Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Weekend.... Part I

This weekend was the close of my birthday week, so you know I had to finish it off with a bang!!! I had a really good time, but did SOOOOO much that I won't fit it into one post.... well, really I just don't want to "lose you" by the end of it; so I will split it up into two parts!!!

Friday evening was pretty uneventful.... I took Joseph to t-ball practice and then we all went to Chic Fil A (of course!!!!!) for dinner!!

Saturday was jam packed.... I had to bring CJ to school for a symphonic band performance assessment that lasted all day (but I just dropped him off and picked him up at the end). Then it was on to Joseph's t-ball game, then home where I dropped Joseph off with Joe so I could get a pedicure, run out to the mall to get a gift, go grocery shopping and pick up some lunch!!
After my errands I went back home and rode bikes with Joseph, bathed the dogs and then back out to pick up CJ.... whhhheeewwww... all that in just a few hours.....

CJ came home and got ready for his friend's 13th birthday party... it was a boy/girl, pre-teen party that lasted until 11:00pm.... yikes.... but, I was the cool mom and let him stay for the duration (although he did tell me I embarassed him when I picked him up and was talking to the people there.... )

Cool Cat ready to go...... He had me go out and buy him plaid shorts so he could look cool!!
Mommy and her big boy... I can't believe how tall he is now....
After I dropped him off, I went home and made a quick, fun supper...... "Pigs in a Blanket"
I then took the kids out for our evening bike ride...... and when we got home all the craziness came out.... They all decided to be gymnasts and flip and cartwheel and hand-stands and somersault and run in circles and whatever else they could do to maneuver their bodies differently!!
Joseph doing a hand stand:
Ethan doing a cartwheel:
Angie doing a "flip":
AND then............. at 11:15 pm, I went to pick up CJ..... came home and finally.sat.down.
Later, I will tell you about Sunday, and my SUPER fun birthday bbq that Joe and my Dad planned for me!!!


Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Wow you go girl!

I am glad you had a nice weekend :)

Mama Kat said...


I like the pedicure and shopping least with all that running around you're able to squeeze in some time for yourself!!

Carrin said...

Isn't amazing how we can do all of that without taking a break and yet after a few hours at work and you NEED a break before you rip your hair out!

Glad you got to sneak in a quick pedi!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Oh my his first boy/girl party. Thtas exciting. I love the plaid shorts very "cool". Can't wait to hear the rest.

Diva Ma said...

Okay, now I'm tired! Awww the life of a mom!

Reluctant Housewife said...

Happy birthday!