Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday: Finally got my girl!!!

I have joined along again for Take Me Back Tuesday....... oh how I love to look back and reminisce!! This week, I'm not taking you back too far.... just a few years, when our little angel made her entrance into this world!!!

You see, we needed this angel... I.needed.this.angel. I had just lost my mom a few months prior and I was struggling with all I had in me to take care of myself and not to slip into some kind of depression--- (it was extrememly hard watching my mom get progressively worse & then die).
We knew she was a girl and we knew that her middle name would be my mom's..... but we weren't sure of her first name until she was actually here!! And it turns out that, along with it being a name "in the family", Angelina was also the name of the nurse that held my mom's hand as she took her last breath!!!

Anyway, this is the moment when I knew my family was complete--- my 3 boys already loving on their little sister!!!
I will post more pictures and more stories soon, as her birthday is in a couple of weeks... my little angel will turn 4!!! WOW...... where does the time go???


April said...

What a beautiful baby she was. I love the 'take me back Tuesday' thing but haven't done it yet. Maybe next week.

Michelle said...

What an adorable newborn shot.

Emily said...

I LOVE this post melissa... soo stinking sweet!!!

Amy McMean a.k.a McSunshine said...

Nice photos. Can't help but notice their wasn't a nice shot of the "just had a baby" mom.

My birthday is next week. I believe you mentioned yours is soon and so is Angie's. We are so cool.

LT said...

What a beautiful baby she was! Funny, my daughter has her late Grandma's name as her middle name, and my son has his late grandfathers name as a middle name. I keeps the lost ones closer!

Brandy said...

How cute is she! I love the picture of your boys holding thier baby sister.

NateAndJakesMom said...

That was such a moving post... I always wished for a girl and when I lost this last baby I was certain it was my girl and I too named her after my mother (in my heart of course).

I am lucky, my mom is alive but your post reminded me to call her and tell her just how much I love her.

Thanks sooo much for participating. I hope you will each week!

Chris said...

What a touching story -- and it parallels my own closely. My dad passed away six months before the birth of my son, and the birth was such a great part of the healing.

She was beautiful -- and WOW! that's a lot of hair!