....
....waiting for Joe to finish cooking.....
.....his famous ribs (and WOW are they good...I mean, great!!!)
I had to get a good picture of the kids before they ate and got all messy (yea, I'm a bit anal like that!!)
And mommy had to get a bit silly with them too........
Chowing down..... yummy, yummy!!
Happy Birthday to ME!!!! (they thought it would be funny to put 34 candles on the cake.... ha-ha)
It's all mine...don't try to take it from me!!!
Some of my gifts.... Some of my favorite things.... I love Brighton and Bath & Body Works and I love, love, love Willow Tree figurines!!!
Happy Tuesday Friends!!!!


Carrin said...

Looks likeyou had a great day! I love the kinds of days spent with family and friends.

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

those ribs look YUMMY! I'm sitting here all hingry at work and you show me lip smackin good ribs. Thats cruel.

I see the boys all have "cool" plaid shorts.

Emily said...

I love willow tree figures too and looks like you had an amazing birthday:) so fun! U deserve it.. also, love pigs in a blanket. LOVE THEM! Also, u got some good stuff from your man on your bday.. love the dress and shoes:)so fun my friend:)

Minxy Mimi said...

Oh My!!! That food looks divine! You looked happy and cute...YAY

Keyona said...

Good lord can I get some ribs????

Happy Belated Birthday!