Friday, April 24, 2009

Photo Story Friday: A Few of My Favorite Pictures

Tomorrow my little girl will be 4..... and I still just can not believe it!! baby girl.... my little angel (well, she's not always a "little angel") will be 4 years old. At the risk of being one of those moms who jumps too far ahead, only one more year until Kindergarten.... a little school girl... before I know it she will be a sassy pre-teen..... :)

For one of her birthday presents, we are taking her to Disneyworld!! She is just so excited about that...she can't wait to see Mickey & Minnie and meet all of the princesses!! And I can't wait to see the joy in her eyes when she does all of that!!
PhotoStory Friday
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For my Photostory Friday post, I will share a few of my favorite pictures from when she was a wee little baby.... 4 years ago....

I love this picture wih her little mouth open....that natural instinct..."rooting" for her food.... and look at all that hair!!!
Her oldest brother got to hold her first:
I love this picture because Joseph was so amazed that the baby was out of my belly and really in his arms!!
One week old....
6 weeks old:
9 months old...this is one of my all-time favorites...ever... I even submitted it into a "cutest baby photo contest" (no, she didn't win):

Oh and in all this cuteness, I just realized that this is ny 200th post.... I can't believe I have been writing this much... I mean, that was the whole point of this blog, but still, I thought I might get too busy to actually keep up with it!! I'm sure glad I did!!!
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Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

What sweet photos! Sure takes you down memory lane, huh? Hope your little one has a great birthday in Disney!

shopannies said...

great photos happy birthday to her and her brothers look so proud of her

Emily said...

this post melted my heart and made me even more excited for baby cate to be here! I love her! Angie is and was the cutest lil one and the one with big brother holding her.. she looks soo itty bitty!

Wayne said...

those pictures are so cute

thanktyou so much for sharing.

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

awesome pictures can't wait to see the photos of angie with the princesses

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I love the last photo of her! What a cutie!
They do grow WAY too fast!

Bee and Rose said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl!
The photos of your family are absolutely beautiful!

Disneyland sounds like a fabulous way to spend a fourth bday to me!

April said...

What great photos!! So sweet!